Sep 20, 2012
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Many of you maybe think of a different Challenge where you are supposed to go unbeaten 60 games at home but no this challenge is maybe tougher i don´t know.

The Challenge
Beat Mourinhos point record in leagua de Portugese (can´t spell) witch is 86 points in a season.
Beat Mourinhos Challenge in the Premier League witch is 95 Points.
And finally beat Mourinhos record in La Liga witch is 100 Points.

I can be any team but they have to be in the League so i can´t take a young and talented team in the Npower League 1 for example.

If i get fired i must change league for atleast one year.

i can buy anyone i want too.

I will upload from today but my game won´t come until wednesday or thursday but i got alot of experience form FM07 and FM12 so don´t worry.
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View attachment 325084 Real Madrid was the club to be in Spain. The expectations where high as i the Great one was preparing for an stammering 101 Points in La Liga and i knew that to beat that record i was forced to use one tactic that would help me upfront and still be secure in the back.

View attachment 325085I am starting up with the one the only Raikan007 superb United tactic called Amazing AMC and it will hopefully work perfectly as i have one of the best AMC´s in the world in Mezut Özil!
But i fear that my defense will be a little to weak and i have some plans for it.

View attachment 325086The most surprising thing is the fact that Real wanted to sell Raul Albiol. I promptly refused to sell him and removed him from the transfer list. But i have difficulty deciding if i should sell carvahlo or not. I think i should sell him to make room in the squad for a younger much more talented CB.

in the next few hours i will try to get the five first league games up and/or all the friendlies.
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Sign Llorente he is a beast! Fellaini is good for a CM and somebody like Hummels or Howedes would be good for a CB
View attachment 325094wow The budget is really small and i can´t make any huge signings like Hummels and so on but thanks anyway coolmcool.
I am going for players like Kurt Zouma and Cris Smalling but they are never going to accept such an offer with only 4,9 million.
I will start looking in the lower leagues and for some elders with experience instead of going with Young and talented.
I sold Benzema for £40million to Arsenal on my save and i got given around £100million for the winter transfer window
That sounds like something i am willing to do will see if anyone is interested in signing Benzema
View attachment 325121So i decided to go with a high win league bonus to make sure that the players now what i want to win.
i also put a low on Continental cups because i feel that it´s too close this season and will cost to much energy to play for the CL title aswell

View attachment 325122Nacho isn't a star player but i decided to prolong his stay at Real Madrid by keeping him in the club until 2016.

View attachment 325123Benzema had three offers all from the Premier league and it was three London clubs!! you can probably guess them by now but it was Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham and they all came with the exact same offer so i decided to accept all of them and Benzema decided to go too Chelsea and i wish him the best of luck in Chelsea.

View attachment 325124The team played four friendlies and we won two of them and drew the other two but all games accept the Tottenham game was a one sided game and we still won it so that's good news and now i am about to start to play the league games!
Should i upload match report or just the results like i did with the training matches?
if we are going to beat the record of 100 points we can´t loose more than 13 points! that's not much for breathing space and i will try too calm down with the uploads because as i said before is that my full game dosent come until Wednesday-ish and i can only play six months until then. but i will post the five league games today and then i will start to control myself :)
League Games

View attachment 325145Started of horrible with a bore 0-0 draw but i decided do play the same team as i felt that they can do better. But even so we can only loose 11 more points in the league.

View attachment 325146Much better. Xabi Alonso with a solid performance and scored a wonderful cracker in the bottom corner from 35 yards out. Goalscorers: Xabi Alonso, Gonzalo Higuain

View attachment 325147Even better we now have kept the ball out of the net in three straight league games and that means we have let in 0 goals in total this season. This game was just a one team show and the scoreline could have been much bigger.
Goalscorer: Mezut Özil, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain and lopez (OG).

Cup Games

View attachment 325148Cup game time and as the first League game this was a close 0-0 draw but Barcelona should have picked up the W here.

