The Ebay Thread


Sep 17, 2005
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Well i have had an ebay account for over a year and thats me just started using it.Though hmm other people on here may be selling stuff aswell and this thread would be good to show off good finds or advertise if your selling....since i thought of it i will go first.

Im Selling

Touch Me
Why are you selling that? Best game ever!!
:eek: Ten Gigs Of Space For That Game!?
Only takes up about 6GB.
It actually does work i just hate it.
I used to sell and buy lots on ebay, used to sell the old junk and toys i had gathered over the years...

This summer im going to be selling a load of McDonalds toys for my mother, with a 50% profit share!!
You're so cool Redders.
Im selling my playstation 2 and playstation 1 with 40+ chipped games. I am also selling all my PS2 games seperatley. all games have a starting price of 99p.

All my items
I aint sold anything on ebay for ages. Made a small fortune out of it though.

And ****** spent it.
im curious now, do tell more

When I were a wee lad a was a long haired, tight-jeaned rocker (i still dont know how I got into those jeans), and I collected rare metal/thrash/rock records and CDs.
I hadnt played them in years so I put them all on Ebay over a period of months and all sold for very good prices. An Australian Import Pantera CD with a banned cover sold for the most - £45.
Sweet. Im trying to get into the selling business now starting with all my old ****
I reckon Ebay is dodgy, either that or i was buying of dickheads.
Hate how everyone is so paranoid about eBay like they were with buying stuff off even the most reputable online retailers a few years ago. If you spend 2 mins researching the seller you should be fine, ie looking where hes from, how hes obtained his feedback as it maybe good but he may have got it from selling summat worth 50p and your buying something completlt dif worth hundreds. Ive enver been ripped off once on ebay, thought i had been ripped off on a 4 pound dvd cos it didnt work, but it was just that it wouldnt play in my PS2 and WMP, and it turned out it was fine
Ive never had any trouble on there, except for one Nigerian scammer who won two old phones Id put on, then sent me the same email for both phones saying they were for his mom in Nigeria and he would pay me £100 postage for each phone, which were only worth about a tenner each!
He said hed send me the money once Id given him a tracking number - daft *******. I sussed it straight away and told him to **** off, then the cheeky **** sent me another email threatening me with legal action if I didnt send them. It was funny as ****.

These are the real scams to watch out for on ebay, but they're so blatant that if you fall for them you shouldnt be using the internet anyway. I still use it to buy stuff, just cant be arsed to sell stuff lately.
Yeh I have bought and sold quite a bit on eBay and have had no problems with it. Just do like Gregor says and check out the sellers/buyers eBay history.
Only common sence really if they have 30% feedback avoid them :p