Ten Years After Update


Feb 19, 2018
Based on the original and official 10.3.0. Update Database.

More than 175000 db changes, in order to make the game still realistic in season 2019/20.

PA, CA, reputation, non-hidden attributes and positions of several players under 23 at the beginning of the game (they are 25-33 years old in 2019/2020) modified /corrected.

PAs of -10, -9, -8 all fixed.
Several PAs of -7 fixed.

The changes are based on the official FMDB.

Major "future transfers" added. (i.e. Ibrahimovic to Milan, Milner to Man City, Torres to Chelsea, Suarez to Liverpool)

Added many new youngsters, including the 13 years old Dele Alli and Marco Asensio.

Jamie Vardy is assigned to Fleetwood, and he will join Leicester on 1 Jan 2010.

Known bugs (I don't know how to fix them, sorry):
1. The knockout stages (except the final match) of the World Cup, European Championship and Africa Cup are not held at the host nation's stadium, but at the city of one of the participating teams. (i.e. Uruguay vs France quarter final is held in Montevideo, Sweden vs England in Stockholm, despite the fact that the host nation is Russia)
2. In the second round of WC, EC and AC 2 of the 8 matches are held only 2 days before the matches of the quarter final.

This is not the final release. I am going to make further corrections when I will find the time.

Sorry for my english.



Nov 13, 2009
eagleburger hi man, I was visiting the forum for a whole different reason and this surfaced on a very unrelated search but... I'm playing FM 2010 for 10 years now, I feel disconnected from newer versions and just couldn't dive in them any more. I have been making updates for the first few years but that stopped several years ago.

My point is, THANK YOU for this one! I will definitely check it and use it when I'm in a mood for a new save.

Cheers mate!