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Aug 21, 2013
Bro getting withdrawal symptoms here! Update <3
Haha, sorry for the lack of updates mate - been a bit caught up with how well GB are doing at the Olympics! The next update is all ready to go, so it'll be up before too long (but I'll need sleep first aha)


Aug 21, 2013
N.B. I used instant result a couple of times in this update, which messes up the team selection within the formation for me, so I recreated those teams in the tactic centre - hence the inconsistency shown in this update. In the future, I will probably avoid IR as much as possible and just show the messed up teams if I do use it.
Anyway, without further ado - onto the update![HR][/HR]View attachment 1072538September Review

La Liga Matchday 3 - Osasuna(Away)

Starting XI:
View attachment 132794
View attachment 132787
Luis Alberto [1],Gameiro [1]

A good win to putthe disappointment of Villarreal behind us.

Before we start theCL campaign for this season, time for the odds:
View attachment 132786
Gets to CL finalprevious season, is 80-1 to win the following season. Cheers for the faithguys! -_-

Champions League Matchday 1- Zenit St. Petersburg (Away)

Starting XI:
View attachment 132788
View attachment 132785
Goalscorer: Gameiro[2]

It's going to be oneof those seasons...

La Liga Matchday 4 -Valencia (Away)

Starting XI:
View attachment 132790
View attachment 132784
Goalscorer: Zahavi[3]

Well... Another slowstart to cost us?

La Liga Matchday 5 -Valladolid (Home)

Starting XI:
View attachment 132789
View attachment 132783
Goalscorers: Alonso[1], Lozano [1]

Hmm... We dominatedbut only just scraped past them. Worrying.

La Liga Matchday 6 -Barcelona (Home)

Starting XI:
View attachment 132791
View attachment 132782
Goalscorer: Gameiro[3]

Well, like I said -an inconsistent season awaits. Great win!

Champions League Matchday 2- Feyenoord (Home)

Starting XI:
View attachment 132793
View attachment 132781
Goalscorers: Zahavi[4], Tremoulinas [1], Onazi [2]

A solid win to getus up and running in the CL.

However, we dosuffer a minor injury to a key player:
View attachment 132780

La Liga Matchday 7 - RayoVallecano (Away)

Starting XI:
View attachment 132792
View attachment 132779
Goalscorers: Alberto [2], Kimmich [1], Alonso [3], Iván [1]

That's more like it! Great win!

La Liga Standings
View attachment 132777
Solid start as we sit second to (surprise?) leaders Valencia, with Barca and Real withing touching distance. But look at Atletico, really struggling so far!

Champions League Group D Standings
View attachment 132778

Can't read too much into it yet, but the double header against City will have a massive influence on our qualification chances.

Next Update - October Review ft. Man City and Atletico Madrid



Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1072784October Review

First up this monthis an injury picked up on international duty:

View attachment 132579
Pretty serious aswell!

Next up, the Copadel Rey draw:
View attachment 132578
Typical 3rd tierside, the more interesting draw is the Semi Final:
View attachment 132577
So one of Barca and Valencia realistically for the Semi, with Atleti and Real in the other half ofthe draw
La Liga Matchday 8 - CeltaVigo (Home)
View attachment 132565
View attachment 132576
Goalscorers: Lozano[2], Konoplyanka [4], Onazi [3]

A good win this.Played pretty well for once - also, Onazi seems to have found form already -he's only 2 goals off his total for last season already!
Champions League Matchday 3- Man City (Away)
View attachment 132564
View attachment 132575
Well, that's not ideal... We were holding out so well until Kimmich hit a pointless crossfieldpass straight to Mané - and him, Aguero and Benzema weren't going to waste a 3on 2. Then we just seemed to give up. :(
La Liga Matchday 9 - RealSociedad (Away)
View attachment 132563
View attachment 132574
Goalscorer: Gameiro[4], Alberto [3]Not too bad, butwe're struggling in away games so far this season...

However, we pick upanother injury from that game:
View attachment 132570
La Liga Matchday 10 -Deportivo (Home)
View attachment 132562
View attachment 132569
Goalscorers: TK [1],Fontas [1]
Considering wenormally struggle with set pieces, it was nice to see both CB's score in acomfortable win.
La Liga Matchday 11 -Atletico Madrid (Home)
View attachment 132561
View attachment 132568
View attachment 132567
Goalscorer: OG x2,Konoplyanka [5], Alonso [4]

Wow wow wow. What agame! I'm satisfied that a pretty rotated side could hold their own against afull strength Atletico, now we just need to hope the decision to rotate paysoff against Man City.
Champions League Matchday 4- Man City (Home)
View attachment 132560
View attachment 132566
Goalscorer: Gamiero[5]

We did it. Just.

