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The final FM13 chapter- Blackburn Rovers

Mar 15, 2012
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Hello all if any of you followed my Fulham story where i won the Premier League in my first season and my Portsmouth story which i have got bored of so decided i would do one more story before FM14 is released and i made a poll yesterday on what team to be and the winner was Blackburn Rovers so i will be taking over Blackburn and hope to gain promotion to the Premier League at the first time of asking and i really want to develop Jordan Rhodes into a beast as i love him in real life but never used him on FM13 but that is about to change i have already played upto November but didnt know i was gonna be doing a story so unfortunately i won't be able to show you the tables from August and September, Sorry. I'm not gonna do all the manager sacking, Press conference and hiring thing im just gonna get straight into it.

Pre-season & Transfers

Transfers in

Ross McCormack
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This is a player i have always admired in real life and in game i love him as a player and he is gonna be partnering Rhodes up top he is player im not expecting to score 10,15 goals a season he is gonna be Rhodes little feeder man and i reckon they will be working like clock work in a few weeks.

Tony Watt
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This man is gonna be more of a man for the future as Ross is 26 and Watt isnt gonna be chucked straight into the team and he will be gradually eased in, my friend and awesome story writer
H4ND 0F G0D (check him out) has had him many times before most successfully at Tranmere and Norwich but i really like the look of him.

Craig Noone
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A very talented young chap again he probably wont be a starter with, Rochina, Pedersen and Hazard but he is A very good player when needed.

Thorgan Hazard
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Yet again a young chap but he looks class and will definitely getting game time, also we have completed an affiliation with Chelsea so that should be good to bring in a few Chelsea lads and a bit of cash.

Neal Maupay
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Of course i had to sign this man, everyone knows who he is and unlike many others i wont be playing him in my first team he will be playing in the Under 18's as he is only 16 and i may even loan him out.

Ryan Gauld
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Another 16 year old lad im definitely looking for the future and there is a lot of great youth coming through and this man joins us from Dundee and i am looking to give him a bit of first team football despite his age.

Spent: £12.25M

Transfers out

Mauro Formica to Reading £3M
Gael Givet to Aston Villa £1.5M
Leon Best to Hull £2.5M
DJ Campbell to Doncaster £2.5M
Chris Taylor to Doncaster 500k
Lee Williamson to Doncaster 250k
Alan Judge to Bolton £2M
Corry Evans to Nott'm Forest £4.5M
+ a few loans out

Made: £16.75M


Ards 0-2 Blackburn
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Nice to see two strikers scoring and a win is a win.

Goalscorers: Best, Rhodes

Fleetwood 0-1 Blackburn
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A very poor game overall but we won and thats all that matters really.

Goalscorers: Hanley

Blackburn 1-2 Benfica
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A not too bad result against a quality side so im very happy would of liked at least a draw tho.

Goalscorers: Hanley

Accrington Stanley 0-1 Blackburn
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Again poor game, same as the Fleetwood game really hope our league results are better.

Goalscorers: Lowe

Blackburn 2-4 Mallorca
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Thats better a very entertaining game vs a very good team and we played brilliantly and im happy with the performance despite the result.

Goalscorers: McCormack, Dann


That concludes pre-season wasnt too bad but im hoping we can score more goals when the season starts
Thank you for reading and advice is welcome, Comment below.

Bye !!!!


Mar 17, 2013
Ahhhhh my beloved rovers :) brilliant start mate really good presentation ! What tactic are u using ? Oh and thanks for the mention lol ;)
Mar 15, 2012
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Capital One Cup 1st Round

Bradford 0-1 Blackburn
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So we knocked out the 2013 runners up and we deserved more than 1 but Bradford is a very tough place to go and im happy.

Goalscorers: Etuhu


Brighton 2-0 Blackburn
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A awful way to start the season and a shocking performance from the team and i made them know i wasnt impressed.

Goalscorers: Not Available

Blackburn 6-2 Millwall
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A fantastic way to bounce back and my main man Rhodes picks up the match ball after a superb hat-trick.

Goalscorers: Rhodes x3, Etuhu, Pedersen and King

Blackburn 1-1 Yeovil
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A very disappointing result was expecting a win the very early sending off didn't help so i suppose a point wasn't too bad.

Goalscorers: Dann

Again sorry no table but i can tell you i was in 13th

Capital One Cup 2nd Round

Bolton 1-3 Blackburn
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So we progress into the 3rd Round after we battered our rivals and Rhodes scored a beauty from 35 yards out.

Goalscorers: Rhodes x2, Rochina


Thats all for August, there maybe another update tonight but we'll have to wait and see.

Please comment and post any advice or questions

BYE !!!
Mar 15, 2012
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Barnsley 1-2 Blackburn
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Would have preferred more and maybe we deserved more but we didn't take our chances and it took two goals in the space of 3 minutes to steal the win out of Barnsleys hands.

