Mar 12, 2010
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Hi Guys,

I'm in my second season with United - currently 1st of August. Won the league title and the league cup last year however, my top goal scorer was Rooney with 12 followed by Cahill with 11 :S I mean its great that all the team are scoring but this year I would like at least a 20 goal a season striker.

Currently, I have Rooney, Hernandez and Nistelrooy (replaced Owen with him). Sold Berbatov for 8 mil - he just didnt fit in to how we played. Hernandez is a bit hit and miss, seems to play better as a sub. Macheda and Wellbeck aren't quite there yet - may send on loan. Bought Balotelli on cheap (was unhappy at City) - planning on playing him as an inside forward but he's just got injured pre-season for 2/3 months.

Was on course to sign Pato, was awaiting a work permit then he got injured for 3 months so failed his medical :mad:

So, was wondering if you could suggest some strikers who could instantly come and be a 20 goal a year striker...

Cheers and Merry Christmaas
Try this lad he's on fire for my tottenham team at the moment
After a first little research in my brain. :D.
I'll say... 8):

Dzeko, Araujo, Kadlec, Thiago Alves maybe Tardelli (but I never get him in my saves, he seems decent striker)
On a serious note play hernandez as much as possible.. Play him as a poacher and play rooney as a complete forward (attack for both of them) and watch the goals floodgates open !!! If still nothing is happening I'd deffinetly try for Dzeko but try that plan of attack I've just mentioned if you fancy saving some money :)
Hernandez was banging them in on my save he is a class act as a poacher mate.
You can try Nilmar and G. Rossi from Villareal. Nilmar can score more than 20 goals/season. Rossi is more like Rooney player, not a typical 9.
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Carlos Vela for sure, he's keeping Chamakh, Van Persie and Hulk out
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First season he got 16 goals in 25 which is great, but this season he's got 20 goals in 14 appearances which is even better.
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Thanks for the suggestions! Decided Hulk would be my best bet but offers upto 30mil have been rejected! Trying for Aguero now...

However, played 3 games of the new season Rooney's popped up with 5. Playing him as a lone advanced striker with nani and wijnaldum supporting on the wings. Seems to be working...
Hulk can never go wrong with him he's a machine

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Porto will continue to do that they will only sell Hulk for 35+ because the board will think the transfer is too good to turn down. So try a fee of 35 u can defo get him for 40 at the most
Give Macheda a real crack. Bangs them in with my save, also many assists. Kept Dzeko out of the team.
Give Macheda allot of first team football he will repay that with goals in the near future.