Sep 2, 2010
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The Beginning

A very cold wind whistled through the training complex, all the players shivered as did the coaches. They were going through the usual routine's of sprinting and stretching to try and combat the unpredictable Norfolk summer. Meanwhile in the boardroom the real important things were happening.

A group of Spanish businessmen were meeting with Delia Smith and the other board members. They were looking to take the club and make it into a world wide name. What they had done was promise to make the club famous for it's football and not it's owners power, you see unlike the many Arabic billionaires looking to make there money the clubs claim to glory, they wanted to bring back the original idea of football being success driven. Within the folder which contained the proposed club plans it showed that they were looking to offer more to building training and youth academy's than buying in the best.

After a long day of negotiation it was decided that they would become part of the clubs board. They promised to leave the positions as it was only that they had a say in any move the club makes. Firstly they paid off the clubs debts which was rumoured to be around just under £20million. Next the big news, the clubs current manager Paul Lambert. They claimed that he wasn't "Fit for the highest level". This shocked some fans who had already began to protest about the decision. The directors however maintained the fans will be better off in the long run.


Interview with Paul Lambet

Hello Mr Lambert what is your view on the decision to remove you from power?
Obviously im not ecstatic, but i do respect them in making a bold choice. I would like to wish the new manager the best of luck.

Really you seem rather calm for someone who has a perfect track record?
It's the way football is these days, but what i have seen so far is that the Spaniards are looking to make something of the club. Not just splash there cash.

Who do you think will take over your place?
I've already heard a few thoughts that Nigel (Worthington) is coming back, also one about Graeme Souness. But all speculations, it should be interesting to find out.

Thanks for your time and good luck in the future.
Thank you, god bless.


Bookies Odds


Will Keano switch sides? He's a long shot but anything seems possible this week.

Nigel Worthington - 3/1
Graeme Souness - 5/1
Darren Ferguson - 5/1
Chris Hughton - 8/1
Roy Keane - 10/1


Off Topic

Started a story last year (Then file corrupted :mad:) got some good feedback. After having a few month's to tinker about with 2011 new additions i think it's time to give it another shot. I'm using an updated Db on the 2nd patch. I'll link db w.e i get time. :)
(i have edited it again myself, but not to make it incredibly unrealistic, only to add another depth to the whole story.)

Will post 2 update's tomorrow leave me some feedback in the meantime. Thanks, below is my game settings.

Also i like to us photoshop so expect to see some nice pictures i will look to keep them similair sizes to avoid making the thread look cluttered. :)


Thanks for reading.

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New Manager Announced

After night long talks and negotiating with all the applicants it has emerged that the new manager of Norwich City FC will be Chris Hughton. The board claimed that they had assessed all the applicants and given his track record he would be the perfect person for the job. They also announced that they wanted Hughton to be there as long as possible.


Chris Hughton is the new main man at Carrow Road.

One of the most intresting items which was on the list of items for the meeting was the transfer and wage budget. They are promising to allow Chris Hughton a total budget of £10 Million and they have extended the wage limit to £130k. Which leaves him with around 60k left on the current wage bill. But what the board want to see is the budgets spent carefully. They have requested that a maximum of £6 Million is spent during the summer transfer window. This is what Vicente De Barboa had to say.
"We have appointed Chris as the new manager, but we have asked for our rules to be treated with respect. We are looking to keep the club in a good transfer balance available at all times. He has agreed to this and we have full faith in him."

Chris Hughton interview

Sky Sports had time to catch a quick interview with the new man at the road. Here is how it went down.

So Chris how do you feel to be here at Norwich?
"I am more than delighted to be part of this future setup which looks good and i cannot wait to get stuck in."

Great what do you think of there seemingly rather strong policy on transfers?
"It's something that you wont really find happening, especially with the money that they have available. I think it will be an enjoyable time and there is no chance of money making this club great."

So what targets have you got lined up already?
"It looks a very long shot but i would like to try and bring in Roque Santa-Cruz on loan from Man City. I will also be looking to bring in Jay DeMerit, Steve Finnan and Marko Livaja on free transfers. I'm also looking into young Prescia central midfielder Marco Verratti. These are my main targets but i cannot confirm anything as of yet."


