The Official 'Looking for a Network Game' Thread

Name/Username: adam24
Email:p[email protected]
How Large of a Game do you want (number of players):2 to 4 not to many lol
What Leagues: EPL
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really want to get a network game going but i`m kind off a Fm Network Virgin (A)<)

so add me on msn and pm when you have added me and we`ll try and get one cracking
[email protected]

Name/Username: RebJii
Email: [email protected]
How Large of a Game do you want (number of players): dont mind
What Leagues: English Premier League

just pm or send me an email :)
any one wanna play FM manager online ??? people from BALKAN.

" Ako ima neki ovde iz srbije makedonije hrvatske i druge zemje neka pise pa igraceme jedan nasi balkanski menager"
start a new network game with league 2 teams only, if sum1 decides do this let me know like okay?
i'll be port fail(vale)
Hi, this is my first time.

Name/Username: fm_lord
Email: doctor.whojc@googlemail(DOT)com
How Large of a Game do you want (number of players): Any
What Leagues: Any, but would be cool with lower leagues.
[email protected]
any size

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infact any league i aint bothered i just wanna play a network game
anyone lookin for network game?
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pm me if you whant to join
leagues spain,italy,germany,england,france
time any