Will Andy MacP swap Madrid for Manchester...... Nah not this time. Viva Espana! (although if United were to come back in a couple of seasons it maybe diffferent, it would be nice to rub City's noses in it at some point). Personal honours, and a nice league winners medal in his second season in Spain means the sangria is flowing nicely why would anyone want to change that.

Has anyone else noted everytime I make a prediction for MacPatrick it happens.... Ok for the forthcoming season I want more personal honours, a Spanish League and Cup double and a Champions League winners medal, oh and a nice payrise. Not too much to ask for.
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Another League and Champions League double for Stuey O'B... you'd think I'd have earned a payrise by now, but nope. Stuck on a paltry £220k per week. My old Hibs mucker MacPatrick is out-earning me by a mile! Spurs had best get the chequebook out soon or I'll be off at the first sign of someone willing to pay £200m for my magnificence...

...suddenly I understand why top footballers get a bit of an ego
Why do you think Andy departed that tinpot club! Money isn't everything but it helps the pension fund lol
I am deserved to see my Fergie get another Europa League!
I think Bowyer should join us at Newcastle!!!!
Next season update and Euro 2028 will be up by the end of the day

Here's the summer offers

Adrian Bowyer
Man Utd

Alex Ferguson
Man city

Kris Stuart
Man Utd

End of Season 11

Euro 2028

Scotland were waltzing to glory until we utterly **** the bed against Portugal in the semis
View attachment 33707

Of course we were the key players. Donald totally outplays his skill set and the 6 players rated higher than him to win the player of the tournament and the golden boot. Bowyer made 1 sub appearance
View attachment 33706

The 5 of us all feature in the dream team or the bench
View attachment 33705

Club stats

Man Utd fall short of a 3rd Champions League
Alex Ferguson moves to Man City for a fee almost as disgusting as the transfer itself
Kris Stuart moves to Barcelona of 1/4 of the price

Nathan Walker - New CA179 =
View attachment 33704

Kris Stuart - New CA181 +2
View attachment 33703

Adrian Bowyer - New CA160 +4
View attachment 33702

Mark McPotato - New CA190 =
View attachment 33701

Stuart O'Bute - New CA200 =
View attachment 33700

Andrew MacPatrick - New CA200+8
View attachment 33699

Darran Donald - New CA177 +5
View attachment 33698

Alex Ferguson - New CA200 =
View attachment 33697


Player of the year
Stuart O'Bute
Andrew MacPatrick
Darran Donald

Golden Boot
Stuart O'Bute
Alex Ferguson
Darran Donald

Team of the year
Nathan Walker
2 Mark McPotato
3 Andrew MacPatrick
Alex Ferguson
Darran Donald


Europa League
Andrew MacPatrick

Stuart O'Bute
Andrew MacPatrick

National Cup
Alex Ferguson

Super Cup
Andrew MacPatrick
Alex Ferguson

Summer offers

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I take the payrise, the player of the year, another league winners medal, Europa Cup and the Super Cup and 3 x Teams of the year for Andy MacP. Not quite what I predicted but I got the payrise right lol. Interesting to note it looks like Scotland missed MacPatrick against Portugal seeing as he only played 5 of the 6 Scotland games in the Euros.....
HOLY ****

Sorry that this came to a stop as i got FM19.

I do have next week off work so i hope to find the time to sim the rest of our careers!

Updates will be quicker and more sudden so you may miss the chance to move teams till the next summer unless you've already told me of a transfer you would let happen.

SO first anyone still playing drop me a PM listing teams you would transfers to if an offer comes in? I will still post offers at the end of the window but dont worry if you miss the update so you can move in the next window if you want to.
I'd pretty much only move to Barca or PSG, and even then only if they're dominant in their leagues (i.e. I want trophies). Otherwise I'll stick it out at Spurs since they seem to be a pretty epic side in this save.
Only side Andy MacP will join is Man Utd but it will not be until after his 28th birthday. He has a few things to achieve with Real, like a league and cup double.