The Champions League Discussion Thread

Lol Sissoko. Pretty poor final so far tbh. Spurs the better team just but there front 4 have to do loads better. Pool been nowhere near there best.
They really need to look at the handball rule. Clearly the original laws were never meant to turn stuff like this into a penalty.
Unfortunate penalty killed the match before we even saw how it was going to shape up. I think Poch got it wrong starting Kane.
Ueafa killed the game for me setting the game 3 weeks after. No momentum for both teams at all.
Not a pen for me aswell. I hate the law of the game is it deliberate no not for me. Sneaky suspicion that Mane played Sissoko like a fiddle there and played it of his hand.
Champions League final in Croke Park anyone?
83k capacity and a great city for the craic :cool:
More often than not they come good in these crunch/big matches. Be interesting to see what happens with them as there squad is seriously aging and a fair few that are younger aren’t good enoug.
Jeez there's some talent on display tonight in the semi :p