The Complete Regen/Show off your regen thread Fm13

OMG i just found this regen that i'll buy ONLY for 800k
Jesus Christ this regen will be world-class in just a few years.
Also CA : 2.5 stars, PA : 4.5 stars and already looking like he could play for any team in the world.
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How did you put so many information in the player overview profile? Thank You
Gone back to playing my epic Dortmund save, and had this guy come through the youth team. Absolute beast at just 18. Got plenty of improving to do still also!
What can I say, the best player I've ever been blessed with. All time top scorer for Celtic, not far off the league goal scoring record currently held by Jimmy McGrory. Attributes are immense, only long throws and jumping are below 11, and this has been backed up by consistently good performances. He's getting on a bit, probably 4 more good years, but yeah basically he is the greatest thing ever. Better than Messi??? :p

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My all-time favourite regen of any game, any save, any player, ever. You lucky *******. 4 jumping is actually quite impressive for his height, and in the position he plays does anyone really care about throw-ins? Awesome at everything else. Definitely better than Messi.