La Liga Standings
View attachment 132558
Still going strong

Champions League Standings
View attachment 132559

Next Update - November ft. Zenit St. Petersburg
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Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1073677
November Review

La Liga Matchday 12 - Elche(Away)

View attachment 131784
View attachment 131779
Goalscorer: Vitolo[1], Zahavi [5], Gameiro [6]

A solid win, toughertests await us.

However, Konoplyankawas injured early on in that game:
View attachment 131778

Not ideal at all,especially because his replacement Sarabia then went and got injured as well:
View attachment 131777

Oh, and is if thatwasn't enough, Alonso went and got injured during the international break!
View attachment 131776

La Liga Matchday 13 - Malaga(Home)

View attachment 131782
View attachment 131775
Goalscorers: Gameiro[7], TK [3], Zahavi [6]

A good win for ourdepleted squad, the real challenge is when Zenit come calling.

In fact, it was sucha good win that Malaga felt the need to sack their manager:
View attachment 131774

Champions League Matchday 5- Zenit St. Petersburg (Home)

View attachment 131780
View attachment 131773
Goalscorer: Vitolo[3], Gameiro [8]

We get the allimportant win here, so barring a big upset we are through to the knockoutstages.

La Liga Matchday 14 -Levante (Away)

View attachment 131783
View attachment 131772
Goalscorer: Gameiro[10]

Another solid win,nice to see we appear to have stopped dropping easy points!

Copa del Rey 4th Round 1stLeg - Mirandes (Away)

View attachment 131781
View attachment 131771
Goalscorer: Vitolo[4]

Hmm, we weren't atour best here. Not by a long way. But, a win is a win...

La Liga Standings:
View attachment 131770
Well, top at last! Real and Valencia hot on our tails, but Barcelona and especially Atleti (who have sacked Simeone) are having dreadful seasons by their standards. This is as good a chance as we can expect to take a second title!

Champions League Standings:
View attachment 131769
We just need to beat Feyenoord. Simple, right?

Next Update - December Review ft. Feyenoord and Real Madrid



Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1074126
December Review
Before we get intothe games, the board had some news for us:
View attachment 131347
Wow. But, not gonnago breaking the Sevilla model anytime soon.

La Liga Matchday 15 -Espanyol (Home)

View attachment 131379
View attachment 131346
Goalscorer:Tremoulinas [2], Gameiro [11], Lozano [3]

An excellent win tokeep up our form.

However, we suffer aminor injury for Gameiro:
View attachment 131345
Leaving us with nofit strikers for the Feyenoord game.

Champions League Matchday 6- Feyenoord (Away)

View attachment 131378
Well, not quite nofit strikers. Alonso just about makes the bench, but is only for use if we needa goal.

View attachment 131344
Oh... Great. Astrong side but we lose to the whipping boys of the group! If Zenit beat ManCity, we're out...
View attachment 131343
Thankfully, theycould only manage a 1-1 draw so we scrape through.

La Liga Matchday 16 - RealMadrid (Away)

View attachment 131375
Not our strongeststarting XI, but we welcome back Konoplyanka and Gameiro to the bench.

View attachment 131342
Pretty tough to takeas it was an even game. We weren't at our best offensively until we bought onKonoplyanka and Gameiro, but their lack of match fitness showed as they bothmissed one on one's late on.

But, just as itlooked like our injury crisis was clearing up, Zahavi went and got himself aserious injury:
View attachment 131336
Looks like I'll needto loan someone in.

Time for theChampions League 1st Knockout Round draw, and it has to be said that theoverall level of the remaining teams looks lower than ever! This is a greatchance to win I think!

We are unseededalong with Chelsea, Man Utd, Dynamo Kyiv, Galatasaray, Shakhtar Donetsk,Sporting Lisbon and Spurs.

