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Feb 19, 2015
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Lately I've been struggling to find the motivation to keep playing my 2 saves. I think the main reason for it is I've been doing the same 2 challenges since FM18 and I may be getting bored of them. So I decided to start a new save, this time with QPR. Also I'm sorry for the pun I made in the title but I couldn't resist.

Why QPR?
Well I have been following QPR since 2012, when they had players like Júlio César, Bosingwa, Wright-Phillips, Zamora, Fábio, Cissé and so many more. Yeah they got relegated that season but I really enjoyed their team and even played them on FIFA and PES (I played both when I was younger). Despite really simpatizing with QPR, I never made a FM save with them. So I decided to give it a go.

The main goal for the beginning is to get them to the Premier League again, since they never got back since they gol relegated in 2015. In fact, since then they've only been in the top 10 once, when they finished 9th in 20/21, but last season they only reached the 20th place just 5 points off the relegation zone.
They only have 4 relevant trophies in all their history, those being a League One trophy in 1967, a Carabao Cup also in 1967 and 2 Championship trophies in 1983 and 2011, so winning some more trophies for them is also a goal for this challenge.
Eventually I would like to make them a regular team in European competitions, but let's focus on getting to the Premier League first.

The Squad

initial squad.png

I'm using a transfer update released today, the 10th of July, so some players already left the team. We were left with only 19 players on our first team, but 4 of them don't really have the quality I would like for the team, specially when we look at our current players per position.

squad planner.png

Looking at this, we can see we really need a lot of signings. I would say at least 6: 2 CB's, a RB and 3 midfielders. If we can, I would also like to bring a GK, a RW and a striker.

The Main Guys

Chris Willock will be our main reference in the left wing. Very good player for the Championship, good dribbling and pace makes him a threat for any defense (hopefully).


Taylor Richards will play on the opposite side. Very similar to Willock but is only 21 so can improve a lot.


Ilias Chair is probably the best player in the team. Very good technically, good mentals and physicals for that playmaker role.



We don't really have a lot of money to play with so I'm thinking we will be looking for free transfers and loaned in players.


The club also has a big debt to pay and the projection isn't really encouriging but we will make it work.

The Staff

initial staff.png

After looking at our staff team and firing the ones we felt like didn't fit our project, we were left with a lot of free spaces, which will all be filled very soon. Maybe just not the DoF and the TD since I don't really use them much. I like to do the managing myself.



The club facilities aren't exactly good but it is to be expected for a team that has been on the English 2nd tier for almost 10 years.
I'm hoping to improve them regularly throughout the next seasons.

Season Preview

season preview.png

Seems like the media think we will be fighting for relegation spots this season. Hopefully we will be able to prove everyone wrong.​
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July 2022

We identified a lot of needs on our team when we first got to Loftus Road, and all of them were targeted during the first month of the transfer window.

1. Charlie Patino


Saw him on the loan list and sent an offer immediatelly. He came to add a lot of quality in our midfield. His wages are also very cheap for a player of his ability so it was a really easy call here.

2. Daniel Jebbison


Another loaned player, this time a striker. Jebbison came to be Dykes's backup but may eventually be starting. He offers things Dykes doesn't, mainly speed up front, but loses on the air.

3. Eduardo Quaresma


One more loan here, but a very welcomed one. Quaresma jumps straight into the starting 11 to play alongside Dunne in our back four.

4. Jensen Weir


A lot of loaned in players, but all of them needed. Weir comes to be our B2B backup for the season. His wages, much like all the other loaned in players, are low so it's always a good signing.

5. Bernardo Folha


Another portuguese player and another loaned in, this time for the midfield. Also a backup but he is already very capable to be our starting AP. Once again, very low wages for his quality.

6. Regan Poole


As I said, we needed 2 CB's. Regan Poole showed up on our scout recommendations and he looks very decent as a backup for our main players. This was the first signing we made that wasn't a loan this season.

7. Liam Bridcutt


Another midfielder, but it isn't a loan this time. Bridcutt was signed because I thought we needed a player who could do it all on our midfield in case we get multiple injuries. Also the season is very long in the Championship and depth in the midfield is always welcomed.

8. Allan McGregor


The keeper we signed was the Scottish 40 year old, who is better than Archer and wasn't asking for huge wages. He wasn't our first choice, but the others either wanted 100k+ wages or signed for other teams. McGregor still has at least one season in him at the Championship and I hope he helps us.



