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Aug 21, 2013
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Pre Season and Transfer Window Update Part 1

This update will cover everything that has happened up until the start of August.

(N.B. I won't show profiles of any players we do sign in this update, as I will show them with the rest of the squad in the next update)

First up, the European rankings.
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La Liga stays at the top, we edge ever closer.

Then, some transfer news:
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They originally approached us with a £14m offer... I decided to try and negotiate them up to his RC but they backed out. They then came back with a £3m(!) offer for Mariano which was instantly rejected so they came back again to meet Iván's RC...

Next up, some personal news:
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Committed to the club for 3 further years. Good news.

Now for the European Super Cup draw:
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Leverkusen deserved to win the Europa League, and looking at their squad I would fancy them to get out of whatever their CL group is as well... Especially given that in this window they have spent £49m on one striker (PEA)

Then we got to the 1st July, and the transfer movements starting:
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Now, good news for us:
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As a result of our League/CL double we are now seen as the most reputable club in the world ahead of Barca, Real, Bayern, Man U etc.

Now, with Iván gone we needed another RB to help out Mariano. There was only ever one target in my head, despite his shocker of a performance against us last season.
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I do feel his top level experience, as well as the players he has been able to learn from, means that he should turn out to be better than that one performance he'll be remembered for!

Next up is another departure, and a difficult one at that. However, the injury has really affected Zahavi and he won't get over it properly at his age so I decided to move him on. He was stubborn, and rejected moves to Bordeaux and Celtic for higher fees, but his pre-season performances made me decide I needed him gone. So he left for a pretty small fee...
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Following the 2018 WC, the Spain job became available. So obviously I went for it :p
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I got it!

Now, onto sorting out a replacement for Zahavi. I also felt we didn't have a set piece specialist. So... two birds with one stone from this signing:
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We sign the Turkish set piece wizard to add to all the CAM's we currently have (Olmo, Sosa and Alberto)

And the final bit of news is the draw for the Supercopa de Espana.
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Barcelona beat Atleti in the cup final, meaning they are our opponents.

Next Update - Rest of preseason, transfer window review and squad overview



Aug 21, 2013
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Transfer Window Overview + Squad Review

We actually didn't sign or sell anyone else since the last update - although I did reject a bid for Lozano as I couldn't really find an adequate replacement within the price structure.

So here are the major transfers of this window:
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Some... interesting deals... again :p
A couple of big names moving to rivals of old clubs (Bale to Chelsea, Gundogan to Bayern)
Also a fair few youngsters going for big money (Williams to Bayern, Gnabry to Real, Pereira to Real, Silva to United etc.)

Sevilla FC Squad Overview

Sergio Rico + Geronimo Rulli
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Alex Grimaldo, Jonas Hector, Timothée Kolodziejczak, Paco Herrador, Andreu Fontas, Daniel Carrico, Martin Montoya, Mariano
View attachment 128999View attachment 128998View attachment 128997View attachment 128996View attachment 128995View attachment 128994View attachment 128990View attachment 128992

Kevin Strootman, Ever Banega, Ogenyi Onazi, Vicente Iborra, Joshua Kimmich, Luis Alberto, Hakan Calhanoglu, Matias Sosa

View attachment 128982View attachment 128983View attachment 128984View attachment 128985View attachment 128986View attachment 128987View attachment 128977View attachment 128978

Eugene Konoplyanka, Vitolo, Kingsley Coman, Hirving Lozano, Kevin Gameiro, Pablo Alonso

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Next Update - August Review ft. Barcelona, Bayer Leverkusen, The Champions League Draw and the first Spain squad announcement


Aug 21, 2013
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August Review

Season Expectations:
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European Super Cup - BayerLeverkusen (Gelredome)

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Strong sides sentout by both teams, with us giving debuts to Strootman and Montoya, whileLeverkusen hand debuts to Aubameyang (the £49m man), Laporte and Korb. Thiswill be tough.

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Dreadfuldefensively, they played well but we should have scored a couple.

Debut watch:
Montoya - 7/10,played well, can't blame him for any of the goals.
Strootman - 9/10,our best player.
Calhanoglu - 7/10,did well when he came on at HT, created some good opportunities and deliveredset pieces well.