Goalscorers: Rhodes, Dunn

Doncaster 0-0 Blackburn
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A very frustrating game we should have won by 2 or 3 goals but we couldn't finish and we left the Keepmoat with just a point.

Goalscorers: Not available

Blackburn 3-1 Wigan
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A quality result against a under performing Wigan side but still a good result, Rhodes and Watt scoring or as H4ND 0F G0D calls them Shearer and Sutton. ;)

Goalscorers: Rhodes x2, Watt

Blackburn 2-0 Ipswich

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Our form is picking up and we are starting to look pretty good.

Goalscorers: Lowe, Rhodes

Blackburn 0-0 Q.P.R
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A strong looking Q.P.R side visited Ewood Park next and we managed to get a point v
'Arrys men.

Goalscorers: Not available

Capital One Cup 3rd Round

Blackburn 3-0 Norwich
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Premier League you're 'avin a laugh, we battered them and could of been 4 or 5 delighted with the result but ... we face Manchester United in the 4th Round. :'(

Goalscorers: Rochina x2, MGP

Player Of The Month

Jordan Rhodes
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Looks very prolific and looking forward to see how he progresses already interest from Scumhampton & Sunderland but he aint going nowhere.

sorry again no table but got one for the next month. October hopefully out tomorrow but unfortunately its my last day tomorrow before im back to school so might not have daily updates im afraid.
But Thanks for reading please comment and ...

BYE !!!



Oct 11, 2010
Your going well mate, last month is pretty good, went unbeaten.

You did well in the market too, sold more than what you bought so atleast you've made a profit for the Prem when you get there ;)

Good luck with your season mate..

Have a few more updates up by the way on my story(Leeds one) if you want to have a look, feel free :)
Mar 15, 2012
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Watford 2-1 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Rhodes
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Poor result was expecting at least a draw and ya know what ?
we didn't deserve a point, awful !

Blackpool 0-2 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Rhodes x2
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Much better, and we bounced back well Rhodes is having a super season and i hope it continues :)

Blackburn 3-0 Derby
Goalscorers: Hanley, MGP, Rhodes
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Get in! brilliant performance and we could of won by more but im delighted with the result.

Blackburn 3-0 Charlton
Goalscorers: Rhodes x2, MGP
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Two 3-0 wins in a row and Rhodes pickes up another 2 goals, he is having an amazing season.

Nott'm Forest 2-1 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Watt
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Shame our great run had to come to an end as we dominated the game but just couldn't finish and they got a very soft penalty to put them two up and that made it hard to try and get back into it.


Capital One Cup 4th Round

Blackburn 0-1 Manchester United
Goalscorers: Not Available
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Fantastic performance from the lads, maybe we deserved a point or a draw at least to take it to a replay but we couldn't score and RVP's early goal sealed the win and unfortunately Jordan Rhodes hit the bar twice late on in the second half.


View attachment 472410

So we're going strong in the league only 3 points off Sheffield Wednesday and hopefully we can push on from there and maybe win the league.... maybe !


Player Of The Month

Jordan Rhodes
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Could only be this man or MGP but im giving it to Jordan because if it wasn't for him we would certainly not be in the position we are in.

6 Goals in 6 Games


That is all for this month next up November, i'll try get another update out today but we'll have to wait and see !

Thank you for reading post your thoughts !

BYE !!!


Sep 4, 2013
You are doing solid in the league, i see that you brought some excellent prospects, good luck in future and i will be following
Mar 15, 2012
You are doing solid in the league, i see that you brought some excellent prospects, good luck in future and i will be following
thank you mate i was very pleased with my signings especially Gauld, Maupay and Watt and thank you for following i really appreciate it :D
Mar 15, 2012
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Bolton 0-4 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Hanley, McCormack x2, Rhodes
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Oooooshhh !!! total domination we destroyed our rivals and McCormack picked up 2 great goals and we are getting better and better.

Blackburn 2-0 Sheffield Wednesday
Goalscorers: Rhodes, McCormack
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Another great result as Wednesday were top of the league before this game and the Rhodes and McCormack partnership is really starting to work.

B'Mouth 0-4 Blackburn
Goalscorers: MGP, Rhodes x3
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We can't stop scoring at the moment, Rhodes is starting to run away with the top scorer award and he scored a perfect hat-trick, a left foot, right foot and header.

Reading 2-2 Blackburn

Goalscorers: Hanley, Rhodes
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A average result, Hanley continues his goalscoring form for a defender and Rhodes scores yet again but former Blackburn man Mauro Formica scored which was frustrating.

Blackburn 3-0 Leicester
Goalscorers: Hanley, McCormack and Rhodes
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Again Hanley scores very pleased with his recent form and im delighted with the result against such a strong team.

