post your first season


Jan 10, 2006
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i have just finished my 1st season with wolves felt i could of done better, but only found a good tactic in the later part of the season

i was a bit middlesboroughish(unpredictable)
i'm 3/4 of the way thru my first season and i've just found the right tactic and back on track from a non-winning streak i lost 2, got kicked out of the league cup and drew with sheffield united :(. Henry, Raul Garcia, Xabi Prieto and Van Persie are all coming back from injury so hopefully i will come inside the top 4 ;) (I'm 4th now)
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here's my real madrid , manage to win top 4 team , but losing to recreativo , zaragoza , depotivo

by the way , beckham godlike in midfield ( not winger )
Not a good overall first season for me but atleast i have won the League Cup :irked:
no, he got into the euro cup (uefa cup) by winning the league cup!

11th is bad though!! i would quit the game and started a new one half way thru if iwas doin that badly!
i thought it was 4th = ecc
look on the coefficiants(no idea how its spelt) and see how many places england get allocated.
With everyone finishing there seasons, this got me thinking. How long does it take to complete a season? currrently i think i am in the jan/feb area of the first season and have something like 8/9 hours played. This is alot of hours and i havent even finished the first season. So how long does it take you to complete a season?
Took me longer because i'm slow :) Well, i leave it on and go outside or watch tv, eat or whatever so it took me over a day :p
its a bit close

ive almost finished my first season lol...and with four games to go its pretty dam close!!

and Im in the semis of the spanish cup and (uefa :p) cup!!