This is looking much better than it was earlier this month, but we still need one more signing for the RB position. If we can, I would also like to bring in a new RW. Let's see how August goes.



We had a very positive preseason, losing only one game. I'm a bit worried about the amount of goals we conceded against Mauerwerk and Stripfing but let's see how it goes against another English sides. The first game of the season is around the corner!​
August 2022
Our team was taking shape, but we still needed some more signings.

Ryan Nyambe - Free transfer


The chosen one to be our main RB for the season. Very good physical and defensive wise. Not very good attacking though.

Thauan Lara


A player for the other side of the defense. Larkeche isn't good enough and Paal wasn't performing very well. Lara comes in on loan with a 3.7M buy clause.

Cameron Archer


Couldn't resist when I saw him listed for loan. We now have 3 good strikers.

Rúben Lameiras - 375k


Interesting one for me. On my other save with Vitória SC I sold him because he was the worst winger on the team, now I bought him and he is one of our best wingers. I guess one team's "trash" really is another team's treasure.



So as you can see we played 9 games in just over a month. We had a good start to the season with a 3-1 win over West Brom. Then we drew 2 games in a row and then lost the next one for the league. I did some tactical changes and the team started playing better. We are now on a 4 game winning streak but we didn't play against any of the bigger teams yet so let's see how we do against them.

We also won 2 games for the EFL Cup but our next game will probably be against West Ham so this may be the end.


September is looking lighter in terms of games but the ones we have are difficult ones to overcome. Let's hope we can get most of the points here.

League Table


We currently sit in 6th place on the promotion playoff zone. If we can hold on to this places I would call these a very sucessful season.
Our next few games are against the 22nd, the 19th, the 18th and the 15th. Maybe it isn't that bad after all...​
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September 2022


We started the new month with another win against Birmingham. It was a very good performance from our team. Goals from Willock, Chair and Archer.


We followed it with yet another win, this time against Stoke after being down 1-0 from the 12th minute. Chair and Archer scored 2 of the goals, with the other one being an own goal from Liam Moore.


Our winning streak came to an end against Millwall though. We just couldn't create opportunities and when we did we couldn't finalize. Richards had the game winning goal on his feet at the 91st minute but he ran with the ball off the pitch.

We were supposed to play Huddersfield next but the game was postponed due to players being out playing for their countries.



After a calm month we will have another very difficult time in October. We will be playing 7 matches and will face Leicester and Watford. All the other teams are behind us on the table but we won't have any easy games.

League Table


We kept our 6th position but we still have some games behind to play so if we play well we could reach some higher spots very soon.
Won't be easy with the month we are about to get into but we need to trust the process.​
October 2022


After the draw against Millwall we beat Bristol City at Loftus Road 3-2. Was a good game but both of their goals came from mistakes in the midfield. Our goals were appointed by Chair, Lameiras and Willock.


We followed that win with another win against Huddersfield. After a very bad 1st half, the team woke up and scored 3 goals under 20m.
The goals were scored by Chair, Lameiras and Bernardo Folha.


Another win just 4 days after against Sheffield Wednesday, goals scored by Jebbison and Archer.


Probably the game I was the most worried about. I even changed the tactic for a counter-attack playstyle and it really paid off. We even scored first by Archer after a very good counter-attack, but they equalized just 19m after on a corner.


Unfortunately, went back to the main tactic and we lost to Watford. We went down 3-0 and scored our 2 goals on the 51st minute by Bernardo Folha and then Richards scored a penalty in the 68th minute. Unfortunately we couldn't get another goal to bring a point home.


We then went and beat Ipswich 2-1 at our home. They scored first but Dunne equalized for us after a corner kick and Archer scored the 2nd on the 49th minute to keep the points in Loftus Road.


The last game of the month was a 2-0 win over Swansea after a bad 1st half once again. Richards and Dykes scored on the 59th and the 89th minute.



November is always a quiet month on the 1st season due to the World Cup, but we do have 3 games in 2 weeks, one of them against West Ham for the EFL Cup. I don't think we are going to go past them but anything can happen in football.
The league features shouldn't be too bad but looking at our current season I fear we will soon lose our momentum and start losing points like it always happens in FM.

League Table


We are currently in 4th after a series of good results but the fight for the promotion places is very tight. Also it is still very early in the season so a lot can change.​
November 2022


First game of November and a banger of goals in a 4-1 win against Hull City. Very good second half from our team. Goals scored by Richards, Jebbison, Lameiras and Chair.