Blackburn 0-0 Huddersfield
Goalscorers: Not available
View attachment 472344

A very poor game not many chances and very disappointed in Lowe to get sent off so late on,
Its a real Lowe for him haha ;).

View attachment 472343

3 Points clear now and we are getting better and better every month and fingers crossed that continues and Rhodes can keep up his form.

Player Of the Month

Grant Hanley

View attachment 472342

BEAST ! not only has he been a rock at the back he has shown he has the ability to score too.

3 Goals in 6 Games


That is November over and done with its nearly Christmaaaaaas !!!!!

Thank you for reading again and post your thoughts on November

BYE !!!

Mar 15, 2012
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Leeds 2-4 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Rhodes, Cairney and Watt x2
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Class performance, one of the best this season there is no way they should've scored 2 we battered them i reckon 5 or 6-0 would have been a fair result but we got the win and thats is the main thing.

M'boro 1-2 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Rhodes x2
View attachment 471760

Just managed to win this with a late second from Rhodes to continue our awesome form.

Blackburn 2-2 B'ham
Goalscorers: Lowe, Watt
View attachment 471758

Meh. At least we got a point i suppose.

Blackburn 0-0 Burnley
Goalscorers: Not available
View attachment 471756

Very frustrating result as when you look at the stats we sould have thrashed them but we just couldn't take our chances even Jordan Rhodes.

View attachment 471755
There ya go, very frustrating to watch but you have some of them games i suppose.

Millwall 0-2 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Rhodes, McCormack
View attachment 471754

Great to see Rhodes and McCormack both scoring again and they seem to be really working well together like Cole and Yorke or for H4ND 0F G0D Shearer and Sutton ;).

Brighton 0-0 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Not available
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Again a game where we dominated but again a game where we didnt take our chances but this is going to have to change if we are going to get promoted.

Yeovil 1-3 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Rhodes, Watt and Rochina
View attachment 471742

A pretty good result but one i would of expected and an unbeaten month.

View attachment 471739

Looking great so far 4 points clear with a game in hand and only 20 games to go and then we could be premier league again !!!

Player Of The Month

Scott Dann
View attachment 471734

Didnt score this month but is our captain and has been a tank at the back and will definitely be good enough for the Prem if we do get there.


That is 2012 over and done with and hopefully 2013 will be as good

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed

BYE !!!

Mar 15, 2012
what tatic are you using to be doing so well
its on the first page. And i dont find being top of the Championship with a team like Blackburn is an achievement you get like £3M and have plenty of cracking players who are good enough for the prem like Robinson, Dann, Olsson, Rochina, Pedersen and Rhodes but yeah its on the first page anyway :)


Aug 11, 2013
its on the first page. And i dont find being top of the Championship with a team like Blackburn is an achievement you get like £3M and have plenty of cracking players who are good enough for the prem like Robinson, Dann, Olsson, Rochina, Pedersen and Rhodes but yeah its on the first page anyway :)
alright sorry i thought you might of changed
Mar 15, 2012
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Blackburn 4-0 Barnsley
Goalscorers: Rhodes x2, McCormack x2
View attachment 471396

Superb result and we are starting to breeze through this league and Rhodes is just phenomenal.

Wigan 0-2 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Rhodes, MGP

View attachment 471395

Another class win and i thought this may have been a tricky game away from home at the DW but in the end it was easy and the two first half goals definitely helped.

Ipswich 2-3 Blackburn
Goalscorers: Lowe, Rhodes, Rochina
View attachment 471394

Just managed to win this won McGoldrick made the last 25 very nervy but we held on and got yet another 3 points. We now haven't lost in the league now since the 27th of October.

Blackburn 0-0 Doncaster

Goalscorers: Not available
View attachment 471392

Boring, the most boring of the season and thank god its over but we didn't lose so i suppose its ok.

F.A Cup 3rd Round

Blackburn 3-1 Doncaster
Goalscorers: Rhodes x2, OG

View attachment 471393

So we also faced Donny in the cup and it certainly wasnt 0-0 this time with a nice 3-1 victory and we face a tough test at home to West Ham in the 4th round.

F.A Cup 4th Round

Blackburn 1-0 West Ham
Goalscorers: McCormack
View attachment 471391

Yes get in! in the 5th round and we knocked out a strong prem side and im delighted we will face another tough game this time away to Fulham.

View attachment 471390

We are top of the league, say we are top of the league ! and we are cruising 8 points clear and +40 goal difference 20 more than Forest and look at this below !!!!

View attachment 471389
View attachment 471387View attachment 471386

And there is still 16 games left so i hope Rhodes can get to 40.

Player Of The Month

Jordan Rhodes
View attachment 471385

Yes him again but it could only be him if we didn't have Jordan then we would probably be in the bottom half.

6 Goals in 6 Games

That concludes this month i am delighted with how we have done, top of the league and in the 5th round of the cup, class.

Thank you and have a great weekend

BYE !!!