We will play one ofBayern Munich, Juventus, Monaco, CSKA Moscow or Celtic. City, Real and Barcaare also seeded.
View attachment 131335
That's clearly FMtrying to even things up after that Zahavi injury XD

Copa del Rey 4th Round 2ndLeg - Mirandes (Home), Agg 1-0

View attachment 131376
View attachment 131334
Goalscorers: Alonso[5], Vitolo [6], OG

We did what we hadto do.

And in round 5 wewill face...:
View attachment 131333
DEPORTIVO! A fairlyeasy draw, should get through.

La Liga Matchday 17 -Granada (Home)

View attachment 131377
View attachment 131332
Goalscorer: Gameiro[12]

Well. That wasexcellent. That's now 3 defeats in 4 games...

During the winterbreak, Sarabia obtained an injury:
View attachment 131331

La Liga Matchday 18 - Eibar(Away)

View attachment 131380
View attachment 131329
Goalscorer: Gameiro[13], Alonso [6]

A solid win to get us back on track.

World Awards

View attachment 131322
View attachment 131325
View attachment 131324
View attachment 131323
Konoplyanka once again in TotY, while Messi takes home the big two.

La Liga Standings
View attachment 131316
So that blip in the middle of the month gives Real the opportunity to overtake us. With only 1 defeat already this season it may be a tough ask to overtake them again. So I might have to settle for narrowing the 11 point gap from last season. As for Atletico, they look in deep trouble, as despite hiring Jurgen Klopp they have slipped into the relegation zone (albeit they are only 6 points off the top half!). Rayo look doomed already.

Next Update- January Review ft. the transfer window!



Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1074776
January Review + Transfer Window

Transfer window first, as always:

Our first signing is an Argentine regen who I had agreed to sign in the second season summer window, but for age reasons didn't join us until now
Welcome to Sevilla, Matías Sosa:
View attachment 130762
View attachment 130752

Next up, is a departure of one of our starting XI. While he has been excellent for us, he came to me complaining about being homesick. 5 years after leaving France. But instead of keeping him, I decided to let him go as I had been considering it before this popped up.
View attachment 130761

So although Grimaldo is a capable replacement, we only have one natural fullback. So I set out to amend that and quickly found my target. Despite my scouts saying otherwise, his club were reluctant to sell so I paid over the odds for him as I hadn't found a cheap alternative that was at a good enough level.
Welcome to Sevilla, Jonas Hector:
View attachment 130760
View attachment 130751

This final move came as a shock to me, it was just by chance that an article appeared in my inbox linking me to a big name player who I thought would be way out of our price range. Clicking on his profile, I found out he was unhappy at Juventus so I decided to scout him on the off chance I could get him. The scouts came back saying around £17m would get him, so I decided to do some negotiating and eventually got them down to £13m, potentially rising to nearly £14.5m (which is marginally over the transfer record, but I'm keeping our signings to under £15m which keeps this one good). But before I could confirm it, I needed to raise the funds by selling someone in his position.
View attachment 130759
Despite being a reliable player when called upon, Sarabia just isn't on our new signings level. £15m is a good deal for him I think.

Anyway, enough about all of that... I've bigged him up enough so here he is
Welcome to Sevilla, Kingsley Coman!
View attachment 130758
View attachment 130750

I have also made the decision to promote 3 players from Sevilla Atletico.

So welcome to Sevilla FC Marjan Shved, Juan Muñoz and Sebastian Cristoforo!
View attachment 130747View attachment 130748View attachment 130749

Transfers Elsewhere

View attachment 130746
Some... questionable deals. Berahino for £43m while Lacazette goes for £21m?! Deulofeu costing more than Coman?! And Danilo for £12.25m is a good deal for Chelsea.


Copa del Rey 5th Round 1stLeg - Deportivo (Away)

View attachment 130745
Rico makes his longawaited return, a solid performance here and I will terminate Areola's loan(well, I probably will anyway so long as I know Rico still has some of hisability left)

View attachment 130737
Goalscorer: Vitolo[7]

Well Rico clearlyknew what was on the line, saving two penalties in a MotM display! However, weonly have a slender lead as Gameiro was watching the Deportivo penalties fromthe bench and decided to miss his own spot kick as well!

La Liga Matchday 19 -Athletic Bilbao (Home)

View attachment 130742
I decide to use someof the players from Sevilla Atletico, with debuts (under me anyway) forCristoforo and Shved, as well as new signing Sosa.

