The championship

Yea it's great been alot of ups and downs i did not notice alot of teams slowly moving up the table i hope Southampton Sunderland and Derby go up but to be honest im looking forward to the pplay offs :D
Hoping Cardiff can do us a favour today, after a bad run of games conceding four penalties Derby could do with some luck. Although, the 5-1 on Friday was brilliant. Morale is raised at Pride Park again.

I'd like Derby, Sunderland and Wolverhampton to go up but it will more than likely not turn out that way. It is way too close to call.
Wolves and Sunderland seem to be th form teams at the moment. I'll wait and see if we beat The **** next week before making a prediction
i will be happy with a point against "the ****" after two 3-0 defeats
i'd say derby, sunderland (boooo) and either wolves or preston to win the playoffs. or maybe west brom :|
I hope Sunderland go up, purely because of their manager obv :)

It's fookin close though, not seen one like this for a while. After Derby's win on Fri they look pretty good, but Brum are back top now and i think they will def. go up automatically. It will be good to follow
Birmingham and Derby for auto promo.
Sunderland or Preston to go through playoffs.
Well i think we will go up this season, with sunderland in second and southampton play offs. Alougth we are top at the moment i have only seen 3 good performances this season, southend 0 brum 4, brum 2 west brom 0, and when we beat preston i think it was 3-1, but i think we will hit form at just the right time, we have harder games than anyone around us but we havent lost to anybody in top 6 execpt southampton, but have lost to the bottom 3 so id rather have the top games left because we raise our game when it matters.
Im hoping WBA go up cos I love monkeys heid, Sunderland becuse if they get promoted they will sign Thomas Gravesen and I wouldnt mind seeing Derby in EPL

Has Giles Barnes offically signed with Spurs (i heard he was joing at end of season)
There are a lot of rumours but Billy Davies has rubbished them. Barnes has also said he wants to stay but in football you can never be certain. I hope he stays because if we do get promoted we'll need talented players. With our current squad surviving in the Premiership is out of the question so losing a player of his potential will be a disaster.
what you talkin' bout willis, you have super Mo
rofl, I'm glad Billy brought in Jay McEveley. Mo has been a nothing short of wank, only god knows what Billy saw in him. :|
we are top at the moment i have only seen 3 good performances this season, southend 0 brum 4, brum 2 west brom 0, and when we beat preston i think it was 3-1, but i think we will hit form at just the right time

Pretty much what most blues fans I've spoke to have been sayin this season, however you had a run where you did hit form earlier in the season and haven't really created the same kind of form and perfomance. You have played poorly and at times scraped games, too be honest I think blues luck is going to run out.
We havent played well in back to back games yet this season when we won 5 in a row i think it was.

Derby 0 brum 1
Brum 2 Wba 0
Coventry 0 Brum 1
Plymouth 0 Brum 1
Brum 2 Barnsley 0

We didnt play well in them matches with the exception of the west brom game, we just ground out 2 1-0s away and then played well againstt west brom and beat a very poor barnsley side. So i am still hoping we hit form at the right time, as for sunderland i think they have peaked too early and will slip up in the next couple of games away to southampton and cardiff. West brom have just had good home form and have more away games left than home games. Derby mainly ground out results 1-0 except the colchester game so not sure about them. I would go for blues to win the league and southampton to finish 2nd, simply beacuse burley has been in this situation before they have a good sqaud and score lots of goals. And they play-offs are like cup games anything can happen. Sunderland, Derby, West Brom and Wolves in the play-offs for me. Its been an exciting season, lets hope it ends as it started.
i remember wen mo camara was at wolves, didnt we bring him into this country?