The Clusterquack - 248 goals in a season. Quad With Barca, Treble with Killie.

Hey Chrissy,

It's a really good tactic, especially in the first season (as I have posted), as teams simply do not know what has hit them, but the second half as expected is difficult as teams learn your style of play. Do you recommend tinkering in terms of formation but keep the same base of instructions. e.g. a 4 3 2 1 wide or a 4312 ? If so which formation would you recommend and if formation is not necessary, which instructions do you feel is open to tweak?

This is a response to a 5-0 humiliation to Huddersfield in the FA Cup lol

EDIT: I basically have answered my question. Tinkering is NECESSARY for this ME, in my opinion any way, a rule of thumb for me is that when playing lower opp or tight, I remove offside trap and push higher up option. A alternative formation I am using is the 4 1 2 2 1 (2 wing backs and 2 inside forwards).

I was 2-1 down to Arsenal with 10 mins to go and won 5-2 and just beat Manchester CITY with 36 shots and restricted them to just 12(4) (!) and the commentary mentioned can "they weather the storm" which is unheard of against the FM version of City. Key for me is making sure I change player roles against weaker and stronger, so for the former I would use AP(a) and latter I would use BMW(S) for example. Will post end of season SS later.
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So you say that there is a tactic for lower leagues but yet you list 3 tactics you need to be specific as to which one to use..
good tactics, first draws, than wins :)

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    Clusterfuck_AF3677CE-BC05-47F3-9918-82BBE438A4C7.fmf‎ - use if i favorit
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    Chrissy-playitsafe_3708050B-8D27-4A68-B107-856D99AD1897.fmf‎ use if i underdog

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Just thought i would let u guys know... using the clusterfuck tactic and so far im 5-0 in the Vanarama North 4-0w, 2-0 w, 2-1w, 2-0w and 3-0 w
I have included two new tactics - tweaks on the original. One for ten men, one for lower league/underdog sides.

Maybe a daft question, but is the ten men tactic for playing against 10 men after opposition had a red card, or for when one of your own players quacks up and gets a red card?
And what's best player/position to take off/sub when you get a red card? Or do you just continue on with the ten remaining players and hope for the best?

Using this tactic after a long run with TFF's and loving it so far.
Thanks Chrissy Dude!
How do u protect your lead ,when playing against big teams and you are managing small/mid club?
I am with Atletico and i got beat 4-3 away at Real , but i go in front twice ,even switch to playitsave and still get raped :(
View attachment 226988View attachment 226985This 1-1 for the supercup was due to the impotent Benzema. But still in both matches they get at least 5-6 CCC.
My Attack is doing brilliant ,but my defense is non-existent when away at big dogs...
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Final Update

Updated the tactic, plug and play home and away, dr/dl train for bullet throws and dr takes left corner/left throw in, dr right corner/right throw in.

enjoy. Use training etc in OP.

My best tactic and been using it myself the last 3 months. Now here it is for you guys.

Will have an FM16 tactic as soon as it's sorted.

In the meantime, enjoy.
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Going to give it a bash with liverpool ! Should i start with the latest version or the Original ?