View attachment 130736
Goalscorer: Gameiro[16]

For me, our bestperformance all season. Gameiro was actually quite wasteful and if he was onform, could've had about 7 or 8 goals. Sosa and Shved impressed me, Cristoforonot so much.

Copa del Rey 5th Round 2 Leg- Deportivo (Home), Agg 1-0

View attachment 130743
View attachment 130735
Goalscorer: Gameiro[17]

Again, a solidresult to see us through, would've been nice to get the win though.

We will face:
View attachment 130734
Celta Vigo. A stepup in quality from who we've faced so far, but still a tie I'd expect to win.

La Liga Matchday 20 - Real Betis (Home)

View attachment 130744
View attachment 130733
Goalscorer: Gameiro[19]

A good win in thederby, Gameiro is in fine form right now!

Copa del Rey Quarter FinalLeg 1 - Celta Vigo (Away)

View attachment 130740
View attachment 130732
Well that gamblebackfired. Not a single shot on target. Hopefully we can turn it around athome...

La Liga Matchday 21 -Osasuna (Home)

View attachment 130741
View attachment 130731

Copa del Rey Quarter FinalLeg 2 - Celta Vigo (Home), Agg 0-1

View attachment 130739
View attachment 130730
We tried. But we'veforgotten how to score now...

La Liga Matchday 22-Villarreal (Away)

View attachment 130738
View attachment 130729
Goalscorer: TK [4]

It's nice to finallysee your side score. It would be nicer if they remembered how to win as well...

La Liga Standings:
View attachment 130728
Tight at the top, we're neck and neck with Real, but Barca can overtake us both if they win both games in hand.

January Overview: A boring month on the pitch, complete with an early exit from the Copa del Rey, is overshadowed by the excitement off of it.

​Next up - February Review ft. Celtic, Valencia and Barcelona



Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1075075
February Review

La Liga Matchday 23 -Valladolid (Away)

View attachment 130463
View attachment 130470
0-0. What a f*ckingsurprise.

La Liga Matchday 24 -Valencia (Home)

View attachment 130462
View attachment 130469
Yeh, we can saygoodbye to any title chances now.

That takes our poorform to 6 games without a win.
View attachment 130468

Champions League 1stKnockout Round Leg 1 - Celtic (Home)

View attachment 130461
View attachment 130467
Goalscorer: Kimmich[2], Mariano [1], Vitolo [9], OG

Dare I say it? Arewe back? Simply mesmerising, and fully deserving of such a large margin ofvictory.

La Liga Matchday 25 -Barcelona (Away)

View attachment 130460
View attachment 130466
Well this was alwaysgoing to be tough if we considered the wider picture, so I was more concernedabout the performance. And it was pretty good, especially given that wecould've imploded after conceding so early. The disappointment was thefinishing (as usual), as we did miss 3 guilt-edged chances (One each for Coman, Sosaand Vitolo). Probably should've been a draw...

Alonso also got aninjury in this game:
View attachment 130465

La Liga Matchday 26 - RayoVallecano (Home)

View attachment 130459
View attachment 130464
Goalscorer: Coman[2]

We were good for 80minutes, and then almost completely collapsed at the end of the game. Nice tosee Coman score twice, looked much more dangerous than Gameiro up front!

La Liga Standings
View attachment 130458
As expected, our terrible form hits our title bid hard, leaving us in limbo almost - 9 points off of 1st but 7 clear of 5th. I suppose we now need to just get our form back on track and pray for a miracle :p
Also, Atletico are still struggling, and still could very well end up relegated!

Next Update- Youth Intake 2017/18



Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1075360
2017/18 Youth Intake

Here we go:
View attachment 130212
As you do, another good striker... Nice to see a half decent goalie coming through as well.

Alexis Fernández (ST)
View attachment 130211
Different style of striker to Cruz, same sort of potential.

Guille López (CDM)
View attachment 130210
We haven't had a CDM come through the ranks yet, but here is one

Manfredi Piatti (GK)
View attachment 130209
OK potential, probably end up being a backup like Rico is now.

