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Nov 16, 2010
Sharing Your Tactic
To even begin sharing a tactic you need to have the .fmf file (found in Documents\FM20\Tactics (by default for Windows) and then click on the post thread button in the shared tactics area.

Please add as much detail as possible as you can when you share a tactic. It helps immensely to those that download and use your tactic. Will also help you get better reponses from the community. We've provided you initially with a tickbox to complete to get you started and prevent lower-quality submissions:


This includes tweaks! If you've downloaded someone's tactic changed some bits around, and want to share it. Upload it but make sure in the title/thread that you mention it's a tweak of "abcxyz tactic" Like how @White Europe uploaded a tweaked spirit of 99. This benefits the community as more tactics/settings can be tested.

Completing everying in the template is only the initial part though. Think about what else you can add, what would you like to see if you were going to download someone else's tactic for the first time? Some examples would be:
  • What inspired you?
  • What to expect?
  • Set piece takers
  • Opposition Instructions (OIs)
  • Player Instructions (PIs) - very useful for FM Touch users
  • Recommended players
  • Recommended attributes per position
  • Any specific training
  • Footedness of player per position
  • Top scoring position
  • Is it in English?
If you want to see an example of a very well wrote tactic, check out BJT's Skyball.

Downloading and Installing Tactics
Place the tactic file (.fmf) into Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\tactics.
Then from within FM20, you will be able to go to load tactic.

Leaving Feedback
To help this out when you're using a tactic you've downloaded there's a few things to note to why things maybe not going your way:
  • Tactical Familiarity - This generally needs to be maxed out. If you try to plug a tactic in halfway through the season and wonder why it doesn't work, this is probably why.
  • Player PPMs - Do your defenders/holding midfielders have traits such as "Dwells On Ball" and "Stops Play". These two PPMs alone can get your players caught while on the ball leading to a chance for the opposition.
  • Team Talks - If you're not doing them yourself let your Assistant Manager do them as long as they have high Motivation, Level of Discipline and Man Management.
  • Team Morale - This can cause your team to perform poorly. Hold a team meeting / speak to players. Bring that morale back up!
  • Still not performing well? Where are the goals coming from? Have a look at those comprehensive highlights.
  • Could it be the players you have aren't suitable for the tactic?
  • Bought/Sold a lot of players? Maybe not enough time for the team to have gelled and developed partnerships.
  • Are your staff in charge of OIs which could be ruining the tactic? (Staff > Responsibilities > Provides Opposition Instructions - Make sure this is set to YOU).

After going through the above these can be useful to provide when leaving feedback:
  • Team you're playing as / squad.
  • Where were you predicted and in comparison, how good are the teams you've faced.
  • GIFs/Youtube of goals
  • Are all the instructions followed as requested by the author? If so, let them know you've done those things.
  • If things are going well, let them know! Always good to hear good things!
  • Made tweaks? Again, let them know. It may be useful for others and could improve making tactics.
Good Feedback Examples
  • "I've tried this for half a season with Norwich and constantly going behind. It's the first season and I've bought no players. When I've watched the highlights it's the typical balls over the top causing the conceded goals. Any tips?"
  • "Great tactic, works a treat. Made a few transfers at the start of my season with Lille and we managed to come second! Victor Osimhen was the league's top scorer!"
Bad Feedback Examples
  • "Tactic doesn't work. Don't download."
  • "Great tactic."
I'm sure you get the gist of it, be more constructive and expand on your feedback.
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Jun 21, 2020
Hi guys.. I'm new to fm20. And never had an issue with previous fm games. Asked on other site but never get a response or help. I brought the game and play it through steam. I have downloaded tactics from this site and through steam workshop (even tried skins). But I can't find them once started the game. I have out the tactics in the sports interactive folder . Even left them in downloads. (They are fmf flies) but can't fins them anywhere. Even when subscribe to tactics on the steam workshop. They are in the downloads. Yet when start game. Go to downloads.. i can see them but when click on them. Rhe only option I have is to unsubscribe (even that's not 100%.)..
Any advice.....


Apr 15, 2018
Not sure what will help but delete the tactics folder and reinstall the game.


Mar 29, 2011
I need help at once. I want to upload a tactic. I have al of my files ready.
But i don't understand how to upload the tactic file.


Oct 22, 2009
It s ok for me.
There are many tactic with gen press and tiki tika.
I create a new tactic with ajax club tactic long ball.

i ve a good resultat. now i would like share my tactic but i don t know what ?