Supercopa de Espana 1st Leg- Barcelona (Away)

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Oh dear, MSN turnedup for once...

Supercopa de Espana 2nd Leg- Barcelona (Home), Agg 0-5

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It's probably notgoing to happen, so let's give the rest of the squad a chance. Barca rotate abit, not as much as us though.

View attachment 128889
Goalscorer: Alonso[1]

Good to get the win,fully deserved as well.

La Liga Matchday 1 - RealSociedad (Home)

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Goalscorer:Konoplyanka [1]

We did finally getthe win, not brilliant finishing though.

Champions League Group StageDraw

Best case: DynamoKyiv, Fenerbahce, Rosenborg
Worst Case: ManCity, Sporting Lisbon, Anderlecht

We got:
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That's not too bad!

No point posting the table after one game :p

Next Update - September ft. Real M and Valencia

[HR][/HR]View attachment 128885Spain Update - First Squad Announcement

So having taken over a top footballing nation, I am somewhat surprised to see them languishing at 13th in the world despite still having a starstudded squad! So I had a quick look at everyone and decided on my first 23 man squad for the friendly against Serbia (23rd) and the European International League game against Austria (12th)

View attachment 128884Our star players are probably De Gea, Isco, Morata, Williams and Koke. Also, I call up 2 Sevilla players - Rico, who normally got called up anyway, and Vitolo, who was somehow left out under the previous boss.
There are also several other Sevilla players who are on my radar - Fontas, Grimaldo and Montoya.
Also, I will potentially try out Ramos, Mata (who was injured), Darder, Ayoze Perez and Javi Martinez.

Next Update - Serbia and Austria



Sep 2, 2014
have really enjoyed reading this story,so much so that im starting my final fm16 save in spain.cant choose between las palmas,villarreal or espanyol?


Aug 21, 2013
have really enjoyed reading this story,so much so that im starting my final fm16 save in spain.cant choose between las palmas,villarreal or espanyol?
Cheers man, good to know people enjoy it as much as I do :)
As for your save, it depends how difficult you want it - Las Palmas are the biggest challenge by far, Espanyol is medium difficulty but has the interesting side of being well in the shadow of Barcelona. Villarreal is the easiest choice, with the best squad of the three, but are similar to Sevilla in that they are more of a selling club, and keep finding new talents who eventually outgrow the club which would make the save more challenging.
Good luck with whoever you choose!


Sep 2, 2014
Cheers man, good to know people enjoy it as much as I do :)
As for your save, it depends how difficult you want it - Las Palmas are the biggest challenge by far, Espanyol is medium difficulty but has the interesting side of being well in the shadow of Barcelona. Villarreal is the easiest choice, with the best squad of the three, but are similar to Sevilla in that they are more of a selling club, and keep finding new talents who eventually outgrow the club which would make the save more challenging.
Good luck with whoever you choose!
thanks mate,ive gone with las palmas


Aug 21, 2013

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates recently - been really busy with loads of things. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I will be able to get an update out anytime soon as I will be having an operation on Tuesday, and the hospital building doesn't have any WiFi (stupid...) so I won't be able to post an update while I'm recovering in the hospital :(

Thanks as always for following, and I'll resume the updates as soon as I can!​


Aug 21, 2013
Update 2
Well, it took longer than expected due to a couple of complications... But I'm out of hospital now so will have plenty of time for FM! The updates should resume either tonight or tomorrow. However, I do think that this will most likely be the last season that I do, then I'll prepare for a save on FM17. So lets make this last season the best yet!
Cheers as always for following guys!​


Aug 21, 2013
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September Review

La Liga Matchday 2 - RealMadrid (Away)

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Goalscorer: Gameiro[2]

I suppose this is agood result, given that we were under the cosh for large periods of the game(although the possession stats may show otherwise).

La Liga Matchday 3 - Alavés(Home)

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Goalscorer: Kimmich[1]

It is a win... Butwe were poor.

Champions League Odds

Champions Leagueodds now, before we kick off our defence of the title:
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That is stupid. Wewon the thing last season!!!

