Well, it usually takes most of the time I spend on this game. Finding new players, hand picking them. First you go usual places and teams known for their quality your intake. Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain and Germany. Then other countries and clubs. Then scouting by hand youth division, scouting by in-game scouting. Also other clubs have scouting, so you can more and less predict if a player is going to be big if others fight for him. But be quick, cuz the prices goes high ridiculously fast.
For me, what I saw so far, they changed the algorithm for the regens to develop. You get far more regens ready for first-team football. Depends of the position, but biggest talents have usually high work rate, determination and decent physical stuff. '10' have also decent dribbling, passing and first touch. Strikers good finishing. Defenders marking and tackling.
Build your scouting in-game, it helps a great deal. Or you can just use outside-scouting like Genie or something else if you're not into this whole "close to real thing" experience.
Also having big data base helps. More regens, more good ones. I play with 100k players.
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Sorry for being off-topic (I don't have any screenshots cause i changed my laptop),
but what happened to this post? Every year, Show off your regen had over 100 pages, and this one only has 13? it's a shame cause i always enjoyed watching other people's findings
How do you all take pictures. Print screen just takes my desktop.