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Found this kid in Germany, bought him for 500k. Scored twice against Stoke when brought on as a sub when he was 14, broke the record for youngest ever PL goalscorer.
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Probably my best signing ever. Wanted by Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona and many more top clubs who all bid 5m+ yet I stole him for a ridiculously low price. Cant wait to see him develop!
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Alright, I developed a decent team (Being modest!) and here are my little stars. Most bought through, however there's 1/2 I bought recently and had been after for a while.

Leandro Almeida - Center Back



Leonardo Meza - Right Back/DM (I play him Regista, you'll see why he's passed up at RB later...)



Mohamed Achahbar - Center Midfield - Deep Lying Playmaker



Umit Cakir - Center Midfield - Deep Lying Playmaker - Mesut Ozil 2.0?



Regis Makengo - Left Back - Attacking Full Back



Fernando Farias - Left Back - Attacking Full Back



Hasan Atik - Right Wing - Inside Forward - One of the best players on the game!



Angelo Capoferri - Right Back - Attacking Full Back - Current World Player of the Year and European Player of the Year, highest average rating in PL history and highest average rating in CL history.



Who's your favourite? Hopefully this works, took me ages!
I've been managing Barcelona for just over 5 years now and in that time we have been pretty successful winning 3 la ligas and last season I managed to bring in a few of our own spanish players into the team, but I have also bought some very good regens as well from other clubs, I'm in 2022 atm and we look to have a very bright future, here are some of my regens below:

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View attachment 192085picked up this guy for 1.7mil I absolutely love him already look at those physicals I think he may become an absolute beast just hope i can keep him long enough to make him my star player or get ridiculous money for him in a few seasons.
Anyone else get more good regen strikers than you can shake a stick at, yet a decent goalkeeper is like rocking horse ****?
Anyone else get more good regen strikers than you can shake a stick at, yet a decent goalkeeper is like rocking horse ****?

I looked at my save using genie scout its full of players better than Zlatan and Lewandowski maybe its a bug.