The Clusterquack - 248 goals in a season. Quad With Barca, Treble with Killie.

Ok Ill give this tactic a go, It shall be mine backup tactic for keeping playes match fitness since I have one too many strikers lol and it could complete mine Weah challenge easier(challenge is making a Africa player win Golden Ball) and I can do mine Club legend challenge (making a player most apps and most goals for club, doesnt need to be same player)
Updated the tactic, plug and play home and away, dr/dl train for bullet throws and dr takes left corner/left throw in, dr right corner/right throw in.

enjoy. Use training etc in OP.

My best tactic and been using it myself the last 3 months. Now here it is for you guys.

Will have an FM16 tactic as soon as it's sorted.

In the meantime, enjoy.

Friend did not understand the question of corner and side, I am Brazilian and I have a very bad English could post a picture of the set-piece please excuse my English.
Love this tactic, but getting a lot of yellows and even red cards at times. Tweaking to see if I can stop that, but any "suggestive" help would be appreciated :D
The opening post seems to have been taken down. Can anyone post a screenshot of the training routines please?
Hi guys and hi Chrissy! I don't know if I'm making some mistakes or the tactics that you posted have been deleted, but I can't find them! Could you please post them here again? I would like to try them! :D
Its not gone, you can find the latest version on page 18 and other versions throughout the topic
Can i pls get a link to download this tactic, all the links dont seem to be working.
I found this tactic on fmkorea forum. That's it.


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