Dec 11, 2010
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Hey. Daniel here and I've seen a few of these threads about. but with a minimum thread count. I have decided to make my own with no minimum thread count. Each player will be 16 (Minimum) at the start of FM with a CA of 100 and PA of 200. Will you become one of the world's greats, or just be a flop?

Preffered Foot:
Race (Mixed race etc.):
Top 5 Attributes:
Worst 5 Attributes:
Favoured Club(s):
Disliked Club(s):
Favoured Personal:
Disliked personal:

Please use the template above to be added.
I will be creaing 30 players so sign up ^_^.

It will be available for download in two parts. 15 players in each as the last time I created players, I made roughly 27 and the editor file was too big or something.
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Name: Dean Wheddon
Preffered Foot: Left
Age: 20
Race (Mixed race etc.): White British
Top 5 Attributes: Tackling, Crossing, Long Throws, Strength, Pace
Worst 5 Attributes: Heading, Injury Proneness, Flair, Positioning, Creativity
Position(s): LB, LWB, LM, AML, WGL
Favoured Club(s): Southend United, Man Utd
Disliked Club(s): Colchester, Man City
Favoured Personal: Adam Barrett, Steve Tilson, Scott Parker
Disliked personal: Samir Nasri, Frank Lampard, John Terry
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Name: Sam Hardwicke
Preferred Foot: Right
Age: Lowest Possible
Race: White English
Top 5 attributes: First Touch, Passing, Finishing, Dribbling, Pace
Worst 5 attributes: Tackling, Marking, Corners, Bravery, Strengrh
Positions: Striker, MC, Amc
Favoured Clubs: Mk Dons and Spurs
Least Faveroute clubs: Bolton and Arsenal
Favoured Personal: Peter Leven and Gareth Bale
Dislike: Drogba
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Name: Eddie Money
Preffered Foot: Either
Age: 15 or 16
Race (Mixed race etc.): first nationality USA, 2nd nationality Northern ireland. Skin - White
Top 5 Attributes: pace, acceleration, finishing, composure, anticipation
Worst 5 Attributes: tackling, marking, long throws, corners, influence
Position(s): Striker only
Favoured Club(s):leicester city
Disliked Club(s):nottingham forest
Favoured Personal:martin o neill, edin dzeko
Disliked personal: jose mourinho, nigel de jong
Name: Jack Hastings
Preffered Foot: Either
Age: 16
D.O.B: 22nd November 1994
Race (Mixed race etc.): English, White
Top 5 Attributes: Passing, Teamwork, Work Rate, Creativity, Long Shots
Worst 5 Attributes: Bravery, Composure, Acceleration, Flair, Long Throws
Position(s): MC/AMC
Favoured Club(s): Ipswich Town
Disliked Club(s): Norwich City, Arsenal, Chelsea
Favoured Personal: Connor Wickham
Disliked personal: Didier Drogba, Grant Holt, Chamakh
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Name: Henrique Matias
Preffered Foot: left
Age: 18 25/07/1992
Race (Mixed race etc.): Portuguese
Top 5 Attributes: Finishing, Speed , Composure , Heading and Long Shots
Worst 5 Attributes: Tackling, Long Throws, Creativity, Injury Process and Corners
Position(s): Striker
Favoured Club(s): Leeds
Disliked Club(s): Man United
Favoured Personal: José Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Simon Grayson
Disliked personal: Wayne Rooney, Messi
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Name: Terry Norgate
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: Lowest Possible
Race (Mixed race etc.):English White
Top 5 Attributes: Pace, Acc, Dribbling, Finishing, Long shots
Worst 5 Attributes: Heading, Jumping, Tackling, Marking, Corners
Position(s): ST, amr, aml
Favoured Club(s): Man Utd
Disliked Club(s): Man city, Liverpool and Chelsea
Favoured Personal: Sir Alex Ferguson, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes
Disliked personal: Drogba, Lampard, Jamie Carragher
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Seen a couple of these around, might as well have a go:

Name: Ben Chapman
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 16
Race (Mixed race etc.): White British
Top 5 Attributes: Long Shots, Dribbling, Pace, Passing, Flair
Worst 5 Attributes: Heading, Positioning, Tackling, Corners, Free-kicks
Position(s): AM L/R/C
Favoured Club(s): Liverpool, Tottenham, Cardiff City
Disliked Club(s): Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea
Favoured Personal: Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Tom Huddlestone
Disliked personal: Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, John Terry
Name: Adam Bartholomeusz
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 16 , may 3rd
Race (Mixed race etc.): 1st england, 2nd sri lanka, white british
Top 5 Attributes: finishing, passing, dribbling, flair, pace
Worst 5 Attributes: long throws, tackling, marking, strength, heading
Position(s): only as a striker
Favoured Club(s): Crystal Palace
Disliked Club(s): Brighton, spurs, charlton, west ham, millwall, qpr
Favoured Personal: steve coppell, dougie freedman, julian speroni, darren ambrose
Disliked personal: steve bruce, harry redknapp, steve claridge, sir alex ferguson
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Name: Alan Kemp
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 19
Race (Mixed race etc.): Caucassian White.
Top 5 Attributes: Composure, Finishing, Pace, Stamina, Flair
Worst 5 Attributes: Marking, Corners, Penaltys, Long throws, Long shots
Position(s): STR
Favoured Club(s): Rangers
Disliked Club(s): Celtic
Favoured Personal: Ally Mccoist
Disliked personal: Neil Lennon
Name: Robin Wikstrom
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 16
Race (Mixed race etc.): White, Sweden
Top 5 Attributes: Heading, Strength, Team Work, Tacking, Marking
Worst 5 Attributes: Finishing, corners, crossing, dribbling, flair
Position(s): DC, DM (natural), DR (pretty good),
Favoured Club(s): AIK (swedish team), Manchester United, Leeds
Disliked Club(s): Djurgarden, Hammarby, Manchester City, Levski
Favoured Personal: Mikael Stahre, Rikard Norling, José Mourinho, Javier Pastore,
Disliked personal: -