View attachment 325149The second game was pure magic too watch. Real was outplaying Barcelona at times and even though the game finished 2-1 they didn't deserve their goal but we are the winners of the Spanish Supercup!!
Goalscorers: Alvaro Morata (first goal ever for Real Madrid according to the game) and Angel Di Maria

View attachment 325150Our Group in CL is fairly easy even though we have Dortmund and Schaktar i fell we can move on from the group stage with out some problems but we will see.

View attachment 325151We sold Benzema and i felt that i needed a replacement so i picked up Danny Welbeck for 17Million£ and he has been...

A Real diasapointment but hey the kid dosent even speak Spanish so i am going to give him some time. Who knows maybe he will be the next Michael Owen?

To sum it up. We have 7 out of 9 points in the league and only need 94 more points to beat the record and i think if we keep this up we can beat the record first try at Real Madrid.
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Champions League

View attachment 325244First CL Game and it was an ok game we should have beaten them by more but i am pleased that Welbeck and Morata played well.
Goalscorer:Welbeck and Morata

League Games

View attachment 325245fourth league game of the season and this was a disappointment because i know that Sevilla is a good team but we need every point we can have. now because of this game we can only afford to lose three games if we are going to beat the record.
Goalscorer:Ronaldo and Higuain

View attachment 325246fifth league game of the season and this was a good game for us and Welbeck got his first goal for us in the league and i hope he can improve from this and keep on scoring and steal the first place striker position from Higuain.
Goalscorer:Welbeck x2, Modric and Morata

View attachment 325247This game was so good! i was afraid that Deportivo was a team that i could lose a point to but nope Ronaldo proved me wrong and he scored an staggering 5 goals in this game.
Goalscorer:Ronaldo x5, Özil and Welbeck

Signings and other important stuff.

View attachment 325248The super youth that can become one of the best strikers in the world is ready to join Real Madrid and his name is....

Fabrice Olinga! He wont play so much in the first team this season because he is sixteen and needs to practice but if i have problems with my strikers he is the player to go too.

View attachment 325249Pepe got injured while he was playing for Portugal. The team dosen´t appear to be so affected by it only drawing one game this episode and still keeping the ball out of the net like we used too.

Player of the Episode

View attachment 325252i forgot this on the last post but it was Iker Casillas for keeping clean sheets in the league and also playing well in the Spanish super cup. And this episode as you can see is Danny Welbeck who played in all games and scored four goals and three of them coming in the league. I was thinking of choosing Ronaldo but we expect him to deliver and Welbeck has been unsecured the first games so i picked him instead. Let´s hope he can keep this up for the next games!

League table

View attachment 325251we are currently lying in first place with more goals scored than Athletic Bilbao and we have lost four points and can only afford to lose nine more points. But i still see us rising to the challenge and beating it this season!
After six games we only need to get 87 points in the remaining 32 games. (30W 2D 0L)
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Im sorry but you sold benzema for 40 mill, which is good, but then you decide to replace him with danny welbeck for 17!!!! :O
Im sorry but you sold benzema for 40 mill, which is good, but then you decide to replace him with danny welbeck for 17!!!! :O

yes i know its a high price for welbeck but he is good enough for the first team already and he is only 21 years old so i might aswell pick him up but i realise now that i should have gone with Carlos fierro
yeah maybe, didnt try to sound offensive btw :p but ideally i think you should have gone for Rodrigo, as he is almost the ultimate poacher and he is spanish and he would of costed you about the same or less as welbeck :)
Llorente got him for £31million and hes got 17 goals in 15 games!!!!
League Matches

View attachment 325291So our first game against Barcelona in the league and we got our ***** handed to us we where even on the stats but i swear we where horrible and didn't get anything with us but the dreams of reaching 101 points in a season is still reachable this season.

