Saving Scottish Football 2021



3 wins in the league by an aggregate of 20-1.

The Cup Semi-final with Rangers made for one of the craziest shootouts I've been in. Look like we'd lost it twice yet a Fernandez save finally secured a 7-6 win.
Rangers semi pens 7-6.png

SPL Table

Rangers like us won right through the month while Celtic drew with Hearts to help us get the gap up to 6 points.

Champions League

Home wins against Monchengladbach and Roma secures top spot and a waltz into the last 16.


We win our final 2 games both 3-1 to comfortably win our league B so we're up with the big boys next season.

League Cup Final 2024
Celtic 2-1 Aberdeen


Celtic ensure at the first hurdle that the Dons still won be getting their first-ever treble in 2024/25. WE pumped them. Utterly pumped them but Semper in goals had the game of his life and Harrison striker with 10 minutes to go ensured Celtic get the first silverware of the season.​



The Dons won all 6 games in the League to make up ever so slightly for the League cup defeat which we got revenge on right away.

SPL Table

Celtic have an abysmal month losing to Aberdeen and Ranger back to back. St Miren and Motherwell lead the rest. At the bottom, Ross County has been cast adrift 5 points off Kilmarnock with Falkirk looking just as likely to get dragged into it.

Champions League
CL Final group.png

We win the final game despite changing all most of the team

Last 16 Draw
Barcelona vs Aberdeen
CL Draw.png

Guess were going out at this stage in the Champions League after years of last 16 defeats in the Europa League


World Cup Draw
Sco world cup draw.png

Poland looks more bearable than most of the 2nd seeds that we've come up against.

Player Review
The Defense
Pankov & Valenti are the starting CBs with Wharton the clear backup that could easily start if i sell one of the starters, especially Pankov whos now 29 years old and whose selling window is closing. Wharton is the most likely to take his spot.

DEf 1.png
DEf 2.png
DEf 5.png

Jean Fuchs has faced so many challenged but somehow a pick-up from a 2nd tier Dundee Utd team who i had planned as a backup MC is still starting at DL. Maybe that changes after the January transfer window.
Ramsey and Pina is a great fight for the DR spot. I can not choose between the two!

DEf 3.png
DEf 4.png
DEf 6.png



Our worst month in a long time. WE lost in our opening cup game of the season leaving only the domestic trophy we have a shot at being the SPL. We managed to screw that one up too leaving 2-0 at halftime at Ibrox we somehow collapsed and lost 3-2!

SPL Table

Rangers 3 wins from 3 mean they're only 6 points back after giving us our first defeat of the season. Celtic are left on an island on their own. 4-way fight for survival at the bottom.

January Transfer Window
SPL transfers.png

Rangers and Celtic finally spend big money bringing in some very recognizable players.

Aberdeen Transfers


Emilio Maggi - DL
In Maggi DL.png

With Fuchs on his way out we need a suitable LB immediately and we had Maggi lined up in the summer making the sake of Fuchs inevitable.

Axel Gonzalez - DC
Axel DC.png

Our latest attempt at trying to rebuild the depth at DC

Paetur Mikkelsen - DL
in paertur mikkel DL.png

I totally overpaid for the winger who goes right back to Dundee on loan but I'm getting soft and am happy to reinvest in Scottish football.

In the first few days of the transfer window we brought in £26m selling back up Allan as well as the previously mentioned Fuchs. 4 players are sold from the reserves as is 4th choice CB Sepp Van Den Berg who goes back to Holland.​
Good stuff. Given your goal of boosting the league as a whole, when is it time to leave and join, perhaps, Hearts?
Good stuff. Given your goal of boosting the league as a whole, when is it time to leave and join, perhaps, Hearts?

The way we're going in Europe convinced me Aberdeen is ready to be left behind. I will now be just trying to spend every penny to try make them an absolute monster with all the u18s i can get my hands on as well as only adding starters to the first-team squad. I like Hibs squad the most outside of the old firm, no rush to go to Celtic. I'd be willing to take on anyone i didn't consider a cellar dweller like Falkirk or St Johnstone that have work to do to even be an acceptable SPL side.
I imagine it will be into the next season before an opening like this arrives but as of now, I'm looking for the next challenge.



