Will be interesting to see how well the players do at English clubs in the next few seasons.
46k a week awww yeeeaaa!
When my player's contract expires with any interest message me and i choose which one
46k a week awww yeeeaaa!
When my player's contract expires with any interest message me and i choose which one

Every player will get a message in the summer if there is players interested in them.

End of Season 4

Club stats
View attachment 35288
Nathan Walker goes right into the starting 11 for Leicester starring down south with Stuart O'Bute who's got the the second highest rating of all players. while McPotato struggles to break into the Southampton squad, Ferguson and MacPatrick are squad players with there new teams. Kris Stuart & Adrian Bowyer both fall just short of a 7. Donalds stats are from half a season as i was forces into a move to Arsenal that i did not want.

Nathan Walker - New CA144 +9
View attachment 35287
Goes right into the Leicester squad and despite the 6,77 rating is a big drop from his Rangers days but good times ahead at Leicester & Scotland.

Kris Stuart - New CA146 +7
View attachment 35286
Stuarts 3rd season along side McKenna at the back led Aberdeen back to 2nd in the table. Will he and Donald stick around to try close the 20 point gap to Celtic?

Adrian Bowyer - New CA130 +9
View attachment 35285
A slow burner but Bowyer had a coming of age season with Hearts and is slowly getting towards being a quality left back.

Mark McPotato - New CA143 +14
View attachment 35284
The former Dundee midfielder may not be getting the first team action he needs but just being at Southampton has seen his stats sky rocket to become a starter for Scotland

Stuart O'Bute - New CA160 +11
View attachment 35283
The first man to jump to England is at 18 one of the leagues top 25 players. Made the jump at the right moment for him and is now the undoubted star of the Scottish game

Andrew MacPatrick - New CA156 +12
View attachment 35282
Ahh not so fast! Tottenhams other star from Hibs has yet to start a league game but has shown glimpses of his potential to challenge Eriksen & Deli Ali for a start

Darran Donald - New CA142 +5
View attachment 35281
Having seen the last 3 players that made the jump to England's stats rise by 11-14 makes me wonder if Aberdeen are holding me back? I really wanted to stay around to win a trophy or even better a league title

Alex Ferguson - New CA157 +11
View attachment 35280
A slow start in Germany with only 3 starts and a total of 12 appearances but with his CA flying towards 160 it wont be long till he's starting for Leverkusen as well as Scotland


Domestic Annual Awards
Non from Scotland as another 2002 regen that has nothing to do with us Rab Hodge beats the Aberdeen players that didnt make it into the team of the year

Young player of the year
Stuart O'Bute - Tottenham

World Annual Awards

Celtic win another treble but have non of our regens
Leverkusen & Tottenham finish 2nd in there leagues but no trophys for any of us

Summer offers

Kris Stuart £16m
Man Utd

Adrian Bowyer £17,25m

Now up to you to choose to stay where you are or make one of these moves.

My player got injured
What was the diagnosis of Fergie's injury
Wasn't expecting much from McPartick's first season down South to be honest as like you say Spurs have several half decent midfielders. That said 3 cup games and 23 subs appearances can't be bad. Next season will hopefully be better in terms of game time.
No word from Adiboier so the Save will decide where he goes. Me and Kllipybo are saying at Aberdeen.

End of Season 5

Club stats
View attachment 35183
Only Bowyer was under 40 games as he struggles to keep up with the rest. 3 Players well into double figures, MacPatrick making much more appearences are the stand out moves.

Nathan Walker - New CA153 +9
View attachment 35182
Leicester main wing back was almost a ever present in the Premiership getting a hefty pay rise along the way

Kris Stuart - New CA157 +11
View attachment 35181
Turned down a move down south and developed by over 10 points putting in all star performances with Aberdeen being well over 7 for rating. Yet to nail down his place in the Scotland starting 11 but that will come with time!

Adrian Bowyer - New CA134 +4
View attachment 35180
The runt of our litter Bowyer's stats continue to improve very very slowly. A move to Man City could change things? We all hope so.

Mark McPotato - New CA158 +15
View attachment 35179
Suddenly McPotato is Southampton's best midfielder leading them to the top half of the table. Now a regular for Scotland as well.

Stuart O'Bute - New CA173 +12
View attachment 35178
If it wasnt for Harry Kane its not hard to believe the Scotsman would be Spurs best player. His stats in the Cups and Europe are amazing

Andrew MacPatrick - New CA167 +11
View attachment 35177
"The Android's" first team starts sky rocket this season before Gerardo Martino and thankfully his replacement Luciano Spalletti he might become the main AMC. Time will tell.

