Aug 24, 2012
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I am managing Leeds united, trying to lead them to their former glory. Anyway, I play Diouf as a striker and he's been sent off twice in 6 games for diving. Has anyone else had this, really annoying!
I have only had it happen a rare number of times. It's really irritating when it does happen.
never had that happen only once but it was only a yellow given maybe sit him on the bench for a few games and see if it helps may just be the player being an ****
I fined him two weeks wages and the game after he was sent off again thief time for a bad tackle! And it was two yellows by the way
Sounds like SI have got him spot on. :D

Nah, I can understand the frustration. Just keep fining the ****** until he gets his act together. Or if it's becoming such a nuisance that it's negatively influencing the outcome of your games, maybe try and sell him? Not sure how much you'd get for a 30+ year old striker though.
Yeah, you will be better off without him. I would never have someone like that on my team.
Yeah! Unfortunately the first transfer window has just finished and he has requested a transfer now aswell ... He will be gotten rid of in January and placed in the reserves until then! Do you know if I could loan him out if im in September?
I had a LB player who gave me headaches like that. I used him for a full season I he always seemed to pick up at least 1 yellow every match and a red every other match.
I dumped him at the end of the season and haven't looked back since. Will definitely be a good idea to get rid of him!
Once i had a player who was sent off and did not liked the fine. Requested to leave and i agree, but then he would not want to go to any club that made a bid.

So i kept him in the main squad, no training for 6 seasons and dropped him on free.

Result: no one picked him up and after one season he retired at the age of 29.

Send Diouf to me, please!
Yeah! Stupid player, I think I need him though as he is the only player in this leeds team at the moment who can score! Steve Morrison's al round game is good, but cant score and the other south African striker is USELESS!
Yh suarez and muniain always do this to me (about 2 or 3 times a season each) I always fine them 2 weeks wages, can't say how much it helps tho.
Happened quite a few times to me with Neymar, *******.
just asking , is chamberlain a diver too?when i manage arsenal he always dive.same with podolski.every single arsenal save i start the two will dive around and get booked.sometimes im lucky we get penalty but most of the time a booking.
I'm playing as Leeds and know exactly what you mean. But he's not my biggest problem... Austin is. He has picked up that many yellow cards its unbelievable. He got banned for reaching 5 yellows in a season, then 10, then even 15. But luckily i got Leeds back into the Prem in my first season (after a few saved game attempts i finally got it right, even though it was through getting 6th spot on last day of season and winning play-offs) but leaving Diouf on the bench and playing Ryan Hall on the right wing (13 goals) and Jay Bothroyd (Loan & 15 goals)/Steve Morrison (8 goals) alternating up front.