can anyone recommend some good players for the LM and RM positions

i am playing leicester (2nd season with LFC player update) and right now i have mahrez as RM and Munir as LM,

Start again, get the official update

Albrighton is a boss

Mahrez amazing
predator v3 wiith manual marking, is a phantastic tactic. first round nobody has the "long throw" ppm of my players, but i get some good results with this tactic with manual marking, but after one FB get this ppm wiith long-throw attribut 10, i get phantastic results :D i play with only commentar und watch after the match my teams goals if my team win :D
i play with "no injuries" addin, but without ingame-editor or others like fmrate etc. ok, i play under ubuntu, there is no fmrate for it :D
only i miss to 2018 is, if i scout players with attributes, to make my team-line-up, i am missing a point "club" to show only my players. the play is much better if you don't see ca/pa, only the attributes und stars.

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