Player Interactions are broken in FM24


Nov 29, 2023
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This game has been more frustrating than ever before. I’ve been playing since the days of championship manager and never before have I got so annoyed by the lack of sense that I seem to get from players when I don’t add a squad player to the champions league squad.

I didn’t add a player who has just returned from a loan which I expected him not to return from. This player doesn’t fit into any position I play and is considered a squad player. Gets raging when he’s not picked and won’t listen to the fact that I’ll play him in the league vshare .

Now 70% of my squad are upset with me and supporting him. I try and speak to them and say that if he was picked then it would mean a more deserving player wouldn’t get in. No one agrees. So the next time they come back and ask for him to get more game time I agree with them as I feel I’m losing this battle. And guess what they are angered by that also. Which makes no ******* sense!!!!!!

Done with it for a while cba with such obvious *****
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The interactions have annoyed me for a long time. You could be a living legend at a club, having won absolutely everything for years, and still some rando youth player will talk to you like you're a piece of ****. Genuinely wish there was a 'slap player silly' button at times