Show off your regen/newgen - FM14


Nov 7, 2012
From my Liverpool team:

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Came through my youth intake a year or two ago. Just 16 but already my backup to ter Stegen.

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Also through youth intake. Already slightly better than Shaw, the two are rotating on LB atm. Can also cover as centre back.

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Bought from Fulham for £7m. Centre back who can also play MC, usually as BWM.

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Bought from Milan for £2.5m. Only 18 but have godlike stats. Last match he set record for fastest PL goal (9 seconds).

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Picked him off on free transfer after Lyon let his contract run out, lol. Primarily DM, but training him to play MC.

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Bought him from Real Madrid for £8.25m. Rotating with Mansergh as lone striker.

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Youth intake. Only 17. Needs some physical training, but already looks very good.

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Bought from Lille for £10m. Expensive, but will provide cover on both sides of defence in a few years. Amazing potential.

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Bought from Lille for £875K. Backup to Danilo on RB, expecting him to be first choice in 2-3 years.

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Bought from Nantes for £925K. Amazing potential, will train him as MC.

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Youth intake. My star striker. Can even play MC if necessary.
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Jun 12, 2014
The second coming of Pogba? :0
Having been relegated, I was shocked he wanted to come to the club. Needless to say I snapped him up immediately for a somewhat hefty price however my scouts have been touting him the day he was generated. He'll do well me thinks, getting a truck load of game time will only boost his stats further. 20 passing at 20 years of age... too good to be true. I've waited and waited, closely watching until now. He fits my tactic so well and can play in my triumvirate midfield so all is well. Hopefully he becomes a club legend if not the greatest of all time for me anyways. I present you my first ever supergen

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Oct 4, 2014
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Greatest 6 million pounds spent for me. Comfortable with both feet, 21 years old (2018 season), statistically better than Balanta in most areas (especially physically). I bought Balanta for only 4 million at 23 years old from River Plate thanks to a very unfortunate broken leg so his stats are not as great as some other people

I scouted "20 year old maximum age, from region: South America" and this guy popped up. He was on loan at Dynamo Kiev from Cruzeiro and had an agreed fee but passed on buying him which was lucky. Bought him for 6 million with no interest from any other club and had used him in rotation with Balanta and Umtiti.

Balanta - 4 million
Umtiti - 5 million
Vivinho - 6 million


Oct 22, 2014
Further along in his career than most of the ones posted here, and he wasn't 'mine' to begin with. Had to shell out a cool £50m for him last season, the only player I bought all of last season. Totally worth it! Still hasn't reached his peak either - he's rated at 4.5/5 stars. His stats on the bottom right are deceptive. 58 league appearances, 14 goals. Was playing him as DLP last season, and he wasn't my free kick taker. Changed him to a BTB role, and made him free kick taker. This season, 23 league appearances, 12 goals. Think he's got 14 assists so far this season too. When I got him, he didn't have any preferred moves, so I got him to learn (long range passes, runs with ball, and tries killer balls)

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Need some advice on how to take him to the next level though. I got him working on finishing, but his training has slowed down a bit now. I was thinking tackling as well, but he seems to do ok in that department, and always robs players of the ball - even more often than my defenders and DMF's, who have higher tackling skills. I wanted to maybe train 'rifles free kicks' but the coach says he doesn't think he can learn that, and also 'curls the ball', but I can't find it anywhere - is it not in 2014?

As you can see, I'm well into the game at 2022 - all the old stars are fading, and even the young potentials have peaked and will begin to fade in a couple of years (Neymar peaked at 4.5 stars), and i got him joining for a free at the end of the season to replace the guy I sold to real Madrid. So now, this guy is the only player who can become 5 star - just not sure how to get him up that last half star. You can see I won most things last season, but that too is deceptive - had to reply on injuries in other teams, and tiredness in (especially Man City) as the season wore on.

Plus, I had to sell all of my 2nd team to get wages down for this guy and Bruma, who I signed the season b4. Any more than 2 injuries and I'm screwed.