Pets you have, had or want.

I really want a tiger, seriously.

Yet I have to settle with about 4 cats. Meh.
I want one of these

I want a pet chimpanze.. and im being serious! :D

as for now i have 2 dogs and 5 cats spread between 2 houses ( Mums and Dads )
i have a cat called fluffy. i think it's 4 years old, and, it's soo fat.
I dont have pets atm. In your topic you also ask what you'd like to have. Then i would go for this:



or a cute seal:


Or a baby chimp, love they way how they play around with humans. Just like a lil baby :)


and when i would like to have a giggle when i'm stoned one of these Nose-apes:


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i would like a pet tyranassauros rex becoz once i asw jarasic park and i like reptiles and i like a dinosair and if i had a dinosaur i would ride him to the shops and eat all the sugar pufffs lol
I has got a black labrador called sparky and budgie called charlie and a rabbit called quinnie (after niall quinn) and my rabbit is 10 this year
Been looking in the local dogs home and think this might be the boy. He is a staffie but such a sweet lad. Fed up with the reputation they have and the chavs who normally have them
Not a fan of pets. Couldn't be bothered with them, so I'm not going to have any. Especially hate when dogs jump on you, when you clearly don't want them to :p
My dog Poppy on Bonfire night - She was scared so climed on the printer


In the snow


2 years ago



We've got a Springer Spanuel, she's 12 this year, or last...She's old now, had her since I was 3 <3
We've had **** loads of fish, a rabbit, gerbils, hamsters, budgie, all dead. Shame

I want some turtles badly, the small ones you put in a tank. Seen some in a garden centre <3, but my room's too small, so I'll have to wait until my sister moves out ,and I get her room.
when i get my own house i really want any of these:

sugar glider:

prairie dog:

theyre both so **** cool
I voulenteer at my local vets and had a black goldfish bnefore but he died when i was on holidays.
Anyways I have always wanted a German Shepherd but we have never had the room to keep a dog.
I also saw a pair(brother and sister) of White German sheperds at the vets unfortuantly for them they where getting neutered and spayed(when a ***** gets neutered).They where cool plus a dog that had its leg broken in 3 places was a german shepherd as well!/photo.php?fbid=1117909444516&set=a.1059136415227.7963.1730419103

Also would like an Irish Wolfhound.There was one in the vets one day and no joking its head was bigger than mine and if it stood on its back legs it def would have been taller than me.Cool dogs
Would have posted pics of the other dogs but there on my phone.