Will Roque be heading to the Championship?

Other related news

- Seamus Coleman is another player who could be moving to Carrow Road on loan.
- Chris Hughton admits he will still be looking at using Loans and free agents, to keep his budget under control.
- Star striker Grant Holt has expressed his annoyance at the replacemnt of Paul Lambert. But has confirmed he will stay focused on keeping Norwich in the championship.
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Productive Pre-Season


Both fans and players appear to have benefited from the pre-season.

Chris has been in his role for just over a month now, and it appears he has already won the fans support. After an almost perfect pre-season he is preparing for the first week of the new season. He picked up some outstanding results including a 1-0 win over Arsenal, in which Norwich controlled 61% of the possession. The only downside to this wonderful pre-season was an injury to Steve Finnan, one of Chris's 7 additions to the team.


The clubs pre-season results.


Off Topic

Could anybody that decides to check this out please leave me some feedback, so i know that im not wasting my time. Thank you. Will update Transfers and first month tomorrow. :)
Bellow is the stats etc for the Arsenal match. Total domination if you ask me.. (H)

im following :) did you improve rep ??

Nope, i kept the club rep at the same point it was on the database. I enjoy the bartering to sign a player. All i increased was club budget, transfer budget and wage budget. :)

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In the Arrivals Lounge


Kazim-Richards has caused an uproar with his comments.

So far it has been a rather busy transfer window for Chris, mainly because he had so many negotiations break down at the contract stage. Many of the players he looked to bring in either on loan or as a permanent signing. One player Colin Kazim-Richards said this moments after refusing to even listen to an offer.

"Why would i want to join a club when i have offers that are 10 times as good. I do not want to downgrade my career thank you very much. No one will every want to move to this part of the country anyway."

Only a couple of hours later Kazim signed with Man City. It is rumoured that he is earning around £30k a week, other suggest he signed for only 12.5K a week. Either way his decision to insult the club to such an extent has left Chris Hughton feeling shocked.

"Theres always things in the news about players thinking there to good. But this just shows utter disrespect. We have had players such as Christian Benitez who have came back to us and say that at this time here isn't the right location. But to actually turn around and say a comment like that, utter disrespect! As for everything else it's been running smoothly."

Players In


Jay DeMerit - CB - Free Agent
A true veteran at the back. A real footballing soldier. He will become the clubs Vice-Captain and become a key member of our backline and will hopefully be a good influence to our younger members of the team.


Enzo Maresca - DM - Free Agent
Another player who has played in the top divisions and also should be a good role model for the younger players. He will also be the clubs main DM as after reviewing the squad i have noticed we only have one lad who is able to comfortably play as a defensive mid.


Seamus Coleman - RB - Loan From Everton
He will be used to rotate with Steve which will allows us more variety in our squad. During his time at the club i will be looking to work on him being able to play as a winger.


Marco Verratti - CM - 1.1Mil From Prescia
When he first arrived i was looking to playing him as cover to our other playmakers, but after his performance against Arsenal i think he will be more likely to be able to rotate like Seamus. He's a player who i hope will stay for a long time, his potential and work rate really makes him stand out.


Steve Finnan - RB - Free Agent
He will be the clubs first choice right back but i will also be looking to have some help with the younger players form him, in his hayday he was one of the best in my opinion. And to some extents he still is.


Gáél Nlundulu - AMR - Free Agent
A player we are in need of a true winger. Like Marco he is one for the future, and i hope he stays for a while.


Bébé - AML - Loan From Manchester United
I look to play him also as a winger, there must be something special with this lad for Sir Alex to spend so much on him. Tall and pacy something that makes a world beater.

Chris Hughton has not ruled out anymore transfers but has said up to this moment in time he is content with his squad.
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I am following mate, really love this story as it provides really good detail and insignt into your save, also like the structure of it and the layout (very proffesioanal), pls keep it up, really looking forward to see how this turns out.
I am following mate, really love this story as it provides really good detail and insignt into your save, also like the structure of it and the layout (very proffesioanal), pls keep it up, really looking forward to see how this turns out.