The month changed but the performances didn't start with. We scraped past Dundee Utd & Ross County but then against Falkirk, we came to like and carried the form through the Hearts match and ended the month with a solid beat down of Celtic who didn't even manage a shot during the 93 minutes.

SPL Table

Rangers did not win a game in the month by more than a goal, yet somehow only dropped 2 points in the title race. With 10 to go it's still within 10 points and far from over considering we've only lost 1 game each this season. Celtic is out of it. Closer to 4th than 1st Lennon's job must be in trouble whatever they & Rangers do in the Europa league

Champions League
Last 16 First Leg
Barcelona 3-5 Aberdeen


An utterly insane night in the Nou Camp. Barcelona twice led but eventually our slow tempo was flipped to a quick counter-attacking game and as ridiculous as this sound. They just couldn't lay a glove on us! Only a collapse at Kingsford can cost us a quarter Final date.

Player Review

MC 1.png

Onto the engine room of the team. Campaz was my first major South American import and despite playing out of his natural position (AMC) he still has no competition for my box to box role outstanding in both directions. His sidekick for the most part is Bokovza. YOunger but better than Argentine Langoni who's greater flexibility see's I'm playing a holding role in the big games or as MR in desperate circumstances. I can only describe Jordan McGeouch as a bug. 5 Scotland caps and 4th choice in my team but nobody will take him on loan. Not even if i pick up the wages. Allen's sale in January helped him more than anyone.


The wings are also stacked with superstars. Castillo has been hunted by Chelsea almost since he kicked a ball for us. He's outscoring most SPL strikers this term. Patrick Roberts seems to be my best player at least on the stat sheet. The man is always involved in big goals and recently tore apart Man City. Doesn't look great on paper ala Mike Duff. Their backups are no slouches either. I'm desperate to play McLaughlin as much as possible, goals and assists he's outdoing Castillo on goal/assist per minute. Nico Serrano who joined last summer may be the best of the lot, especially going forward and at 21 has plenty of time to become even better. To be fair he's wasted as the 4th man but you can never have too much depth.



We keep the pressure on Rangers by going through the second month in a row with a 100% record all 4 wins with little disruption.

SPL Table

Rangers also won every game in March including the Old Firm game. Celtic are useless! We play Rangers next at home with massive title implications

Champions League
Aberdeen 1- 3 Barcelona
Aberdeen 6-6 Barcelona

Aberdeen win on away goals
CL 2nd leg.png

What a thrilling event this was. The great Lionel Messi now 36 years old scored a consolation deep into stoppage time after Serrano had all but secured our win after the huge scare of going 2 down in the first half-hour.

Quarter-Final Draw
Aberdeen vs Real Madrid
CL draw.png

Might as well knock out the other Spanish giants if were going to win it all. Seriously I'm kidding

Sco 1.png
Sco 2.png

We manage to nick a point from our trip to Poland and home opener to Spain and not the way around you would expect. We went toe to toe with Poland for the first half but we just couldn't get a finder on them in the second half as Lewandowski went nuts on us. Spain was even worse for about 70 minutes when 1-0 and we suddenly started playing a game called football. No more than the last 5 minutes when I chose to go more attacking and in the box came captain Scott McTominay got us an invaluable point to make up for the defeat in Poland.

Player Review


Tasic & Selles have earned the starter spot by scoring far more consistently than Dominguez who's made the most noise about moving. Fin Malcolm is the 4th choice striker who will have a lot of competition in the summer.​

Part 1

Decided to do this in two parts the way the world of FM Panned out

We had one game and it was at home to Rangers. A chance to all but tie up the title and go over 10 points clear

Aberdeen 0-2 Rangers

And of course, we pumped them playing one of our best domestic performances of the season and losing 2-0. Gaps now down to 5 points so it totally in our hands but also ours to throw away.