View attachment 325289Better we should win with more than this against Celta but atleast we got the three points and even Albiol was on the score sheet for once.
Goalscorer:Albiol and Ronaldo

View attachment 325290This is my worst game ever on any Football manager game. Sure we didn't lose with any great numbers but for Christ sake i am Real Madrid and we lose to Mallorca! Anyway the two goals they scored were both mistakes y Raphael Varane :mad: he wont play so many more matches if he dosent get his stuff together.

Champions League Matches

View attachment 325296I played maybe three big players (Özil, Ramos and Ronaldo). But took them all out when we were up by two goals. Schaktar started pushing up and got one goal back but luckily for me the team wrapped the game up in the second half.
Goalscorer:Ramos and Kucher (OG)

View attachment 325295 Despite our poor form in the league we continued to grab our third win in the Champions League against Dortmund who couldn't control Ronaldo who played as a striker and he got a hat trick.
Goalscorer:Ronaldo x3 and Morata

Spanish Cup

View attachment 325294we are playing against Oviedo and i cant say anything accept that i demand that we win the game/games against them.

League table after nine games.

View attachment 325292after loosing those two games we must win the rest and can only lose three more points if we are going to beat the record in Spain on the first try. not much more to say hope Barca is **** next time we will face them.
There is 87 points for me to collect and i need atleast 84 of them... Its going to be though.

Player of the Post

View attachment 325293Ronaldo was the only player that played okay this post and he is the Player of the post for that matter.
five goals in five games are good.

Random news and stuff

View attachment 325297Essien is injured not much we can do about it we dosent need a new replacement as we are covered on that position.
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yeah maybe, didnt try to sound offensive btw :p but ideally i think you should have gone for Rodrigo, as he is almost the ultimate poacher and he is spanish and he would of costed you about the same or less as welbeck :)

Yeah Rodrigo is a great player and now when you say it he would have been the perfect fit he or Llorente because both are Spanish and would have loved to join the club :(
Llorente got him for £31million and hes got 17 goals in 15 games!!!!

Yeah will look to trade maybe Higuain for one of them or something like that but some good news aswell i can be Fc Porto after this and they are doing great 3W in the CL but i can ´t check the league since i only got the demo but in two days i will have the game :D
Yeah will look to trade maybe Higuain for one of them or something like that but some good news aswell i can be Fc Porto after this and they are doing great 3W in the CL but i can ´t check the league since i only got the demo but in two days i will have the game :D
Check my Man City story out as i have just finished my second season and won the league with 98points!
League Games

View attachment 325327
Not so great game but we got the W and thats what matters and i have
started to play Ronaldo as a striker and Welbeck as a AML and it has been working out great so far.

View attachment 325328
Ronaldo once again playing great Football and he seems to enjoy playing as a striker instead of being an
Attacking midfielder.
Goalscorer:Ronaldo x2

View attachment 325329
We didn't have a great game but we won it and it was Marcelo picking up the goal on this one and Taco oh
sorry Nacho got his first Assist for the club.

Champions League

View attachment 325330
second game against Dortmund and another solid performance from the whole team ensured our fourth win
in four games in the Champions League and we are now through for the final stage
Goalscorer:Xabi Alonso and Higuain

Spanish Cup

View attachment 325331
Even though we won with 2-0 it was a fairly disappointing game and we should have put more in but we have one
more game at home against them.
Goalscorer:Kaka and Welbeck

Random news and stuff

View attachment 325332
Marcelo signed a new contract that will keep him here for four more years

View attachment 325333
Sergio Ramos got injured so he is out for 5-6 Weeks

View attachment 325334
The club gave me a new budget of 65 million pounds for the winter transfer window.
the first one i picked up was Rodrigo for 19 million pounds. I wanted to get him for a lower price but
sadly this was as low as Benfica wanted to go. I want to sign some more players but i dont know who to
pick so if you got any tips give me it so i know.

Player of the post

View attachment 325335
Iker Casillas picks up his second Player of the post after keeping the ball out of the net for 435 Minutes straight

League Table
We are second and can still beat the record of 100 points.
there is still 78 point to get and we need ​75 points.

View attachment 325336