SamH Asymetric League Winning Tactic

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Sam.H League Winning Tactic

I have tried this tactic with 2 different teams, Brighton and Everton and it has worked very well.

To succeed with this Tactic you will need the following:

GK: Simply a good keeper. (e.g Tim Howard)

DR: A defender who has the Defensive abilties but can get forward with confidence. (e.g Seamus Coleman)

DL: The left doesn't need to be attacking as he will play defensive. (e.g Phil Neville)

DC: Two solid defenders with good heading ability (e.g Phil Jagielka and Lucio)

DM: In this position you will need a player with a good tackling ability because this player will stay back and protect your defence. . (e.g Marouane Fellaini)

A player with a good passing ability is needed because this player will be used to make good through balls to your attacker. (e.g Jack Rodwell)

ML: This player needs to be creative and able to run with the ball which was perfect for Arteta, who is the player I used for Everton. (e.g Mikel Arteta)

AML: The most important stat for this player is Dribbling, you will need a player who skins opponents and leaves them behind. (e.g Steven Pienaar)

AMC: This player is almost the second striker cos he plays so high up so it needs to be someone with good Dribbling and Finishing. (e.g Tim Cahill)

ST: The striker needs to be able to head the ball and hold it up (e.g Andy Carroll)

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Download Here:
Hmm looks good.
I'm not a huge fan of asymetrical tactics though :S
Must be good though if your winning with Everton!
Cheers mate ;) I got to final of Champions League with it, so it must be good
Sorry to bump the thread but I want to know who has had success with my tactic
I've tried a tactic like this one in FM 2010, with Aston Villa, with no success, not a huge fan of asymetric tactics to be quite honest .. I like them easy and simple ;)