Next Update - March Review ft. Celtic and Atlético



Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1075640
March Review

La Liga Matchday 27 - Celta Vigo (Away)

View attachment 129952
View attachment 129947
Goalscorer: Gameiro [20], Kimmich [3]

A good win, albeit aided by some shocking finishing from Celta! Iván gave his best performance of the season here, an absolute stormer. And the first time he's actually crossed in the box XD And surprise surprise, he got an assist from it :p

La Liga Matchday 28 -Deportivo (Away)

View attachment 129950
View attachment 129946
Goalscorer: Onazi[4], Gameiro [21]

Another win, we looked a bit more comfortable in this one. At the moment we look... functional, still not quite at our best but we are seemingly back to getting the results that we require.

Fontas picked up a minor injury:
View attachment 129945

Champions League 1st Knockout Round Leg 2 - Celtic (Away), Agg 5-0

View attachment 129951
Standard rotating for us, interesting to see that Celtic are being overly negative and don't believe they can do it...

View attachment 129944
That was a nonevent. We didn't look like we were trying, and Celtic were happy to just take a draw.

La Liga Matchday 29 -Atlético Madrid (Away)

View attachment 129954
View attachment 129943
Goalscorers: Konoplyanka [7], Vitolo [10]

Well, how they're down here when they can perform like this is a mystery. But we got the win,that's all that matters.

Champions League draw now:
View attachment 129942
Barcelona... Really? Looks like time for revenge ;)

La Liga Matchday 30 - Real Sociedad (Home)

View attachment 129949
View attachment 129940
Goalscorer: Gameiro[22]

It is a solid win...But we dominated them, and really should have won by a few goals.

Champions League Quarter Final 1st Leg - Barcelona (Home)

View attachment 129953
View attachment 129939
Goalscorer: Konoplyanka [8]

We got the win, and the clean sheet. So I should be pleased... But ter Stegen was in excellent form, which could come back to haunt us in the second leg...
I also had the delight of seeing Messi subbed off... For Suarez :(

However, Grimaldo picked up an injury to rule him out for a while:
View attachment 129938
TK will provide cover at LB if needed, so no real need to worry.

La Liga Matchday 31 - Elche(Home)

View attachment 129948
View attachment 129937
Goalscorer: Alonso[7]

A decent win to round off the month. Also, nice for Alonso to end his goal drought (which had stood at 9 games prior to this).

La Liga Standings:
View attachment 129936
Well... this looks exciting :) However, Barca must be favourites as they can go 3 points clear with their games in hand, albeit they're fairly tough - against Espanyol and Athletic Bilbao. Atlético look to have done enough to stave off relegation.

Next Update - April Review ft. Barcelona and Real Madrid.

[HR][/HR]P.S. Are people still reading this? Just wondering as the likes and comments appear to have hit a wall :/
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Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1075806
April Review

Champions League Quarter Final 2nd Leg - Barcelona (Away), Agg 1-0

View attachment 129801
View attachment 129794
Goalscorer: Alberto[4]

It looked like going to extra time, until one of my decisions paid off big time. Konoplyanka was having a pretty shocking game, on a 6.1 by 60 minutes. I decided to keep him on, knowing he was our best chance of creating something. And sure enough, a couple of minutes from full time he produced some great skills to see him past De Sciglio before squaring it for Alberto to absolutely blast home! We're through, and still no team has been able to retain the Champions League title...

So, in the Semifinal, it's a choice between Juventus, Man City or Real Madrid. So no easy games... We do have previous experience of beating them all in the CL though...
View attachment 129793
Juventus. Probably the middle team in terms of quality.

La Liga Matchday 32 - Malaga (Away)

View attachment 129798
View attachment 129792
Goalscorer: Alberto[5], Gameiro [24]

A good win to keep up our chances of a surprise second title.

Next up, some early transfer news. And a very risky piece of business at that. I've identified central midfield as the place I want to strengthen, and found a player I feel will help out a lot. He's coming in on a free, but that's mainly because he is very injury prone, hence why I've only offered him a 12-month deal (in case it doesn't work out).
But for now, here is our new signing:
View attachment 129791
View attachment 129790

Kevin Strootman! Some incredible mentals as well, hopefully he can help Kimmich become even better when playing alongside him (Albeit Kimmich already has some excellent mentals).

La Liga Matchday 33 -Levante (Home)

View attachment 129799
View attachment 129789
Goalscorer: Carrico [1]

Nice of the captain to score an important goal!

La Liga Matchday 34 -Espanyol (Away)

View attachment 129800
View attachment 129786
Goalscorers: Vitolo[12], Alonso [8]

Good win.

