The "Blanquiazules" marching up into La Liga


Nov 15, 2009
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24 June 2009

Esteban Vigo resigns as manager of Hercules C.F.

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Vigo resigned today due to personal problems.''I hope I will come back here one day'' - he told the board minutes before leaving Estadio José Rico Pérez.We wish him all the best for the future.
The new manager is Konstantin Petrov.He's now 34 and from Bulgaria.He played for his local team Etar 1924 for 12 years before retiring because of serious leg injury.We will present him as our new manager next week.​

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Next update - interview and pre-season schedule
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Nov 15, 2009

Petrov named as new manager of Hercules C.F.​

The Bulgarian,34,has signed a one-year contract with salary €4,400 per week.This is the first club he gets to manage.The first training session was held in front of over 1,000 fans and Petrov and crew started putting players to work.This is what he said at the first press conference.​ sit here as new manager of Hercules.Is this your dream job?

Petrov:I never thought I would be back in football after my leg injury.This is the best day of my life.

World Soccer Magazine:You have taken the job without being able to speak Spanish.Surely this will have a negative effect while you get to grips with the language?

Petrov:I used to study Spanish in school,but I don't remember much.It will he hard for a while,but I'm sure it won't be for too long. is your overall approach to the tactical side of the game?

Petrov:Attack is the best form of defence.We want to impress our fans with our attacking style of play.

Radio Marca:What do you think about the youth setup?

Petrov:Youth facilities are good.I see some promising youngster in the youth team.

Radio Marca:Will there be drastic changes here?

Petrov:Yes.The first big change is that I WILL USE ONLY SPANISH PLAYERS in all of the teams(1st team,B team,U19 team).So this means that I will sell all the foreigners from the team.I know I'm a foreigner too,but It's Spanish so that means for me - only Spanish players in the team.I may hire one or two more staff members but I will not sack anybody for now. it true that Manuel Ruz will leave the club?

Petrov:No,he's a good player and he has a place in the team.

Marca:Recent reports have linked you with Rayo left winger Jofre.Are you prepared to go on record with this story?

Petrov:It's unlikely we make a deal for him,we already have Sendoa Agiree who I think is better than Jofre.

Hercules C.F. announce pre-season friendlies​

1 July.Real Union vs Hercules C.F.
2 July.Ferrol vs Hercules C.F

8 July.Palencia vs Hercules C.F.
9 July.Ceuta vs Hercules C.F

15 July.Numancia vs Hercules C.F.
16 July.Granada C.F.vs Hercules C.F.

22 July.Ferrol vs Hercules C.F.
23 July.Talavera vs Hercules C.F.

29 July.Osasuna vs Hercules C.F.
30 July.Ferrol vs Hercules C.F.

5 July.Villareal ''B'' vs Hercules C.F.
6 July.Xerez vs Hercules C.F.

12 July.Las Palmas vs Hercules C.F.
13 July.Espanol ''B'' vs Hercules C.F.

19 July.Girona vs Hercules C.F.
20 July.Salamanca vs Hercules C.F.​
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Nov 15, 2009
"Blanquiazules" starting pre-season with a win​

New manager Petrov made a good unofficial debut with recording a 3-0 win.Hercules won in game where they dominated.Carlos Romero,Luis and Jose from the ''B'' were released after the game.The club wishes them all the best for their future​

Hercules held to draw​

Hercules players can be dissapointed about the result,but they can be proud of their performance.A totally different team from yesterday's team played today.

Hercules win in a close game

A decent game for our team.A lot of offsides and free kicks.Sergi joins us on trial from Textil Escudo.

1-0 win for The "Blanquiazules"​

Jorge Alonso got injured(Concussion,9 days).12 players left Hercules this week.Emilio,Julian,David,Fran Ortiz,Luisao,Tristan,Adriel,Boti,Celso,Tomas Carratala,Unai Alba leave the club on free transfer.Andrija Delibasic joins Bordeaux for €1,000,000 and Rodri transfers to Lille for the same price as Delibasic.


15 July

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''If we keep playing like this we can achieve a lot!'' - Petrov after the game.

In transfer news:
Alberto Perez,Dani Heredia and Vicente Pagan were realeased today.U19 strike Eldin Hadzik transfers to Villareal for €350,000.

In: Sergi,16,joins us for €35,000.''He is a promising young player'' - Petrov told the media.