Champions League

1st Leg

Aberdeen 3-1 Real Madrid
R madrid 1.png

A closer game than i expected for the first 60 minutes as we were tied with an amazing Real Madrid team which all changed when they went down to 10 men and put out a Christmas tree formation. We raised the tempo and width and tore them to shreds for the last 20 minutes with Dominguez giving us the lead and Campaz putting the icing on the cake. Were in great shape for the 2nd leg.

2nd Leg
Real Madrid 6-1 Aberdeen
Real Madrid win 7-4 on AGG
R madrid 2.png

Well, that was quite the turnaround! If I'd been shown every squad i would play against in my first 300+ club games and be told you'd lose to one of these teams 6-1 it would be this Real team. Well except Saint-Maximin! As you see we still led the tie till the 57th minute then suddenly every time one of the front two of Jovic or Martiez touched the ball they scored being involved in 5 goals in a 20-minute collapse. Probably made worse by me going attacking once we were behind on aggregate. Overall an amazing run to win the group and beat Barcelona in our first Champions League season.

All over to the SPL title race now

April Part 2
The title race
Title run in preview.png

We have 5 games lefts and there are 5 points between ourselves and Rangers. WEre both on course for our best seasons ever so one of us will be majorly ley down when we finish 2nd.

Match 1
St Mirren 1-4 Aberdeen
match 1.png

A perfect start for us winning at a canter but even better was the old firm result. Celtic grew a backbone at just the right time to give Rangers their 2nd defeat of the season and put us on the verge of the title.

Match 2
Aberdeen 6-1 Celtic
match 2.png

Remember that backbone Celtic had 7 days ago. Well, it disappeared as fast as it came, Maybe they just don't want Rangers winning the title. If so i applaud them!

Match 3
Motherwell 1-5 Aberdeen
Match 3.png

The title is retained! It was confirmed today but was won in the first two games.

Match 4
Rangers 1-0 Aberdeen
Match 4.png

Rangers beat a youthful Aberdeen team. I can hear Neville Southall now "Well done, there 17!"

Match 5
Aberdeen 0-0 Hearts
Match 5.png

How did we fall short of 100 points from there!​

Season 5 Review

Aberdeen Squad
Squad 1.png
Squad 2.png

Fernandes locked down the no1 spot last year and continues with his two young disciples Paton & Lyle fighting over being the backup.

Right-back Fabio Pina is the best right back at the club with Maggi's signing in January secures us a solid player on both sides. Back up Ramsey is solid but not safe from a mega big offer from down south. Lloyd Kelly is likely to be sold with some good youngsters coming in. Yan Couto will only survive if either of my main two DR's leave.

Valenti came right in and was good from day 1. Pankov is more than acceptable as a starter but will be 30 when next season starts and i have a tough choice between him, Wharton, or one of the youths starting next season. McCrorie is still clinging thanks to being able to play anywhere. New signing Axel Gonzalez hasn't got much of a chance to show off what he's about yet.

Onto the midfield and Campez & Bokovza were tremendous in the middle. Youngsters Langoni & McGeouch have been suitable backups but are yet to move up a notch and challenge as starters.

The wingers are a different dilemma. On the right, Castillo & McLaughlin are similar players but McLaughlin will get priority long term due to being home grown. On the left, Roberts was superb and irreplaceable. Nico Serrano is ready to get more work but a shame he's behind our most reliable player.

Upfront Tasic & Selles worked out as the top two forwards. I expect one of them or Dominguez i expect to see leave in the summer. Malcolm looked ok as the 4th choice but much better players are coming through.

My Player of the Year
Juan Selles
Plauer of the year.png

Juan won over my mind and heart after starting as the back up he took his chance when it came and i hope he's here to stay. He's the one i want to keep but money will talk.