La Liga Matchday 35 - Real Madrid (Home)

View attachment 129797
View attachment 129785
Goalscorers: Hector[1], Carrico [2], Coman [3]

Well, what a win!But I wonder what the odds would've been on those goalscorers...

And that win seals Champions League football for another season:
View attachment 129784
View attachment 129783

Champions League Semi Final First Leg - Juventus (Home)

View attachment 129777

View attachment 129771

Goalscorer: Gameiro [26], Coman [4]

Wow! It was actually quite a tight game, but we were deadly in front of goal - scoring with 3 of our 5 shots on target! Also, Coman hasn't scored much since joining, but of course he was going to against Juve XD This *should* mean we're in the final, but we still need to be professional in the second leg.

However, of course such a key victory couldn't be done without an injury to a key player:
View attachment 129770
He'll miss the rest of the league season, and is in a race to be back for the CL final if we get there.

La Liga Matchday 36 - Granada (Away)

View attachment 129769

View attachment 129768

That was always going to happen. The only team to beat us home and away this season. That also brings to an end our impressive run of 10 straight league victories.

La Liga Standings
View attachment 129767
So, our storming recent form has taken us past Valencia, Barca and Real - meaning we now sit proudly at the top (although Barcelona can overtake with a victory by 2 clear goals over Athletic Bilbao when the play their game in hand). It really couldn't be tighter, as provided Barca do win their game in hand, the top 3 will be separated by 1 point with 2 games to go. A real test of our mental strength...

Next Update - The end of the season - Juventus, Eibar, Athletic Bilbao and a potential Champions League final against Real M/ Man City
(Agg 1-1)



Aug 21, 2013
View attachment 1075949
May Review

Here we go...

Champions League Semi Final Second Leg - Juventus (Away), Agg 3-0

View attachment 129675
View attachment 129669
Well, we got lucky here. We were poor, but thankfully we had done enough in the first leg to see us through!

And in the final we will play:
View attachment 129668
Man City!
The Champions League will soon have it's 23rd winner.

La Liga Matchday 37 - Eibar(Home)

View attachment 129676
View attachment 129667
Goalscorers: Konoplyanka [9], Iborra [1], Gameiro [27]

It's simply a results game now, and despite looking poor for large parts of the game, we get a solid win, and another 2 on our GD.

Atlético Madrid 2-0 Real Madrid (Masuaku, Siqueira) :D
That means Real are out of the equation now, only Barcelona can stop us.
Barcelona 2-0 Villarreal (Neymar, Costa)
They duly oblige by winning their game. Their game in hand is this week, so it could end up being a straight shootout between us on the final day, if they win their game in hand...

Speaking of which,
Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Barcelona (Williams / Roberto)

So, a win for us means we are champions again.
A draw would be enough if Barcelona only won by 1 goal, whilst also scoring no more than 10 more goals than we do...

La Liga Matchday 38 -Athletic Bilbao (Away)

View attachment 129677
Gonna do goal alerts for the two games, love a bit of drama ;)

6': Goal at Bilbao!For the leaders Sevilla! Bilbao make a complete mess of defending a Sevilla corner, allowing Zahavi to come in and score a simple tap in for his first goal after his long injury lay off! Bilbao 0-1 Sevilla.
44': Another goal at Bilbao, and it's gone to the hosts! A bit of head tennis ends with de Marcos sending the ball down the line to Williams, his cross is missed completely by Villalibre which means Carrico is wrong footed and can only watch as it hits him and rolls into the net! Bilbao 1-1 Sevilla

HT: Osasuna have done a good job so far of restricting Barcelona, and they go in level at 0-0. Sevilla unable to take advantage though, as Bilbao are all over them at the moment. Rulli has been exceptional in goal. 1-1 there, so Sevilla will win the title as things stand

84': Drama at Bilbao, as Sevilla think they've got the goal that would surely clinch the title, but Gameiro is a fraction offside! 6 minutes to hold on.

FT: And it's allover! Sevilla couldn't get the win to seal the title, but more importantly -NEITHER COULD BARCELONA! SEVILLA ARE CHAMPIONS AGAIN!!!!
View attachment 129666
Goalscorer: Zahavi[7]

Wow, just wow. When Carrico scored the own goal, I honestly thought we would go on to lose both the game, and the title. But the team showed great character in the second half,and thankfully Osasuna helped us out as well!

