Pets you have, had or want.


Problem solved ;)

It looks like my ball sack after a long hot bath!!!
I had a cat that went crazy and ran away (this was when I lived in the chinese suburbs) After that we had two female cats for 6 months or so, before one had 4 babies. 5 days later, the other cat had 4 babies. The house we lived in was massive so we stuck all the kittens into the one room. They were so cute, but that room was so stinky... like **** me.

Then 2 years later we got a dog. While my dad went shopping, he tied him outside the shop. When he came out, the dog had been nicked :S

Can't have cats now because I've become allergic for some reason, and some dogs induce a reaction to. Really **** because I want a cat :(
I want a grizzly bear, that would be awesome especially living in North London .
Before I wanted a salt water crocodile but that would be silly as I would have to build a moat or live near a river, and would be too slow to attack the hoodies on land
i have a cat and a couple of birds. But what i really want is a dog and a tiger (6)
I've had cats, dogs, at one time years ago a horse and a goat, but what I'd really love, more than a monkey. Be awesome.
My parents have an incredibly dosile cat at home :p
i did have 2 cats called barney and freddie untill last year when barney got ran over
I had 4 cats and 2 dogs when i lived in south africa (was born there and moved when i was 13) All 4 cats got put down and my dogs were given away when i moved to australia :'(

I havent been able to convince my parents to get a dog since we have moved, however i do own a giant cat (big boned) who is a legend and enjoys sleeping all day, waking me up at 4am oh and eating cockaroaches :D
I have a Jack Russell (Little *******) I keep Tropical Fish have a MBU Puffer.
Always wanted a parrot
Love cats and currently have one now. Cats seem to be obsessed with my house as well as my neighbours cat's in eithe rin my garden or my house 24/7. I don't really like dogs and I used to be really scared of them due to a boxer dog pushing me into a bush when I was 5. Cats FTW :wub:
I've got a tropical fish tank with 5 dwarf frogs, a 4/5inch catfish and about 20 guppies!!

Never had a cat or dog :'(
Got two cats

Ronnie and Sparky

One black,ones white and grey and brown
One fat, one thin
Ones, Playful, One is lazy

That just about sums them up
I had parrot nimfa for 9 years and he died,his name was *****,very smart bird...but I always wanted dog- Husky:)
My dog Poppy on Bonfire night - She was scared so climed on the printer


In the snow


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