Note: Im 1,96m tall irl. Would be nice if you could include that aswell.

Fun thing, mate!
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Name Oliver O'Brien
Preffered Foot:Right
Race (Mixed race etc.) Pasty White(Irish)
Top 5 Attributes One on Ones,,Communication,Team Work balance,Concentraition
Worst 5 Attributes:Tendency to punch,Kicking,Strength,Natural fitness,Stamina
Position(s):GK (natural) DL/DR/DC (useful backup)
Favoured Club(s):Man Utd,West Brom Limerick F.C
Disliked Club(s):Liverpool,Rangers
Favoured Personal:Alex Ferguson,Christian Benitez,Hugo Rodallgea,Peter Odemwingie,Shay Given,
Disliked personal Steven Gerrard,Frank Lampard,John Terry
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Name: John McCain
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 16
Race (Mixed race etc.): White English
Top 5 Attributes: Dribbling, Finishing, Pace, Off the ball, Flair
Worst 5 Attributes: Jumping, Heading, Tackling, Marking, Long Throw
Position(s): AML, AMR
Favoured Club(s): Man Utd, Norwich
Disliked Club(s): Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Ipswich
Favoured Personal: Nani, Giggs
Disliked personal:
Nigel De Jong
Name: Freddy Francis
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 19
Race (Mixed race etc.): White
Top 5 Attributes: Tackling, Marking, Decisions, Bravery, Heading
Worst 5 Attributes: Corners, Finishing, Free kicks, Pace, Long shots
Position(s): Centre Back
Favoured Club(s): Liverpool, Oxford United, Celtic
Disliked Club(s): Barcelona, Swindon Town
Favoured Personal: Steven Gerrard,
Disliked person:
Name: Robert Hay
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 16
Race (Mixed race etc.): White British
Top 5 Attributes: Finishing, Pace, Stamina, Dribbling, Long Shots
Worst 5 Attributes: Heading, Corners, Marking, Long Throws, Strength
Position(s): ST/AMC
Favoured Club(s): Southampton, Wigan
Disliked Club(s): Portsmouth, Liverpool
Favoured Personal: Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert, Gareth Bale
Disliked personal: Rafa Benitez
Nationality: Canadian
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Name: Chase Status
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 16
Race (Mixed race etc.): Northern European
Top 5 Attributes: Passing, Creativity, Dribbling First Touch, Technique
Worst 5 Attributes: Jumping, Heading, Long Throws, Corners, Marking
Position(s): AMC
Favoured Club(s): Rangers
Disliked Club(s): Celtic
Favoured Personal: Walter Smith
Disliked personal: Neil Lennon
Nationality: Scottish
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Name: Stephen Burton
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 17
Race (Mixed race etc.): White
Top 5 Attributes: Strength, Pace, Tackle, Composure + Team Work
Worst 5 Attributes: Corners, Flair, Penalties, Long Throws + Free Kicks
Position(s): RB or CB
Favoured Club(s): Manchester United (ENG), Dunfermline (SCO) and Linfield (N.Ireland)
Disliked Club(s): Chelsea, Liverpool, Rangers, Celtic + Cliftonville (N.Ireland)
Favoured Personal: Ryan Giggs, Andy Kirk, Alex Ferguson + Joleon Lescott
Disliked personal: Didier Drogba, John Terry, Man City Owner
Name: Callum Howey
Preffered Foot: Right
Age: 16 (15-12-94)
Race (Mixed race etc.): White, British
Top 5 Attributes: Handling, Positioning, One-on-ones, quickness, rushing out
Worst 5 Attributes: Reflexes, Awareness, tendency to punch, kicking, command of area
Position(s): GK
Favoured Club(s): Newcastle United, Q.P.R
Disliked Club(s): Sunderland, Middlesbrough
Favoured Personal: Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton, Andy Carrol, Steve Harper, Tim Krul
Disliked personal: Sir Slex Ferguson, Roberto Mancini, Mario Balotelli

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Name: Adam Porter
Preffered Foot: Either
Age: 16 26th January
Race (Mixed race etc.): English
Top 5 Attributes: Pace, Acceleration, Tackling, Marking, Positioning
Worst 5 Attributes: Penalties, Freekicks, Finishing, Injury Pronenss, Long shots
Position(s): CB (R,L)
Favoured Club(s): Newcastle
Disliked Club(s): Sunderland, Middlesbough, Manchester United
Favoured Personal: Alan Shearer, Sir Bobby Robson, Tony Adams
Disliked personal: Peter Reid, Ruud Gullit, Chales N'Zogbia