SPL Table
SPL final.png

The gap finished at 3 points but we played back-ups after winning the league 3 games before the end. Celtic are in their own spot in 3rd but there's nothing to stop them from joining Aberdeen and Rangers. St Mirren finished 4th for the second season in a row finishing 10 points clear of Hearts & Motherwell. Falkirk's 2 seasons of wonders fell down the well and they are back into the 2nd tier. St Johnstone finished 1 point behind Killie and that was enough for them to fall to the playoffs where they will play with Hamilton. Dundee won the league and will be coming up with a £5m from the bank of Aberdeen.

Hamilton 2-1 St Johnstone
Play Off.png

Hamilton will be bringing there 7 to 15 fans up to Aberdeen next season.


Scotland is up to 9th jumping Turkey. Scotland outscored Italy by over 1000 points and was only behind England, France, and Spain in points for the 24/25 season.

The SPL is still ranked 9th in European leagues, Aberdeen is ranked 29th in Europe. Celtic & Rangers are also in the top 50.

National team ranking - 40th
SCO rank.png

A good run of results after the Poland defeat see us move back into the top 40.

Scotland games
SCO games.png

We also played the two cellar dwellers in the group and got two wins. Spain & Poland are still to play each other.​

Aberdeen Season 6
Pre Season 2025/26

As much as i want to win the champions league with the Dons but we have built a club fit enough to walk on its own. Club has a balance of £72m as we speak and a squad of over 30 contracted players i would be happy to use in my first 11. The youth team is overflowing with players I've signed or presigned. The coaching team is about the only spot i need to work on before moving onto my next team/challenge.

Season Targets
SPL - Title
Scottish Cup - Win
League Cup - Win
Champions League - Champions League K'O

Were going for 3 titles in a row. Rangers scoring 96 points last year show that defending the title is not a given! We need to do better in the domestic cups and as always I've been giving my all to succeed in the Champions League

SPL Pre Season Prices

For the first time, the Dons are the favorites with 6 players in the league's all-star squad.

Transfer Window
SPL Transfers.png

Rangers splash the cash! They want that title back. Celtic are less busy on the buying front than selling.

Aberdeen Transfers
Dons transfers 1.png
Dons transfers 2.png

For some reason, half of the summer transfer is on the previous season's page. It was our busiest summer ever as i build for the next manager.


Erwann Maury
in Defense.png

Like most of the following signings, i didn't need Maury but in his case, he was there for £325k! in one year he'll worth more than 10 times that! Look at him!

Claus Borregaard & Chris Mochrie
in MC1.png
in MC2.png

Dane Borregaard was signed when he was only 16 but now he arrived and will be back up for the first team. As will Chris Mochrie was Dundee United's best player who they were asking for £21m just 6 months earlier.

Karamoko Dembele & Lassana Augusto
in Wing1.png
in Wing2.png

After 3 seasons on loan from Man City he was transfer listed for over double his Celtic sale price. This could work in many ways. Least of all for our right winger collection which was already our deepest position but if i can get him to convert back to being Scottish then it will be worth the money alone. Augusto was one of the best free agents on the market and like Dembele he fell into our laps, despite not having a space for him.

youth 1.png
youth 2.png
youth 3.png
youth 4.png
youth 5.png
youth 6.png
youth 7.png
youth 8.png
youth 9.png

No less than 9 players join the u19s and it was not cheap.

The three first-team players that were major parts of our success are moved on. Alon Bokovza was the biggest sale with Man Utd paying £32m for our best midfielder. Our longest-running center back Radovan Pankov He was into the last season of his contract and Watford was willing to pay £10m for me to promote a few youth players in his spot. Finally, a save starting player Ross McCrorie is off to Hearts for £3m. More than i would expect and desire from a potential future employer.
Back up players Yan Couto and Lloyd Kelly free signing last summer and are now sold for £15m.
Youth team players that showed the first-team promise that ultimately never came through were Ryan Duncan, Malcolm Boxall & Mike Slater. All i believe will be good first team players around the world.​



The league defense starts with a win at Motherwell before thrashing Ross County. We sneaked past Kilmarnock and Dundee as we rotated players a bit too much. We saw off St Johnstone in the League Cup.

