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Nov 23, 2010
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So last night I downloaded the LFCMarshall Update and proceeded to start a new game, I decided to go with Bolton Wanderers...after having 1 good save with Liverpool/England/Roma and 1 with Real Madrid I fancied a more challenging scenario.

So started with a budget of £5m and managed to raise this through sales of Ricketts, Samuel and Cohen.

I brought in Scott Brown from Celtic to bolster the centre of my midfield and also a french youngster whose name I cannot remember, my scouts rated him highly though.

I then thought I would attempt to bring in Connor Wickham, Elmander and Davies arent getting any younger, both my bid and a bid from Man United was accepted, £2.7m, and amazingly he chose me...probably the offer of being a first team player.

However just 2 days after signing for me he get injured in training...cruciate knee ligament...9-11 months out!!! To quote along the lines of Dalglish 'We signed him for the long term...' lol

Anyway 2 games into the season and have so far managed a 1-1 at Goodison against Everton and beat Wolves at home their opening game Wolves beat Man City 3-2!
i believe their is a thread called, 'post your frustrations', post this there
What exactly are you frustrated with? The injury to Wickham? If so, why all the other info?
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