Champions League Matchday 1- Dynamo Kyiv (Away)

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Goalscorer: Gameiro[3]

Yay, the shiteperformances are back! Maybe the bookies knew about this already? I'm calling a conspiracy :p

View attachment 126116
Just a short termone thankfully

La Liga Matchday 4 -Deportivo (Away)

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Goalscorer: Gameiro[4]

Another win, butstill not a good performance... And it came at a bit of a cost...

View attachment 126114View attachment 126113
Coman should onlymiss the next game, Calhanoglu will be out until the start of next month.

La Liga Matchday 5 - RealBetis (Home)

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Goalscorer: Gameiro[5]

Hmm... 1-0 toSevilla doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 1-0 to the Arsenal... But itwill do for now :p


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La Liga Matchday 6 -Valencia (Away)

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View attachment 126110
Goalscorer: Coman[1]

The greatentertainers. Clearly :p But, we're getting the results so I can't complain toomuch.

La Liga Table

View attachment 126108
Well, we are top :p Absolutely destroying the competition... with 7 goals in 6 games xD
Barcelona not living up to their normal astronomical standards at the start of the season...

Champions League Table
View attachment 126109
Well... early days right?

Next Update - October ft. Celtic, Barcelona and Liverpool
[HR][/HR]View attachment 126107Spain - The first matches

Friendly - Serbia, Rank 23(Home)

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View attachment 126105
Yes it was a rotatedside. Yes Serbia are a good team. But we utterly dominated them from start tofinish, and I can't begin to fathom how it ended 0-0!

European Nations LeagueDivision 1 Group A - Austria, Rank 12 (Away)

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View attachment 126103
We were good formost of it, looked a bit shaky defensively towards the end, but got the win inthe end.

World Rankings Update:
View attachment 126102
Baby steps.

The current top 10 are:
10. Brazil
9. Mexico
8. Chile
7. Colombia
6. Portugal
5. France
4. England
3. Germany
2. Italy
1. Argentina

Next Update - England and Egypt



Aug 21, 2013
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October Review

Champions League Matchday 2- Celtic (home)

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Yeh, um... That is THE Iniesta in the Celtic midfield...

View attachment 125932
Goalscorers: Gameiro[6], Banega [1], Konoplyanka [2]

Oh FFS. That is all. Oh, and THE Iniesta bossed the midfield... As one would expect :p

La Liga Matchday 7 -Barcelona (Home)

View attachment 125938
View attachment 125931
View attachment 125930

Goalscorers: Gameiro[8], Konoplyanka [4]

Well... That was fun, as we win the game of the braces - Gameiro and Konoplyanka seeing off Messi and co.

During the international break, I reached the 200 game milestone.
View attachment 125929
View attachment 125928
It just isn't an international break without an injury…

Copa del Rey draws:
View attachment 125927
So in the 4th round we get a third tier side as normal, but play the home leg first for some reason…

And if we get to the semis:
View attachment 125926

La Liga Matchday 8 - Malaga(Away)

View attachment 125934
View attachment 125925
I saw this coming. It was just so blatantly obvious that we lose to our rivals. And tbh, they deserved it. We were ****** dreadful, and lucky to only lose 2-0

Champions League Matchday 3- Liverpool (Home)

View attachment 125935
I make quite a few changes out of frustration, which could come back to haunt me…

View attachment 125924
Goalscorers: Shved [1], Alberto [1], OG, Gameiro [9]

… Or turn out to be a great decision! We played to our potential, and our Champions League campaign is back up and running!

And shortly after hitting 200 games overall, I hit 200 for Sevilla:
View attachment 125923

La Liga Matchday 9 - Osasuna(Away)

View attachment 125933
View attachment 125922
Goalscorer:Gameiro [10]

Once Gameiro scored, we never really looked all that troubled and seemed quite content with 1-0.

La Liga Matchday 10 - CeltaVigo (Home)

View attachment 125937
View attachment 125921
Goalscorers:Gameiro [11], Konoplyanka [5]

Wow! To quote Brendan Rodgers… 'They showed great character'. And that's not a joke.They could've quite easily folded at 2-0 down and down to 10 men. But they didn't and rallied brilliantly in the second half, penning Celta back into their half for most of the second half and getting the goals to draw us level.In the end, it was only some superb goalkeeping and terrible refereeing (I swear I saw at least two blatant penalties that he missed) that stopped us from completely turning the game around. But still, great game!

