The Complete Regen/Show off your regen thread Fm13

Probably the two best bargains I've ever had on FM. I got these two for a combined £17m:

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Holden cost £15.25m after submitting a transfer request after just one year at Leverkusen. When I put in my bid, Barca and one other big club were lurking. I offered him £10k a week more than what his agent asked for, then went away fully expecting him to sign for Barca. Especially as they offered Leverkusen £25m. But he still picked Norwich. Part of me is dreading the day when Barca inevitably come back for him, the other part is rubbing my hands and thinking about all the bags of cash they'll have to hand me.

Trinidad cost a staggering £2m from Fiorentina due to a release clause - his estimated value was about £8m even when I bid for him. He's a bit injury prone but not ridiculously so. He had a £16m release clause when he first signed for me, but I got rid of that sharpish after he made 21 assists in his first season and won Young Player of the Year.

I have an embarrassment of riches at centre forward at the moment. I also have this guy:

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whom I got on a free from Penarol of Uruguay, and is starting to show his potential (5 goals in 5 starts). I have a 19 year old Brazilian who was a cradle-****** release-clause job, already had his first cap for Brazil before he was 18, and is banging them in for the U21s. And last but not least, Charlie Austin, who is now 30 and a backup option / impact sub, but a very decent one - 8 goals from 4 starts and 7 subs this season.
Hey i made a Bradford save because the got promoted and the lowes leage i have ever played was npower L in Fm12 with southampton so this was a really hard challenge because i have never been with a team that has bad finances so i made save Bradford/cameroon because i always get offerd the cameroon job 2-3 season in so why not start with it.

i had a frienly Vs Chile i tought we had it easy only cover alexis sanchez and its done, ohhh was i wrong this little guy was making his chile international Debut and he teared us apart. got Man of The Match with a 8.50 AVRs so i was like whot is this guy? he plays like ******* iniesta so i had a look he was okish was still in Npower leage 1 so count afford the scout fast forward 2 years made it to the plemier leage i bought him for record fee off $13.25 mil(play in US dollar) after some games he now has the Status of Wonderkid
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This guy is my iniesta. i also got one more that i got on the first english regen day hes my AMR and made it into the first team at age of 16 ill post some pic if you guys want this is my first ever real post on this site :) glad to be part of it.
Managed to nab this lad from Pescara for 675k. Labelled the next "Franco Baresi" by the media.


High hope for this young striker.


Thoughts on these two? Should I loan them out, tutor them or neither?
Managed to nab this lad from Pescara for 675k. Labelled the next "Franco Baresi" by the media.


High hope for this young striker!


Should I loan them out, tutor them or neither? Feedback would be appreciated, lads.
One of the best strikers on my save. "Only" cost me £29m, three seasons ago.

View attachment 468596 View attachment 468729View attachment 468727My Regen From The 1st Youth Intake And My Only 5 Star Regen From Youth Intake Had A Wicked 1st Season For Me As a 16 Year Old But Went On To Become 3rd Top Goalscorer In The League With Southampton On Loan Guiding Them Into Europa League Spot Now He Is My 1st Choice Striker At Manchester United With Leandro Damaio As Rotation Option Only Worry I Have Is Can I Trust Him In The Big Games?
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