Teams You Hate Thread

Chelsea - Money buys you trophies
Man City - Money Money Money, But still ****.
Tottenham - Arsenal Supporter
Barcelona - OVERATED
Holker Old Boys FC now, they beat AFC LIverpool 1-0 in a terrible game of footie, crushing our promotion hopes
chelsea are wankers

arsenal are gay

bars are twats

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man city fans need a job then support a lame team like man city

Man Utd - cause the majority of their fans are twats
Rangers - cause I support Celtic in the SPL
birmingham-tramps and think more about the "zulus" than the team and are **** what more can i say
man utd:if they are not winning then 6 minutes added time all the decisions go there way and there cockney fans
Chelsea - Jammy Bastards
Mancs -Support Manchester Utd when your from Isle Of White? **** that.
Tottenham - I'm a gooner. And i'd also like to keep my account here so i won't say what i want to haha..
Hull - Phil brown is a DICKKKK.