.Stu.'s Newcastle United Guide

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Why So Serious?
Apr 14, 2009
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.Stu.'s Newcastle United Guide
11.2.1 Patch

Seeing as the guides are now popping up, I think it is time there was a Newcastle one. This is how I play, but there are numerous ways of playing with any team, all with varying success.


Club Name - Newcastle United Football Club
Founded - 1892
Chairman - Mike Ashley(Happy To Stay)
Division - Premier League
Last Season - 1st(Coca-Cola Championship)
2010-2011 Prediction - 18th
Fierce Rivals - Sunderland
Other Rivals - Middlesbrough


Now, as you select Newcastle, you will need to choose the season expectations. You have SIX choices, with varying transfer and wage budgets -

Avoid Relegation - 1.5m Transfer/800k p/w Wages
Mid-Table Finish - 1.6m Transfer/800k p/w Wages
Top Half Finish - 1.7m Transfer/825k p/w Wages
Continental Qualification through League Finish - 1.9m Transfer/825k p/w Wages
Title Challenge - 2m Transfer.850k p/w Wages
Winner - 2.2m Transfer/850k p/w Wages

Personally, I choose either Mid-Table Finish, or Top Half Finish, which are very much achievable. You can choose Continental Qualification, but I feel it is slightly out of reach in the 1st season.


Assistant Manager - Peter Beardsley -
I tend to look for a replacement AM, as I feel Peter is not good enough.

Coach - Steve Stone -
Steve will give you a 3.5 star Ball Control Coaching, so you can hang on to him if you want.

GK Coach -
Chris Terpcou - Chris is OK, but long-term you need a 4.5 star in.

Fitness Coaches - Jack Ade & Simon Tweddle -
Get rid of both, poor stats mean they hinder rather than help.

Youth Coaches - Joe Joyce & Willie Donachie -
Joe will offer 3.5 star Tactical, and Willie 3.5 star in Defending. I usually dispose of Donachie, and keep Joyce.

Physios - Derek Wright, Carl Nelson, Davie Henderson, Michael Harding & Sean Beech
- Release all but Derek Wright, who is IMO one of the best on the game.

Scouts - Graham Carr & Norman Wooster -
I only keep Graham Carr.

Steve Clarke - if you choose to replace Beardsley, I would highly recommend this man.
Paul Winsper - Definite incoming, 5 star Fitness.
Anders Storskov(Kobenhavn) - Another very good Fitness Coach.
Orjan Berg - Very good tactical coach.
John Owens - Attack Coach
Tosh Farrell - Shooting Coach
Tord Grip - Scout
Dave Fallows - Scout
Glan Letheren - Scout
Newton Motta(Bahia) - Scout
Jozek(NK Dinamo) - Scout
Gary Lewin - Physio

Jack Ade
Simon Tweddle
Willie Donachie
Carl Nelson
Davie Henderson
Michael Harding
Sean Beech
Norman Wooster


I will split it down positionally, and I will recommend who to keep, buy and sell.


1 - Steve Harper
26 - Tim Krul

I find that the current goalkeepers will get you through the first season, with Steve Harper usually 1st choice. If you wish, you can look at a loan, or a free transfer to bolster your options.

Fabian Carini - free
Dida - free

Ole Soderberg - 150k


2 - Fabricio Coloccini
3 - Jose Enrique
5 - Sol Campbell
6 - Mike Williamson
12 - Danny Simpson
16 - Ryan Taylor
27 - Steven Taylor
28 - Tamas Kadar

I usually go with the defence I have. Simpson is injured for three months, so it would be wise to get a loanee to cover. Also, Enrique is the only DL in the team, so again, an area to look at. Central Defence should be fine. Bring Kadar into the first team, an d use him as a sub/backup, and slowly get him more involved, or loan him out.

Peter Pekarik - Wolfsburg(loan) - D/WB R
Jlloyd Samuel - Bolton(loan/transfer) - DL, 1m

Ryan Taylor - January, 1.5m
James Perch - January, free if you have to.