I'll leave this here just to show you we didn't just beat West Ham, we completelly destroyed them. I didn't use my counter-attacking tactic but it wasn't needed. West Ham had a very poor performance the entire game and they added it to a 4-1 defeat to QPR for the EFL Cup.


But of course we wouldn't win everything and we lost 2-1 to Preston at our home. However, we were the better team, the main issue was we only got 2 shots on target out of the 16 we took and Preston took their chances.



Another filled month ahead of us in December with 7 features, including the next EFL Cup match, this time against Fulham. We do have a very difficult month ahead of us though, facing the likes of Middlesbrough, Southampton (twice) and Leeds who are in the top of the league table.

League Table


We got to 3rd place just before the World Cup break, just 1 point behind the automatic promotion places. I don't want to say we are able to get there cause I don't want to jinx it, but at least we are way over the 22nd place the media predicted we would get.​
Thanks a lot. I downloaded the most recent update pack from PR0's and the latest transfer update from FMTU. If you register in their official website you get access to daily repacks for the transfer updates.

Thanks. I tried the sortitoutsi one that has you starting in the 23/24 season but there was some players who have joined new teams irl wanting to leave in the first 2023 window already because their contracts were set to 1st July 2022, so it was like they had been there for a year in game. I guess if I want to use an update without that happening I will have to start in 2022 like the update you are using. Obviously the date is a year off but it doesn't really matter.
Thanks. I tried the sortitoutsi one that has you starting in the 23/24 season but there was some players who have joined new teams irl wanting to leave in the first 2023 window already because their contracts were set to 1st July 2022, so it was like they had been there for a year in game. I guess if I want to use an update without that happening I will have to start in 2022 like the update you are using. Obviously the date is a year off but it doesn't really matter.
I think there's a way to do it how you want. You just need to use the files that make you start on the date you want and use a different transfer update in which the players join in the 1st of July 2023. I do one of those datafiles every year, I really enjoy messing up with the pre game editor. None of the available updates do it though.
I think there's a way to do it how you want. You just need to use the files that make you start on the date you want and use a different transfer update in which the players join in the 1st of July 2023. I do one of those datafiles every year, I really enjoy messing up with the pre game editor. None of the available updates do it though.

Ah okay. Have you made the file available for download?
Ah okay. Have you made the file available for download?

Haven't done it yet for this year's game. I start working on it closer to the end of the transfer window but I'm thinking of starting it sooner this year.
December 2022

We resume our quest after the end of the World Cup, which was won by Switzerland btw, with some renewals.



Both Regan Poole and Rúben Lameiras signed new contracts because the original ended at the end of the season. I seemed to not pay attention to it when I signed them earlier in the summer. Now they are secured for at least one more year.


We also got our Youth Intake preview. Was not expecting any different so I'm not disappointed.


During December we lost two very important players, both on the right side of our squad.


Remember when I said I was worried about an eventual slip of performances? Yeah...


We started the month with a draw against Middlesbrough, which was the easiest game of the entire month, maybe tied with the Birmingham one. Very poor performance from both teams.


After the draw we lost to Southampton with a goal scored at the 54th minute from a penalty. Other than that, we dominated the game but couldn't score.


We then received Cardiff and beat them 2-0 with 2 goals scored by Dykes on the first half. The second half was very boring with barely any chances for both teams.


The winning quickly ended though when we visited Leeds and lost 2-0 to them. Not much to say about this game, they were the better team.


We also say goodbye to the EFL Cup after a 3-0 loss to Fulham. Again, not much to say about this one. We actually did very well on this competition so I'm not surprised to be eliminated.


We got one point on the second feceoff against Southampton in a game we actually dominated the newly relegated team.


Despite everything, we ended the month on a positive note with a 3-0 win over Birmingham. Goals scored by Quaresma, Willock and Dunne.


We are now starting the January transfer window but I don't see us making many moves.


Our finances are getting a bit tight with us already on the negative. Maybe if we sell one player for a good fee we can do something, otherwise I don't see how we are even able to try.​
January 2023


We started January with the signing of Luka Romero. This deal was already agreed on August before we got Rúben Lameiras, but I forgot he was still 17 and couldn't be loaned out to a non-Italian team. The deal was done and he joined us now, which is still very very good for us. However, he was on internation duties the entire month so we didn't exactly played him much yet. Also his value for some reason is bugged out when I took the screenshot. It is now 22M-26M.


