The journey of a lifetime: Part 1


Jul 30, 2017
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So I am going to start a new save. It will be a journeyman save. So what that means is that we will stay at a club till we get sacked or get a job interview by another club. I will choose my own club to build.

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So many clubs have chosen to interview me. I have the pick of clubs to choose. I am going to pick the most interesting project possible.

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Celtic and Montreal Impact have approached me to become their next manager. I have decided to delay the decision.

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I am tempted by the Newcastle Jets job at the moment. The prospect of making them as good as they can possibly be in Australia and possibly the challenge of making them contenders of the Asian Champions League appeals to me.

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I am planning to reject the INT job because for a club as big as them in Brazil they just don't have the finances to compete. I think I could possibly take over Crotone as they seem like an interesting club to take over. I want them to be one of the top clubs in Italy and Europe. The challenge of bringing Wigan back to the Premier League and making them a big club again is appealing but they have little money to work with.

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Not interested in the Maribor job now. They don't have much money to spend.

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I thought Chinese clubs have money. There goes the Jiangsu job now. I am rejecting it for sure.

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I have attended the job interview for the Arminia Bielefeld job. Also I have applied for a job at a club called IFK Norrkoping in Sweden.

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Not taking over Celtic now. Big club, yes. It just doesn't have the finances to compete. Montreal Impact is my last resort. I will delay the job offer for another week.

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I was waiting regarding what would happen with the Ipswich job, but I am really disappointed. They have no money to work with but their ambition is to make it to the playoffs which I doubt could happen unless there are significant player sales. ATM, they are a big club in Brazil, but for a club that is looking to challenge for the title they just don't have enough money. So I am rejecting both jobs.

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I will delay the Wigan and Crotone job for one more week. I am tempted by both. But I want to see the Arminia Bielefeld budget to decide what will happen next.

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Rejecting the Montreal Impact job because the season starts in April.

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Rejecting the Newcastle Jets job as they have not got enough money to work with and their season starts in December.

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I have chosen the Wigan job over Crotone in Serie A as I don't want to run the risk of possibly getting relegated in my first season in Serie A. If there was around 5-7.5 million pounds or more to work with in order to survive in Serie A, I would've taken the job. Wigan is more of a challenge as well. I have less money to work with, but the media predictions are expecting me to finish mid table. So if I can have an ambitious but relatively solid season to start off with that would be great. It will be great to take Wigan as high as possible and my aim is to win trophies with Wigan for now. Wigan Athletic are in Sky Bet League One this season.

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My first thing I did as Wigan manager is offer new contracts to Lee Evans and Gavin Massey. I will make decisions regarding who to keep and sell based on what will happen over the course of my job at Wigan.

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I made a lot of backroom staff changes. Let us see whether it can make a difference.

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Gavin Massey has signed a new contract with the club. This is great news.

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Lee Evans also signed a new contract with the club. I am extremely happy with these deals.

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I have made my first signing at Wigan, it is a player called Dimas from Bengaluru FC from the Hero Indian Super League. He is 37. He could start most games still and will be an effective player, I hope in my side. He is a central midfielder who can also play as a defensive midfielder.

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