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Another win for Hercules

16 July

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Hercules in good form

22 July​

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In transfer news:
OUT:Joseba Del Olmo - Cagliari - season-long loan - €100,000 with option to buy - €575,000
Tiago Gomes - Sporting Lisbo - season-long loan - €180,000 with option to buy - €1,100,000

IN:Raul Ruiz Matarin,19, - Real Madrid - season-long loan - €1,000,000 with option to buy - €2,300,000​

Easy win for Hercules​

Gerardo join QPR for €150,000​

Ferrol 1-6 Hercules.​

30 July

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Player of the month:

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Kiko Femenia
I wanna say thank you Nick Main for creating the name of this story and jbolas for making the header.
In the next update I'll show the tactics I'm using,the team and the rest of the pre-season friendlies.
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Nov 15, 2009

7-0!!!!!And and injury...​

''I knew the game wasn't going to be hard,but I never thought we will win 7-0'' - Petrov after the game
Transfer news:
IN:Ignacio Camacho - Atletico Madrid - €4,000,000
''You will regret this!'' - Petrov to Quique Flores(Atletico Madrid manager) after Hercules bought young talent Camacho.

Goals galore as Xerez win 5-4​

6 August

''The first half we looked like we were unbeaten,but in the second we were playing like our youth team.'' - Petrov to the media after the game.

Portillo scores 2 as Hercules win in a close game​

12 August

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''Now that's a lot better'' - Petrov comparing his team's performance this game to the performance in the last game.​

Hercules win again.

13 August​

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Transfer news:
Miguel,Edu,Rubi,Carles - released.

''We could have done better'' - Hercules boss after Girona game''​

19 August

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4 shots on target,3 goals

20 August

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Sergio Diaz is unhappy after Hercules manager Konstantin Petrov rejected €350,000 offer for him.
''I thought rejecting the offer will make him feel as a valuable member of the team,but he just wants to move to a bigger club.I'll think about his future.'' - Petrov after Sergio Diaz reaction.

Player of the Month
Sendoa Agirre - 6 goals in 9 games,8.12 average rating.

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Here's the tactic I'm using.I downloaded it from FM-Base but I don't remember who uploaded it:$:mad:.
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In the next update:
- some additional information about the club.
- Numancia game from August(Liga Adelante 1st game) and September update
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Jun 14, 2009
Like it mate, upload your header to imageshack or photobucket then it'll appear bigger in your updates :D other than that mate I'll be a regular follower!


Nov 15, 2009
Like it mate, upload your header to imageshack or photobucket then it'll appear bigger in your updates :D other than that mate I'll be a regular follower!
Thanks mate!I was thinking of asking someone about that but you told me before I asked<):D


Nov 15, 2009


29 August - Liga Adelante

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''I love to watch goals.But only when WE score them'' - Petrov after the 5-1 win.​

Hercules progress to the next round

2 September - Copa Del Rey(Spanish cup)

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''Let's win the cup''! - Petrov after the game

Hercules defeat Cordoba

6 September - Liga Adelante

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Raul got injured in this game(Dislocated jaw - 4 weeks)

Calatayud with another clean sheet

9 September - Liga Adelante

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Francisco Javier Farinos got injured(knee ligaments - 5 weeks)

Hercules demolish Girona​

13 September - Liga Adelante

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Abraham Paz got injured(twisted knee - 3 weeks)
''3 games - 3 injuries - 3 wins - 3 clean sheets.Now that's strange'' - Petrov after Abraham Paz's injury.

Hercules too good for Huesca

20 September - Liga Adelante

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''Keep up the good results boys!'' - Petrov after the 3-1 win

Hercules finally lose after 10 games unbeaten

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''We must forget this game and look forward!'' - Petrov after his team lost

Player of the month:
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5 goals in 6 game,7.73 average rating
Some information for Hercules C.F. from Wikipedia

Hércules Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. is a Spanish football team based in Alicante, in the autonomous community of Valencia. Founded in 1922, it currently plays in the Spanish first division, and holds home games at the Estadio José Rico Pérez, which seats 30,000 spectators.


After first appearing in La Liga in 1935–36, Hércules would play sporadically in the category for the next forty years, playing mainly in the second division but going as low as Tercera División. From 1961–69, neighbours Alicante CF acted as its feeder club.
After a ten-year spell in the topflight, encompassing 12 seasons in the 1970s/80s, the club only returned again in 1996–97; though finally relegated, it managed two remarkable comeback wins over FC Barcelona, which ultimately handed over the league title to Real Madrid.
In 2004–05, after five years in the third division, Hércules finished second, being subsequently promoted to the second level. After posting three consecutive solid seasons, the club would narrowly miss on a return to the top division in 2008–09, finishing fourth, three points behind last-promotee CD Tenerife.
2009–10 saw Hércules promoted back into the top flight after 13 years, in dramatic fashion: losing 1–0 at half time to Rayo Vallecano, the team fought back to win 2–1 in the penultimate game of the season and leap frog Real Betis into third place. In the last round, a 2–0 win at relegation-threatened Real Unión guaranteed the promotion, with the 4–0 win of Betis against Levante UD eventually counting for nothing (all three teams - Levante, Hércules and Betis - ended with the same number of points).