SPL Table

Rangers lost to Celtic who joins us in the perfect start club.

Champions League Draw
CL Draw.png

Far tougher group this time around with the defending champions Man Utd, German powerhouses Dortmund & a top 4 Spanish team.

August transfers.png

Both sides of the Old Firm invest in trying to take a title off us.

Aberdeen Transfers
In Francisco.png

I only add one more striker to the u18s. I tried to make some major moves but wasn't to be late in the window.​



We come right back from the international break by destroying Hearts and then dropped our first points of the season at Ibrox where we led for almost 60 minutes until my best Scotland forward James Graham saved Rangers a point. We got revenge on them by punting them out of the league cup with help from another Scotland player Aaron Hickey getting sent off early. St Mirren got pumped too to round out a flawed month.

SPL Table

Celtic also dropped points at St Mirren.

Champions League

We ALMOST secured a point from the defending champions on the opening night until a star of this year's game Sebastiano Esposito's popped up with a 92nd-minute goal to save face for the defending champions.

SCO 1.png
SCO 2.png

We had 2 games the first against Northern Ireland was basically a warm up for the main event and the fight with Poland for 2nd place and they probably thought their week couldn't get any worse than being thrashed by Spain. As the fat controller said "You are wrong" WE flipped the head to head and goal difference in our favor. We both still need to play Spain one more time each and we have 2nd games with the bottom 3. It's in our hands this time!​



We won our first two games then got sloppy against Dundee, sorry i did rest too many players. We more than made up for it with a win against closest rivals Celtic.

SPL Table

the first 1/4 of the season is done and were 6 points clear while the old firm should be more worried about Motherwell, St Mirren & Dundee.

Champions League

Were back in dominating form in Europe with a 5-1 thrashing of Real Sociedad who don't look like a threat to the other 3 teams. We had an open goal in Dortmund to make a real impact in the group but could not score against the 10 men who hold onto their top spot in the league.


Imagine getting told you'll draw with Spain for the 2nd time in the group and still we'll drop down to 3rd! Well, it happened! Poland still has to play Spain so as long as we can win our last two games and Spain can at least draw with Poland we'll be back in at least a playoff spot.​



Not much to see here. We played 4 of the worst team in the league and won all 4 games with ease keeping 8 clean sheets in a row along the way. The only goal a Scottish side put on us was St Mirren as they lost in the league cup semi-final. We may get another shot at the treble as the only job that's looked like coming up is at Ross County.

SPL Table

Celtic carried on from the loss to us in October with three draws in a row including the second old firm game all help us to pull further clear at the top.

Champions League

We lost both our November games to the top 2 teams who have both secured their spots in the last 16 while we need to avoid defeat in Spain to reach the Europa League. We could have won both but like the first game at Dortmund, we did not take our chances and that's why we're out.


We needed to win our games and get help from Spain beating Poland.

All 3 things happen and were going to the world cup!
Sco qualify.png
Scottish League Cup FInal 2025
Celtic 0-1 Aberdeen

The score utterly flattered Celtic who we destroyed over the 90 minutes but the sole strike from Selles wins the first trophy of the season. 3 to go!​



6 games, 6 wins, and 6 clean sheets making it 13 clean sheets in a row. Don't think I've been on a better run! Rangers were even swept aside.

SPL Table

We're 12 points clear of Celtic and have only dropped 4 points in the first 20 games. Dundee Utd look down already & Ross County needs some help to catch up with Hearts but for reasons I'll explain later i hope they don't.

Champions League
CL group.png

We thrash Real Sociedad to secure a Europa League spot

Europa League
Aberdeen vs Ajax
EL draw.png

A tough draw especially when you look at some of the other teams in here.

World Cup 2026 Draw

WC Draw.png

Top 2 go through. Let's hope Qatar are awful!

New Job
Hearts Job.png

From the 28th of May, my time at Aberdeen will come to an end after almost 6 years and over 300 games and most importantly made Aberdeen a top 50 team in Europe and the best squad in Scotland.