Cheers mate, i like to make my work look good but still easy on the eye. Hope your enjoying it and i will keep it going until i get sacked or reach what i feel a good ending, whatever happens first. :)
The Début.

As i ate my pre-match meal i could only hide the nerves under my huge smile. A couple of the lads couldn't stop themselves from asking me if i was confident. Of course i was, but my nerves was messing me around. After i finished my lunch i decided to head straight to the dressing room. Just like my first game with Newcastle i decided that i would spend a good hour in the dressing room just to help me focus myself.

As the clock hit quarter to 2 i was joined by the rest of my team. First thing i did was let them get changed before i informed them off what i wanted them to do. The team i decided on to start with was.

Coleman - Askou - DeMerit - Drury
Nlundulu ------------------------ Bébé
Jackson - Holt

This is virtually the exact same team which started in the 1-0 win against Arsenal. The only change is Coleman in for the injured Finnan. After a long breakdown on what i was expecting from the player tonight, i ended on the note that i wanted the to play for the fans. I was the last person out of the tunnel. Time for it to begin i guess.


It is rumoured that Wes Hoolahan could play his first minutes of football since halfway through pre-season.

The Game

5" - So far so good, we look strongly in control of the game. Nothing to worry about. Roughly 63% possesion.

10" - Disaster! - We were caught on the break. Martin Woods got himself down the wing far to easily, and played a pinpoint ball to Shiels, who comfortably turns and buries it in the bottom corner.

13" - Oh No, in a matter of under 3mins we are now 2-0 down, more sloppy defending let Billy Sharp through which then gave him both time and confidence. This is the worst thing that could of happened.

17" - Now were on the back foot. And to think the bookies had us at evens to win this game. I can't believe this, Another easy chance made for Doncaster.

20" - Yes! - Were already back in this. The atmosphere seems to have tripled in under 2 seconds. A superb pass from Maresca set up Bébé who took it onto his stride like a natural. Before smashing it into the top left corner. 1-2.

24" - This is unbelievable, only 5 minutes ago we looked like we were dead and buried. But i have to praise all 3 players involved in the goal. Marco played a good free kick, before Jay nodded it down and once again Bébé was there to bury it in the bottom left corner this time. I want him here for good!

30" - It's calmed down a lot and im happy because of that. We are once again beginning to dominate proceedings. I hope we don't start this sluggish every game or we WONT be going anywhere this year.

37" - Both teams are having some good chances. But im still confident we will be able to grab another goal before half time. If we keep pushing like we are now, it will happen.

39" - I knew it. If we kept up that pressure we would be able to to break them down. And it's another winger who adds to our scoreline, a brilliant pass from Marco, yet again involved in the play hit a good ball through the back line for Gael to slot it home. 3-2 brilliant comeback.

45" - My first 45 minutes as the manager of Norwich City FC and it was scary. I have decided to bring off Adam Drury for Russ. Who should be able to match the pace of Doncasters right winger.

54" - More cracking play from my lads, we are creating a lot of chances, only thing is Grant and Jackson just cannot finish them today. It's worrying me slightly. Also Marco has ran his course and its time to give Wes his first playing time since he injured himself during the pre-season.

56" - What a piece of tactical thinking on my half. Wes plays the ball into Gaél who plays it back to him, before smashing it into the top corner. Great return from injury. The fans are getting into top gear, this reminds me of St James's Park.

63" - A good chance for Doncaster, Billy Sharp worked his way into the box but his shot is well saved by Ruddy.

70" - This is showing our belief. Jay DeMerit picks it roughly 30 yards out took a good touch before drilling it just over the bar. If we keep having this belief in ourselves when attacking no one will be able to stop us. This should be a good time to get Surman onto the pitch. Gaél looks shattered and he has played well. He's earnt his rest.

78" - Great challenge from Askou just as Doncaster make it into our box. He launches a counter-attack which leads to a good chance, Holt looked slightly awkward when striking the ball.