4 - Kevin Nolan
7 - Joey Barton
8 - Danny Guthrie
10 - Wayne Routledge
15 - Dan Gosling
17 - Alan Smith
18 - Jonas
24 - Cheick Tiote
37 - Hatem Ben Arfa(on loan)

I find that the midfield that is already there should be OK, with only really one weakness. Wayne Routledge is the only AMR, and if you intend to play with wingers, you will need someone better. Ben Arfa can play there, but he is much better in AMC.

Pascal Feindouno - free
Colin Kazim-Richards - Fenerbahce - 875k
Xisco Nadal - Levante - 1m/loan fee 50k
Christian Romaric - Sevilla - 800k - sometimes transfer listed.
Mate Simao - Panathinaikos - 900k

Danny Guthrie - 1.5m
Alan Smith - 2m


9 - Andy Carroll
11 - Peter Lovenkrands
19 - Xisco
20 - Leon Best
23 - Shola Ameobi

Again, I usually manage with the forwards at my disposal. If you want any signings here, I would look towards a fast striker to play as a poacher. You can utilise either Lovenkrands or Best here if you prefer.

Kevin Gameiro - Lorient - 8m(I usually ask the board for this one, and I usually get request accepted)
Jozy Altidore - Villarreal - loan 170k
Jo - Man City - loan 220k
Roque Santa Cruz - loan 120k


Newcastle have a diverse squad, which can be adapted to most tactics. I prefer a 4-4-2, or a 4-5-1, both of whic are listed in resources at the bottom.


I use the default, which work a lot better than recent default trainings. If you prefer another, with more specific, I would go with Dunc's Training, which is listed below in the resources list.


Here, you will find the stuff I personally reccomend -

Dunc's Training

4-5-1(by zhengnian)

4-4-2(by .Stu.)

Neue.2 Skin

SilkySideways Logo Megapack


Dunc - for the best training schedule available at the minute.
timmsy123 - for making me look like a tard....:p
Cal. - Reminding me about Kadar/perch

If there is anything you think should be added, please post below, and I will add and credit accordingly.
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Nice guide mate :) Should help all the people getting started at our awesome club on FM :wub:
Nice guide, although I'd suggest including Kadar in the defenders, can step in very nicely even in the first season. Also Ryan Taylor is worth keeping over Perch imo, if only for cameo appearances with amazing free-kicks and throw-ins, he can also do well at AMR.
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Very nice Stu!

Agree with Cal, get Perch out. :D
Nice guide Stu.

Agree on Gameiro, he is a beast next to a target man, like Carroll.
Can't wait to get home now and give this a try, Hate starting with big teams who I know I'll win with and I just can't get off the mark starting in the lower divisions, my most recent being an absolute failure with Hereford. MY second team are Newcastle so I will be giving this a try, probably have a mess about with the signees. <)
what kind of success have you had with newcastle mate ?
what kind of success have you had with newcastle mate ?

Mixed TBH. A good first season is 7th, which i have done a couple of times. 2nd season, scour the free agents and you should be able to get up into around 5th/6th.

Trophies - 2010-2014

EPL - 2
FA Cup - 1
Carling Cup - 1
Europa League - 1
Whatever it is, do not sell Steven Taylor at all cost unless you can get someone who's much better than him. I played for 5 seasons and he won the fans' player of the season 3 times! Fraser Forster is also another good player that i suggest to keep and moreover he's a home grown player.
In my second season i brought in Kenny Miller on a Free, play him upfront with Carroll..... 44 goals in 44 games.
I got relegated when I tried it :p and sacked. But when I tried the 4 - 5 - 1 tactic that you linked to, it worked wonders with Aldershot, they had recently been relegated to the BSP and unfortunately I finished 6th, 2 points off the playoff places :( just started the season again and hopefully I can move on after this.
I'd suggest making Joey Barton captain, as even in FM game world, this has a rippling effect which causes all players to look up, listen, and obey. It creates a disciplined spirit around the training ground, which in turn leads Joey into the archtypical 'Alpha Male' role, from which he gets many many assists.