View attachment 129665View attachment 129664

Of course you don't want anyone injured for the biggest game of your season, so I wasn't best pleased to find out that TK was going to be ruled out of the CL final...
View attachment 129663

Champions League Final -Manchester City (Signal Iduna Park)

View attachment 129674
Obviously the biggest piece of team news is that Aguero is out injured for City. But still,it is some impressive strength in depth if they can replace him with Benzema... For us, Onazi does recover in time to take his place in the starting XI

17': First real chance of the game, as a Mariano cross is turned towards goal by Gameiro. Hart saves, and the rebound falls to Coman... But he can only hit it tamely at Hart.
30': Another chance,as a quick throw by Hector is worked to Onazi, who smacks the bar from 25yards!
32': Citys first chance, as a corner from Florenzi finds Benzema, but he can't get clean contact on it so it rolls wide.
34': A nice move from Sevilla ends with Coman's shot being blocked by Ghoulam
37': A lightening counter from Sevilla sees Konoplyanka play a 1-2 with Gameiro before flashing a shot past the far post.
41': A cross in from Mariano isn't properly dealt with by the City defence, allowing Kimmich to strike the post from range on the volley!

HT: We have been on top for the most part, but the final ball just isn't up to scratch.
52': First change for City, Mané replaces the ineffective Benzema. He goes up front, a different type of striker to defend against.
56': Banega is on a yellow, and when he picks up a minor injury I decide to take him off for Cristoforo.
58':GOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!! A cross from Hector is only partially cleared, we recycle the ball well for Mariano to send in a cross from the other side. Montoya and Hart get in each others way, and it hits the post, before the rebound hits Montoya and trickles over the line. The goal our play has deserved! 1-0!
70': City's first chance since the goal - Florenzi sends a freekick in - it's met by Otamendi but he can only head straight at Rulli.
71': We counter, and Konoplyanka flicks the ball onto Gameiro, who beats both centre backs but can't slot it past Hart.
72': Onazi is on a yellow, so I hook him off for Iborra. Also, Gameiro beats Ghoulam at the byline before swinging in a cross to the far post where Konoplyanka rises highest to head onto the bar!
74': Strange sub for City, as they replace the creative Moutinho with the defensively minded Fernandinho... Surely Delph would've been the sensible option?
76': Their final change is to replace Kompany with Denayer...
77': Sterling beats Kimmich in the area, before being bundled over by Mariano. Penalty to City....
78': BUT RULLI SAVESIT!!! Touré went down the middle, and Rulli didn't move a muscle!
81': Ghoulam's long throw is cleared to Mané who hits a full blooded volley, but Rulli is right behind it. 10 minutes left. Rulli's kick is poor, and the ball comes straight back as Denayer hits it long. Fontas misjudges the header to let Touré in...He's not making the mistake twice. Absolutely rifles it past Rulli. 1-1.

FT: Well, we should've finished the game off but we didn't and so we've paid the price. On we go.

105': Iborra rises highest to meet Konoplyanka's corner, but can't keep his header down.
105+1': Konoplyanka embarks on a mazy run, beating 4 men before crashing a shot against the base of the post.

HTET: Pretty boring half until the end

113': Fernandinho finds himself clean through on goal, but his finishing is terrible, the shot ending up close to the corner flag
118': Cristoforo is hauled back off for Vitolo. Let's hope this works out better than Zaza at the Euro's XD

FTET: To penalties we go. Our first 5 (and hopefully the only 5 we need to take) will be taken by(in order) - Gameiro, Konoplyanka, Vitolo, Iborra and Kimmich.

We will be goingfirst

1-0: Gameiro sends Hart the wrong way
1-1: Touré makes amends for his earlier miss, but only just
2-1: Konoplyanka slots it in the corner. No chance for Hart.
2-2: Ruben Neves goes for power and blasts down the middle
3-2: Vitolo doesn't do a Zaza :)
3-3: Fernandinho's penalty slips under Rulli
4-3: Iborra smashes it in via the post.
4-4: Ghoulam goes one way, Rulli the other. No pressure on the young German then...
5-4: He repays my faith for putting him fifth, definitely showing his composure to sweep it into the top corner.
5-5: Mané tucks his away emphatically. Sudden death now...
6-5: Hart gets fingertips to Coman's penalty, but can't keep it out!
6-6: Florenzi down the middle.
7-6: Carrico down the middle.
7-7: Again, Rulli should save it - but Otamendi's penalty squirms underneath his body.
7-7: Eventually, we crack. Fontas blazes his wide.
7-7: BUT RULLI SAVES STERLINGS PENALTY!!!! We're still in it!!!
8-7: Mariano shows real composure, rolling it down the centre after Hart dives. Oh, and next up for City? Hart himself.
8-8: Right in the top corner!
9-8: Hector sends Hart the wrong way

