Raikan007's seldomly mentioned/recommended youngsters

Just signed Neal Maupay for my Chelsea team, will keep you posted on his progress.
People know him but because of his star ratings i dont see people buy him. His name is...

Rodney Strasser.

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Solid CDM from AC, 190k jan window 1st season. Plays well when needed and with low wages is a happy squad player if you need him to be. Great defensive stats with an added ability to pass when called upon.
Things are developing nicely dude here is some screenshots of players progress

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We qualified for champions league came fourth, we was challenging for the title untill we ran out of steam with 8 games to go but was 8 points in front of chelsea in 5th. We got to the semis of the europa league without conceding a goal a new Europa league record that was with my 3-3-4 formation too. Beating teams like liverpool and atletico mardrid along the way. As for player performance Enriquez is an absolute beast of a man brilliant anchorman had an average rating of 7.60 across 38 games. didn't really work out for volland up front last season so i'm trying wengers approach and i'm putting him out wide and he is playing alot better cutting in. Walbreqc continues his rapid developmant he is the clubs youngest ever scorer too. Sassa and Fabbrini continue to rip it up when played together I don't know what it is but their chemistry together is just brilliant I never get bored of watching my right hand side. Floridia and cica developing fast too loaned them out again because they probably won't get much of a look in only half season though. Holzhauser and midtsjo coming along too grooming them to take over cabaye so all in all going nicely. with the addition of champions league experience and another good league run and seasons development should be coming along nicely. (ps sorry for the long update)
Sassa is scoring for fun at the moment and Volland is looking good
updated post #3 with Lezzirini, wonderkid goalkeeper ;) as well as putting the players positions under their names as some of you have requested, will update the first two posts like this as well!

the post that has all the SS, not going to do that :) sorry
updated the first two posts with player positions for ease of selection
Ulises Davila turns into a decent player worth taking a look at
Anyone else seen how Jason Bola does? He turned into a very decent striker for me on a save on the first patch.
Nicolas Lodiero - botafogo

Amazing set pieces and passing
how much has people bought fabrini for? i got him for 900k in the first season
Who are the best instant impacts of your list raikan