86" - Bébé is left with his head in his hands after he send a beautiful lob inches wide after Wes played a beautiful through ball which left the opposition defence unknown of what had just happened.

FT - It was a good first game, i hope our dodgy start was just because of it being the first game.

Post-Match Interview

4-2 not bad when you were 2-0 down by 15 minutes.
I am extremely pleased that we managed to comeback so strongly. But i hope we can fuse more at the back.

Bébé scored twice, im guessing you will be looking to keep him on after his initial 3 month deal?
Today is only one game, and therefore i shall not make my decisions on one performance. But i do hope he keeps putting on class performances week in, week out.

There are rumours of you signing young Rodney Sneijder on loan, is this true?
We have had an offer accepted and we are waiting for the lads decision.

You have not made any adjustments to the backroom staff, Why?
Because i feel they are already as good as they could possibly be. If i didn't i would have shipped them out.


Off Topic

I will go into this depth only for key matches. :)
As usual leave me some feedback etc.
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The final newcomers.

Earlier today Chris Hughton informed us that he has finalised a deal which will bring young Ajax midfielder Rodney Sneijder in on loan until the end of the season. He also mentioned that they were finishing up contract negotions with Crystal Palace youngster Wilfred Zaha who they will be paying 2.5 million for. There is also one more player who he wishes to bring in on loan but refuses to mention who it is.

So Chris, how much more money do you wish to spend?
Wilfred will be my last addition for which we will pay money for, i would like to sign one more player but that will be a loan deal only.

Fair enough, what gave you the idea of putting in a big for young Rodney Sneijder?
When you look at the season that his brother Wesley had, i decided to look into grabbing him on loan, we have agreed to continue his training to work on the left wing which he had begun at the start of pre-season with Ajax.

Transfer Updates


Rodney Sneijder - AML - Season Long Loan
I have brought in young Rodney because he has the look of a good old style winger, i will be using him to rotate with our other wingers aswell as look to sign him permenantly next year.


Wilfred Zaha - ST - 2.5 Mil from Crystal Palace
The young ivorian is a player which i am really looking forward to helping develop and become stronger. He will hopefully fit in well with the other strikers, i will also be working on making him a winger to help bolster the squads versatillity.


Who is the mystery player?


Off Topic

Drop your thoughts on who the mystery signing could be, and also some feedback on what you guys think on my current new signings. :)
Some good signings and a great start to the season. Shaky start but the team showed great spirit to pull back considering this was their first competitive match together - I expect things will get better and better!

Mystery signing is a loan signing right? One of the Chelsea youngsters would be great?

I would maybe be looking to bring in another defender? you conceded 9 shots on goal and a better team would have buried a few more...but 10 shots on your part is really positive!
yeah I was thinking Kakuta on loan - you may be able to loan-to-buy him as well, he often leaves on my saves...

I'm sadly excited to find out who it is, im addicted to these stories, they are great!!
You guys will be very suprised if i can pull it off. :)
Also Rodneys first game 5mins in scores a 35 yarder and game crashes.. :(
Update later tonight
Mystery Signing Arrives.

Earlier today Chris Hughton released the name of his final signing to the press, Henri Lansbury, Arsenals young winger has been brought in for the whole season. It is rumoured that he will also sign permanently during the season. Other players linked with the club are Gael Kakuta who Hughton missed out on due to Middlesbrough bidding only hours before him.


Henri Lansbury - At Mid - Season Long Loan.
"I was originally looking to bring in Gael from Chelsea, after i missed out on him Henri was already in my mind, he's a good young player who has bags of talent."


The Tottenham of the Championship.


Jamie Redknapp has compared Championship High-flyers to Spurs, who are also performing superbly.

So after the first month of the competitive season, it has been mentioned in a few newspaper articles that Norwich's heavy attacking play which has lead to them conceding 8 goals in 5 games and scoring 14 in return. They are producing the best football, and every match is great on the eye. Jamie Redknapp has even compared them to his fathers team Tottenham Hotspur. Not just because they are performing above all expectations but also because they play a strong attacking game like Tottenham do. This is what Jamie said.
"If i was going to compare them to a current premiership team it would be the one my father is at, Spurs. They have that ability to pile pressure onto any opponent without fear."
When asked about the speculation of the possibility he would be moving to Carrow road to work as a coach he refused to comment.