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Goalscorer: OG

... That was incredibly nervewracking. You do have to stop for a second and feel for Montoya, scoring an own goal AND missing the decisive penalty is an awful game for him. But still. 3 seasons isn't bad for turning perennial Europa League winners to Champions League winners (and not just a fluke, due to the final before it).

View attachment 129661

And with that triumph, I enter into the English managers Hall of Fame!
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Next Update - The traditional end of season stuff with a look at the plans for the transfer window

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Aug 21, 2013
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End of Season Update

First up, Sevilla's own awards.
View attachment 129503View attachment 129502
Of course the RB wins player of the year, that's how it works now...
Can't argue with anything else there though.

Also, here is our season review:
View attachment 129501
Completely agree on high and low points.

Time for the league awards:
View attachment 129500
View attachment 129499
View attachment 129498
View attachment 129497
View attachment 129496
View attachment 129495

Also, now for the eagerly anticipated news about the stadium expansion:
View attachment 129494
250 seats?!?! Are they having a f*cking laugh?!

Player Stats
View attachment 129493
View attachment 129492

League Tables from Europe

Champions: Bayern Munich (28th title)
Champions League: Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg
Europa League: Borussia Monchengladbach, Hoffenheim, Cologne
Relegated: RB Leipzig, Werder Bremen
View attachment 129490

English Premier League
Champions: Arsenal (15th title)
Champions League: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool
Europa League: Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United
Relegated: Ipswich Town, Aston Villa, Cardiff City
View attachment 129489

Champions: Ajax (35th title)
Champions League: Heerenveen
Europa League: Feyenoord, PSV, Gronigen
Relegated: Heracles
View attachment 129488

Serie A
Champions: Juventus (34th title)
Champions League: Lazio, Sampdoria
Europa League: Inter Milan, Udinese, Fiorentina
Relegated: Spezia, Torino, Brescia
View attachment 129474

Primeira Liga
Champions: Benfica (35th title)
Champions League: Sporting Lisbon
Europa League: Porto, Maritimo, Moreirense
Relegated: Estoril, Boavista
View attachment 129475

Ligue 1
Champions: PSG (8th title)
Champions League: Monaco, Lorient
Europa League: Marseille, Lens, Lyon
Relegated: Dijon, Caen, Auxerre
View attachment 129476

(N.B. Other news articles will be covered in another post)

Transfer Window Plans

Firstly, the truckload of players who are wanted:
Ever Banega, Ogenyi Onazi, Vicente Iborra - Chelsea
Kevin Gameiro - Juventus
TK - Real Madrid
Daniel Carrico - Sporting Lisbon
Sergio Rico - Napoli
Sebastian Cristoforo - Malaga (EOC)
Mariano - Man City
Vitolo - Man United
Ivan - Man City, Bayern Munich
Alex Grimaldo - Borussia Dortmund
Joshua Kimmich - PSG

And now, new for this window - a list of players I am most likely to sign...
Hakan Calhanoglu - Juventus
Granit Xhaka - Chelsea
Aymeric Laporte - Athletic Bilbao

​Next Update - Transfer Window Part 1


May 21, 2015
my last 2 hours at work have flown by thanks to reading this. love the rules you've put in place, and congrats on the success. do you still get lots of **** bids for your best players? or have teams wised up that you're not taking any of their sh*t


Aug 21, 2013
my last 2 hours at work have flown by thanks to reading this. love the rules you've put in place, and congrats on the success. do you still get lots of **** bids for your best players? or have teams wised up that you're not taking any of their sh*t
Haha, thanks man! Good to know I'm helping someone out at work aha! Tbf, for the most part they do appear to have wised up and will only really go for the players I want to offload. But they are still prone to the occasional laughable bid, after which they will either run away from my response, or toughen up and accept my asking price (as will be shown in the next update ;) )