On the same day Liam Bridcutt was sold to Dundee because he wasn't getting any playing time. He left for a fee of 8k.


Jensen Weir returned to Brighton after not getting as many games as Brighton wanted and he also picked up an injury that put him on the bench for a while.


On the same day, we beat Stoke City 3-1, with goals from Lara, Chair and Archer.


We then beat Swansea 5-1 for the FA Cup on an outstanding performance from our team. Goals scored by Bernardo Folha, Lameiras and Archer got himself an hattrick.


After that win I decided to buy Bruno Gaspar from Vitória, who was transfer listed since the beginning of the season and became easily our best RB. We did have Nyambe and Kakay, but Nyambe tends to get a lot of injuries and Kakay is just not good enough. We paid 165k to bring in Bruno and I'm hoping he can bring a bit more offensive power since that's where he shines.


We lost points against Bristol City in a game where we had 20 shots against their 7. Clarke-Salter and Lameiras scored our goals.


With 2 midfielders leaving, we needed one extra player to fill in the gaps. That player is Adam Forshaw, who comes in as an amazing signing. We signed him for free and he adds a lot of quality to our midfield. He wasn't the first choice thoug, we tried Ilarramendi, but he joined Middlesbrough, and then we tried Adrien Silva who didn't get a work permit. Even though Forshaw was the third option, he is still very good at every role w eplay in our midfield.


On the other hand, Chris Willock decided he wanted to leave for a bigger team. He was sold to Wolfsburg for a fee of 13.5M. I tried to push it more but they just wouldn't budge and eventually I accepted because for our level that's still a lot of money.


We beat Millwall at Loftus Road soon after his departure on yet another good performance. The goals were scored by Archer, Folha and Lameiras.


And right after that, a very poor performance against Sheffield that culminated in a 1-1 draw. Chair scored our only goal.


In the last game of the month we got eliminated from the FA Cup by Watford after Clarke-Salter scored an own goal. Our goal was scored by Lameiras.


With all of these, we are now in 5th, still holding to the playoff places. The race is very tight though.



Even though this last two results were not very good, we were able to get the board to improve our training facilities and the youth recruitment. Unfortunately, they refused to improve the youth conditions.


With the arrival of Bruno Gaspar, Osman Kakay was loaned out to Port Vale and they have an option to buy the player for 30k + installments.

There were no more signings or departures this winter.

I'll also like to start mentioning one player who, in one way or another, stood out on the last month.

Starting in January 2024, the Player of the Month (from now on PoM) was:


There was only one other player who could have been, Cameron Archer, but Rúben Lameiras in January scored 4 goals and assisted for 2 more. He has 9 goals and 4 assists all season for now which is very good if we think we bought him for around 300k in the summer.​
February 2023


We started February with a very difficult game against Leicester, but we were able to draw the game on the 81st minute when Dykes chipped the ball over the keeper.


We then beat Rotherham 2-0 with goals from Rúben Lameiras and a penalty from Field.


We dropped points against Coventry though. We shot a total of 23 times, 11 of those on target but only Dykes was able to score at the 74th minute, only for them to score the second 3 minutes after on a counter-attack.


Same result on the next game, only this time we were the ones who came out on top against Plymouth, with goals Lameiras and Archer.


We kept losing points with a 1-1 draw against Huddersfield in another game which we dominated but we just can't score. Archer scored our goal.


We finished the month with a 1-0 loss to Watford in yet another game in which we had 18 shots, but only 3 on target.

League Table


With this last loss, we allowed Watford to pick the 6th spot and throw us out of the promotion spots. With only 11 games left in the season, we need to bring points and hope Watford drops some of their.


We have a relatively easy(ish) month ahead of us with only 4 games and only Blackburn can be considered a really hard one. We can't lose focus if we want to get to the 6th place again.​
March 2023


First game of March and we beat Ipswich 2-1 away with goals from Chair and Jebbison. The second part was not very good but we brought the 3 points home.


Another game, another win, this time against Swansea. Jebbison shined on this day scoring twice and assisting Chair for the other one. He also missed a penalty to make the hattrick but I can't be mad about it.


We also beat Hull City 3-1 and once again Jebbison scored and assisted. He only scored the first one this time, the others were scored by Patino and Lameiras, who also got an assist.


