Show off your regens! (And non regens)


Oct 27, 2009
18 year old Brazilian DC who was on loan at Sociedad last year and showed enough to get him scouted. Reports that came back made stumping up €15m seem like a no brainer. Those stats at 18.
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Aug 20, 2015
So i'm only 2 seasons in and I havn't been playing seriously for very long so i'm kinda new to the whole regen stuff.

In my first season I bought this guy: View attachment 84874

and half way into the 2nd season I bought this one: View attachment 84873

Did I do well and are they good players to develop. I am aware they're not the most amazing regens or young players but they seemed alright to me, like I said, fairly new to deciding who's an amazing regen.
Jun 14, 2011
Just a few top quality guys I have developed in my time as Watford manager.

When I joined the club he was in the reserves and had about 2 1/2 stars with 4 1/2 potential, was 22 as well so thought what a waste of talent, put him straight into the first team and since he has become one of my standout players, over the years I used to play with 3 cams but now I only play with 1 and he is that starting cam, England international as well (this was taken a couple of seasons back but he's still obviously pretty similar attributes wise)

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This guy I sold to Arsenal last season for 22 rising to 40 million, was a bad decision looking back as my main rw became unhappy yada yada yada need a right winger now! Still a good piece of development from us though and I think he will become an Arsenal regular with time.

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Similar to the above, also sold for a fee rising to 36 mil in installments to Arsenal, wasn't playing much for me as a lot of similar quality players in position but still a good bit of development.

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Cost me about 13 mil from Stade Rennais looks to have a bright future.

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Home grown from academy, also sold on as wasn't playing much.

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28 mil from Anderlecht, only issue is consistency.

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May 16, 2018
Well then lets take u all to my adventure!

I'm gonna post some regen pics soon, I'm currently in my 28th session long career with Real Madrid CF n I like to create legacy, I always retain good regens until they retire from professional soccer.