Report to Board

As you requested here is my own breakdown of the past month's results.

Carling Cup Round 1


Once again Bébé controlled the action.

Norwich 1 - 0 Hartlepool
Bébé (15)

Coleman - Barnett - DeMerit - Drury
Bébé ------------------------ Sneijder
Zaha - Holt

MOTM - Bébé - 7.9
Summary - Once again Bébé stole the show and he is already settling in perfectly, On the other wing Rodney looked very comfortable on the wing creating many chances for Holt and Zaha who were missing there shooting boots.



An almost picture perfect Debut for Henri

Derby 1 - 2 Norwich
Gill (O.G 90) - Lansbury (14), Barnett (86)

Coleman - Barnett - DeMerit - Drury
Bébé ------------------------ Lansbury
Jackson - Martin

MOTM - Barnett - 8.1
Summary - We were unfortunate to concede the goal which made us lose out on a clean sheet. But it was a game which we dominated and never looked like having any problems playing against a weak Derby side.


Another great Debut for a youngster today.

Norwich 3 - 2 Millwall
Nlundulu (19), Barnett (57), Zaha (84) - Schofield (11), Schofield S/Off 31 Harris (86)

Coleman - Barnett - DeMerit - Drury
Nlundulu ------------------------ Bébé + (41)
Martin - Zaha

MOTM - Nlundulu - 8.1
Summary - Another top class offensive display but this time lead by young Gaél Nlundulu. The second we went 1 goal down he suddenly became a lot more alive. This confidence then spread through the squad. Again through bad defending we made it much tougher for ourselves than the game had been.

Carling Cup Round 2


Zigic was just to powerful for our backline.

Norwich 2 - 4 Birmingham
Jackson (12), Hoolahan (78) - Zigic (8, 62), Gardner (70), Beausejor (84)

Coleman - Barnett - Askou - R.Martin
Zaha ------------------------ Surman
Martin - Jackson

MOTM - Zigic - 8.8
Summary - We were shown exactly what we will be going up against if we get promoted this season. We need to work on our defensive play a lot if we want to go far. The postives was that i saw Wes back to his old best. Coming off the bench to attempt to start a revival.



A wonderful free-kick by Maresca set the ball rolling.

Leicester 1 - 3 Norwich
Wellens (63) - Maresca (1), Nlundulu (24), Zaha (83)

Finnan - Barnett - Askou - Drury
Nlundulu ------------------------ Lansbury
Zaha - Jackson

MOTM - Zaha - 8.3
Summary - By far our best performance of the season, we were sound throughout. I think that Maresca's free kick only 42 seconds into the game got our 2,000 fans into the mood for the game.


Holt finally notched his first goal of the season, i expect more!

Norwich 2 - 2 Watford
Hoolahan(20), Holt(29) - Cowie(25), Graham(60)

Coleman - Barnett - DeMerit - Drury
Hoolahan ------------------------ Sneijder
Zaha - Holt

MOTM - Hoolahan - 7.9
Summary - We dropped the lead twice. Unacceptable we need to become tighter at the back. I want us to make Carrow Road a fortress, and at this moment in time we cannot.
Wes was phenomenal once again pinging the ball around the pitch like it was a messabout.


Player of the Month


Zaha scored twice and assisted 4, but couldn't quite claim the award for himself.

The award this month goes to youngster Gaél Nlundulu. I decided to give him it because he was ever present in all the games he played, he scored 3 and assisted 2. He faced close competition from Bébé and Maresca but i felt he contributed to us most, Bébé may have beaten him if he wouldn't of got injured.


Off Topic.

Rather long update here sorry if it drags a bit guys. From now on i will be doing the reports when i play the game, so i can split one big update into an update for every game and any problems that occur. :)
I think its much better when its big chunks of updates rather than every game, keep it the way your doing it :)