In the next update you will see the league table
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Nov 15, 2009

Hercules win in a game they dominated​

4 October - Liga Adelante​

The performance we showed could have made the score a lot bigger,but I'm still happy with the result,a win is win,right?Most of the action was on the left side of the field,from where we mostly attacked.


Another good cup win

7 October - Copa Del Rey

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Well we got ''revenge'' after we lost last time againts Cartagena.The board's expectations are to reach the fourth round and have just achieved this.


First draw this season

11 October - Liga Adelante

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I was surprised that both teams played with same formation.I thought Cadiz would operate more defensive,but I was wrong.Both teams looked good on the field and draw is a decent result.Cadiz had Diego Tristan,who I think would a threat for us,but he remained on the bench the whole game.


Murcia defeated by Hercules

16 October - Liga Adelante

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Again,both teams used same formations but we were the better team.Ignacio Camacho was the best player on the field.He got a rating of 8.2.Probably Atletico Madrid feel bad about selling him for such low price

Salamanca manage to get a point

25 October - Liga Adelante

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Maybe I should not get surprised when the opposition plays with the same formation as me?I don't know Spanish football well,that's why I get surprised when I see someone using my formation.Anyway,Salamanca are probably happy with the result because in the last 10-15 minutes the score never looked like it was going to change.

Hercules get unexpected win in cup clash

28 October - Copa Del Rey - 4th round,1st Leg

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Superb result.Valladolid will have to score 4 goals to eliminate us and I believe we won't concede that many in the next game against them.They lost probably because they are last in Liga BBVA,6 points away from safe zone.Raul(8.4) and Cristian(8.5) were the best players this game.I expect more of the same from Raul so I can use the buy clause.
League Table
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Nov 15, 2009

Hercules grab deserved win

1 November - Liga Adelante

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Ignacio Camacho is the man of the match.He scored 2 goals and made assist for the 3rd goal.The media thought that Oscar Trejo(Elche) was going to be threat for us,but he was dissapointing.

Hercules with another win

7 November - Liga Adelante

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The first 30 minutes of the game our players looked terrible.After the two goals Celta scored the spirit of the team wasn't broken and we turned the score around.Camacho scored again.He's settling in very well.

Hercules eliminate Valladolid

10 November - Copa Del Rey​

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We operated more defensively because we had a 3 goal lead already.Until Valladolid's red we didn't had a shot on target.After that the game got a little bit easier for us and we started creating chances.However,Valladolid took the lead but because we had more players we managed to equalize and put their hopes to an end.

Hercules get 3 points again

15 November - Liga Adelante

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Jeronimo Barrales was a possible threat to us although he didn't score.Recreativo had more possession of the ball but their attacks weren't that dangerous.

Hercules win with 9 men.

25 November - Liga Adelante

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The game started well for us,we were leading 3-0 half-time.Portillo scored for 4-0.But then we got 2 red cards for 4 minutes and our performance dropped significantly.For 10 minutes we conceded 3 goals and we barely kept the result the same until the final whistle.

Hercules held to draw

30 November - Liga Adelante

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I'm a bit disappointed that we lost 2 points so late in the game but Betis are a good team just like us and the media was right that Mariano Pavone would threat for us(He has 14 goals in 12 games)

Player of the Month:
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Ignacio Camacho


Nov 15, 2009

Rayo 1-3 Hercules

6 December - Liga Adelante​

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A really good game for us.Femenia and Raul are becoming better than Cristian,Sendoa and Rufete.That means the last three have lost their place in the 1st 11,so now they'll play rarely,they're now substitutes,not that much as Femenia and Raul.

Hercules finally lose

13 December - Liga Adelante

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Ignacio Camacho got injured(bruised shin 8-10 days).I think we deserved a draw but Real Sociedad showed better accuracy in their shots.After we equalized for 2-2 I thought there will be no more goals but we conceded one more.Sergio Diaz is no more unhappy after I rejected Espanol's offer for him.

Hercules make an impressive comeback

20 December

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I'm impressed by Tote...4 goals in one game!!!He got a rating 9.7.I knew we were going to win but not by that many goals.

Transfer news:
OUT:Noel Pamarot will transfer to Bordeaux for €150,000
Lonel Danciulescu will leave Hercules to join Hoffenheim for €500,000

Contract extensions: Sergio Diaz,Tote,Abraham Paz,Manuel Ruz,Dani Bautista,Francisco Javier Farinos,Sendoa and Edu Moya

Player of the month:
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Nov 23, 2008
hi like it so far can i ask you some think your formation look a lot like my spain one i uploaded a couple of days ago hail espanyol one if it is your doing brill if not then still doing brill.