Darran Donald - New CA152 +10
View attachment 35176
A career year for myself. Poor goal less run for Scotland goes on but top 3 finish in the golden boot. Only 7 points behind Celtic. Me and Klippybo will give it one more to finally bring at least a cup but hopefully a league title to Pittodrie

Alex Ferguson - New CA168 +11
View attachment 35175
A monster is born! 26 goals for Leverkusen as he becomes the main striker for club and country. Personal and club awards round out a fantastic season


Young player of the year
Stuart O'Bute - EPL
Alex Ferguson - German
Darran Donald - Scotland

Team of the Year
Kris Stuart
Darran Donald

World Annual Awards


German Super Cup
Alex Ferguson

Summer offers
Kris Stuart & Darran Donald stay at Aberdeen again. No moves for those at major clubs

He got his first German trophy and young player of the year gg!
Much better 2nd season down South for Andy MacP more first team action but what an international season this lad had 7 games played 8 goals scored and one MOM now this is a star to knock the greats of their perches. Just think what he will be like in a couple more years!

End of Season 6

Club stats
View attachment 35108

Not got time atm to do a full write up on everyone so here's the headlines

Spurs won the champions league. MacPatrick got both assists in the 2-1 win over Bayern Munich
Hibs won the SPL Aberdeen were only 4th enough to force the final SPFL players out of Scotland
Bowyer struggled on loan. Not ready for EPL yet

Nathan Walker - New CA157 +4
View attachment 35107

Kris Stuart - New CA161 +4
View attachment 35106

Adrian Bowyer - New CA137 +3
View attachment 35105

Mark McPotato - New CA161 +3
View attachment 35104

Stuart O'Bute - New CA185 +12
View attachment 35103

Andrew MacPatrick - New CA176 +9
View attachment 35102

Darran Donald - New CA158 +6
View attachment 35101

Alex Ferguson - New CA173 +5
View attachment 35100


Young player of the year
Stuart O'Bute

Team of the Year
Stuart O'Bute
Darran Donald

CL Team
Stuart O'Bute

European golden boy
Alex ferguson


Champions League
Stuart O'Bute
Andrew MacPatrick

Summer offers

Worth the wait? Both Aberdeen players get there dream moves to Newcastle and Man Utd

Kris Stuart - Newcastle £14,75m
View attachment 35098

Darran Donald - Man Utd £23,5mView attachment 35099

Holy **** I'm amazing! Haha. Current Ability 185 is obscene at 20 years old. And I'm worth £76m!!!

Cheeky Champions League for me and my boy MacPatrick. Booyah.
Andy MacP is definately in the Scoles mould looking at his fouls tally lol.
My boi got the golden boy good game!

End of Season 7

Club stats
View attachment 34970
We're all first team stars. Only Adrian Bowyer had under 20 appearances and that was for Man City!
Tottenham retain the champions league. Even more influence from our boys as O'Bute scores 2 and MacPatrick assists 2
Scorer of two goals Stuart O'Bute is clearly the top regen among us all. He has morphed from David Beckham into a cross between Beckham & Giggs who scores goals as well!
Alex Ferguson wins his first Golden Boot in Germany
Walker & McPotato at smaller teams gaining interest from the top teams.

Nathan Walker - New CA165 +8
View attachment 34969

Kris Stuart - New CA161 =
View attachment 34968

Adrian Bowyer - New CA144 +7
View attachment 34967

Mark McPotato - New CA170 +9
View attachment 34966

Stuart O'Bute - New CA197 +11
View attachment 34965

Andrew MacPatrick - New CA187 +11
View attachment 34964

Darran Donald - New CA160 +2
View attachment 34963

Alex Ferguson - New CA183 +10
View attachment 34963


Player of the Year
Stuart O'Bute

Young Player of the Year
Stuart O'Bute

Top Scorer
Alex Ferguson

Team of the year
Stuart O'Bute
Alex Ferguson


Champions League
Stuart O'Bute
Andrew MacPartick

European Super Cup
Stuart O'Bute
Andrew MacPartick

Darran Donald

Community shield
Darran Donald

FA Cup
Adrien Bowyer

Summer offers

Nathan Walker
Man Utd

Mark McPotato
Man City
If i get a quick reply we might get another season simmed today. If not you'll have a day to decide

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