Jan 24, 2011
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i think they must score like 9/10s of the own goals in league two they are always at it no wonder they are bottom of the league 8-|
Im Stockport on FM11, Season 3, in League 1 now with a couple of new players. As for Stockport in real life, I feel for them.
What a ****** you are, ok we're ****, but there's no reason to take the ****, when you know all the facts about us off the pitch, then you can take the ****.
i no you have problems but there is no need to concede so many own goals
not very nice mate

Stockport fans are proud of thier team also do you support barca?
3 this month

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i dont surport barcelona

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i didnt mean to affend ya :/
We're a joke, we're away at Rotherham today, but I missed the train by 2 minutes, 3rd away game i've missed
Been listening to game on radio, by the sound of it Rotherham have hammered you but thats only little bits as the main game is SWFC v Hereford, you had chances though.
Fair play loyal surporter then did i see you lost 0-5 at home who was that to abit ago do you stil have simpson in charge??
no simpsons gone but tbh we should of kept him I think he would of kept us up