La Liga Standings
View attachment 125909
Still top, but Real and Celta are breathing down our necks. Barcelona doing rather well, already 10 points behind us, and only just in the top half :O

Champions League Group Standings
View attachment 125910
Hmm... hands up who had these standings at the halfway stage? Nope, didn't think so. Surprising, but it's there for us to win.

Next Update - November ft. Liverpool and Dynamo Kyiv[HR][/HR]View attachment 125920
Spain - The Journey Continues

View attachment 125919
NB: Rico replaced Asenjo before either game
NB2: Ayoze Perez replaced Morata after the England game

European League Division A Group 3 - England, WR #4 (Home)

View attachment 125918
View attachment 125917
A bore draw. Best way to spend my 200th game in management xD

Friendly - Egypt, WR #32(Home)

View attachment 125916
View attachment 125915
A win is a win at the end of the day...

World Rankings Update:
View attachment 125914

We stay in 11th, the top 10 were nearly unchanged - the only change was Austria replacing Brazil in 10th.

Next Update - The conclusion of the group stage of the European League
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Aug 21, 2013
N.B. I have slightly changed the presentation style, I hope you guys like it :)
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November Review

La Liga Matchday 11-Athletic Bilbao (Home)

View attachment 125712
[Subsused: Konoplyanka, TK, Calhanoglu]

View attachment 125711
Strootman's 1st and 2nd goals of the season,
Fontas' 1st goal of the season.

Summary: Goodstrong win to start the month with.

Champions League Matchday 4- Liverpool (Away)

View attachment 125710
[Subsused: Banega, Vitolo, Calhanoglu]

View attachment 125709
Konoplyanka's 6th goal of the season,
Gameiro's 12th and 13th goals of the season.

Summary: This wasa proper struggle between the two top seeds, and thankfully we came out on topagain - courtesy of some excellent match engine goalkeeping…

La Liga Matchday 12 -Mallorca (Away)

View attachment 125708
[Subsused: Onazi, TK, Coman]

View attachment 125707
Gameiro's 14th goal of the season,
Coman's 2nd goal of the season.

Summary: Solidwin.

La Liga Matchday 13 - Elche(Away)

View attachment 125706
[Subsused: Iborra, TK, Coman]

View attachment 125705
Coman's 3rd goal of the season.

Summary: Anothersolid enough win.

Champions League Matchday 5- Dynamo Kyiv (Home)

View attachment 125704
[Subsused: Onazi, Coman, Calhanoglu]

View attachment 125703
Gameiro's 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th goals of the season!

Summary: Well…Gameiro wasn't best pleased we lost away to Dynamo Kyiv, so took the team talkto take revenge very well and promptly tore them to shreds in the first half.

And as a result of that:
View attachment 125702
We manage to turn around a terrible start to the CL campaign to qualify with a game to spare!

La Liga Standings:
View attachment 125693
Three way fight at the top by the looks of it, as we take on the Madrid clubs.

Champions League Standings:
View attachment 125694
We overtake Dynamo to move top, but still need to beat Celtic in Scotland to ensure we finish top!

Next Update - December, and the Club World Cup!

[HR][/HR]View attachment 125701Spain - The Conclusion of the Groups

View attachment 125700

European League Division AGroup 3 - Austria, WR #11 (Home)

View attachment 125699
[Subsused: Bellerin, Koke, Busquets]

View attachment 125698
That's agood win for us, we just need to avoid defeat at Wembley to qualify now.

European League Division AGroup 3 - England, WR #4 (Away)

View attachment 125697
[Subsused: Alba, Isco, Vitolo]

View attachment 125696
Justabout, it took a DDG masterclass (and penalty save) to earn us that draw.

And so:
View attachment 125695

The semi finals are drawn just into December, so will be included in the next update!

The new world rankings weren't released before the end of November, so they will also be included in the next update.