The journey of a lifetime: Part 2

Ross Stewart is injured for 2-3 weeks.

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Dinesh Gillela is yet to make his India debut. Samaran Satheeskumar and Josiah Godfrey could make their debut for India.

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I think Chhetri will be key for SAFF
To be honest, he has not been doing well for the national team on my save. I found a young 17 year old striker called Vanlalruatfela, I am picking him based on his form in domestic competitions. Jeje has been performing better as a striker. I have been making an example of Gurpreet Singh Sandhu and Sunil Chhetri by dropping them regularly and playing more in form players. Sim Thandi has been a great addition to my team and Sandesh Jhingan has been good too. Sahal Abdul Samad has been consistent in midfield. And Lallianzuala has been a decent player at CAM, even though he is originally a winger. In Football Manager 2021, I can make players who are non residential Indians or maybe even players of Indian origin play for India. If players of Indian origin can play for India on my save, then one player I am targeting is Dilan Markanday. He is at Blackburn in real life, but on this save since it is FM 2021, he is still a Tottenham youngster.
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BEST RESULT EVER. I don't care if it was a friendly. This was Wenger-esque beautiful football played by the Indian National Team.

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Sahil Kapadia, a 22 year old New Zealand left back of Indian origin has chosen to represent India. I am delighted with this news. I want players who want to represent the national team.

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Six games unbeaten with India since losing initially to Krygystan and Philippines.

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