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Pride of London: Dulwich Hamlet Youth Challenge

Nov 21, 2009
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I wonder about this. Everything I have read about FM13 is not to improve facilities until you reach the Premier League because it will be of little affect. And you do not have the scouting knowledge to take advantage of the benefits. Money better spent on stadium expansions, players and payroll.
Slightly different with this. In terms of facilities, I wanted to do a talent factory challenge so I wouldn't be able to sign players. To make this more achievable I edited the club so that facilities etc. were adequate-average. In hindsight, I maybe should not have set this as 8-10s, maybe more 6/7s, but even so I'm extremely happy with my success rate.

I've invested heavily in facilities / coaching as I've been getting huge sums of prize money due to success and without the ability to spend it on players so they are now at a very high standard.

I've played on another 2 seasons, updates to come soon.