The Official 'Looking for a Network Game' Thread

Name/Username: Shrift
Email: [email protected]
How Large of a Game do you want (number of players): dosn't matter
What Leagues: any
have hamachi looking for a game that is just starting up, not alrdy running and dont care if its a normal match or a altered big spending game.
Country: Australia (gmt+10) so contact if worried of timezone
hi im starting a game up tomorrow looking for 3 players
ID Brownman31
Password 12345
will atart tomorrow at 2pm
Hello! I'm new on here,and i would want to try to play a multiplayer game. If anyone would get me in a game... I don't have any preferences. Thanks!
hey people join my network game hamachi: shiftloom and pass-12345 epl
hi folks already started net game with callum but hes not been on for ages so was thinking of starting priemership game just an easy going game if u cant turn up its fine as long as u let me know probally times would be most sundays noon-6pm,tues 5-7pm,weds 5-7pm thurs 4-10pm fri can start earlier friday if others want to,noon-10pm

some sat or sun and midweek games might change when rangers are in europe and when am at rangers games for weekends but al pm all players the night b4 with confirmation off times for nxt day

come on the teddy bears

No Surrender mate
Anyone up for a game?

my user id= Trav_
password= hello

Alternatively, if you already have a network, i'll join if you want.
hey people join my network game hamachi: shiftloom and pass-12345 epl

Your network have been full yet. Please send me PM if network will isnt full THX:D
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