4th and final game of March and we top it with another win against Blackburn. Jebbison didn't score on this one. The goals were scored by Archer and Chair.

League Table


We sit in 4th after a very good month. 7 games to go until the end of the season and we just need to keep this pace up and we will be fine. Leeds ran with the league the entire season but it was to be expected to see that top 3.

This could have been a perfect month, but on the final game this happened:


Chair is out for the rest of the season after a bad tackle on the 90th minute. Also not sure if I mentioned but Kenneth Paal is injured once again and won't be playing the rest of the season as well but he has been injured for over a month now.

Youth Intake

There were only two players I signed from our youth intake who can actually become good players.


The Welsh winger Dan Walsh doesn't look terrible but nothing incredible either.


This one though, looks very good. 15 years old and already has very good base stats. Have high hopes for this kid.



I feel like Jebbison really stepped up his game this month and there was not other player that even got close to his performances. He scored goals and assisted and even had very good runs on the field that he ended up either missing or assisting for a miss.​
April/May 2023


First game of April was a 3-3 draw against West Brom in a game in which both defenses were horrible. Every goal of the game came down to a defensive mistake of the other team. In the end, both teams deserved the draw. Jebbison scored 2 of the goals and the other was scored by Richards.



Two players got injured and are ruled out for the rest of the season.


After that, Jimmy Dunne scored the only goal against Sunderland on a corner kick.


Second win in a row against Norwich with goals from Richards and Romero.


The winning streak was over when we lost 2-1 to Cardiff. Richards scored in the 9th minute but Cardiff scored 2 back-to-back goals before the halftime. We couldn't do anything on the second half and ended up losing the game, complicating our situation in the playoffs. And we had Leeds next...


This was a pleasant surprise. Probably the game I least expected to win, we batter Leeds 4-0. Archer scored 3 out of the 4 and Patino scored a banger on the 50th minute.


With the same team who beat Leeds a week before we went to Preston and beat them as well after a run from Archer.


The last game of the season ended on a 1-1 draw against Middlesbrough. The goal was scored by Archer once again.

League Table

The fight for the promotion places was fierce and the loss we took against Cardiff earlier in April could have cost us a place in the playoff positions.


Fortunately, the results in all the other games made us reach the 3rd place of the league table and, with it, a promotion playoff place.


There were no easy teams in the plots but I was wishing to get Norwich. We got Southampton who are trying to get back in the Premier League after getiing relegated last season.

Faith decided we would be visiting them first, which is not ideal but we wanted to make it.


But in the first game we were able to score a goal early on the second half and defend the result. We were far from being the better team this game, but we were able to get the win. Archer scored from a counter-attack.


A draw in the second leg put us through the semi finals.


And the final was to be played against Norwich 12 days after the semi finals, so we would have our best team available.


It just wasn't meant to be. We lose on penalties and seems like it's another year in the Championship for QPR.

Heartbreaking way to lose the promotion but it is what it is.
We must start preparing the next season now having in mind what we need the most and, if possible, keep some of the loanees we had this year and became important parts of our team.​
4th July 2023

Okay, after the heartbreaking finish to last season, our team definitely needs changes. Most of our best players are leaving because their loan deals are expiring and unfortunately we couldn't extend them because their teams wanted them to have different experiences.

Transfers Out


We had some players leaving us already. First off was the central defender Clarke-Salter, who didn't play much last year and this year that wasn't going to change so we sold him for 1.7M€.

The next to leave was the goalkeeper Jordan Archer, who is already 30 years old and is not very good. Liverpool snatched him up for 150k.

Kenneth Paal also left us. I have no idea how I got 3M€ for him as he was injured for the majority of last season and only played 18 games all season. Was a very good sale for us even though we were left with no LB's after this since Thauan Lara didn't want to stay here.

The only other relevant player here is Albert Adomah who we finally sold after a year offering him out. Getting his 40k/m wages off our bill was massive.

Transfers In

Here we had a lot more moving. We lost every player who was here on loan so we needed to replace them.
Charlie Patino - Loan


Okay maybe we didn't lose everyone. Charlie Patino stays here for one more year, which is absolutely great for us.
Eduardo Quaresma - 1.9M


I promise after this one there's no other players from last year's loanees who stayed. I offered 1.9M to Sporting for him because it was the lowest price on his value and they accepted so I bought him. However, this year he won't play as a CB, but as RB instead. Why's that you may think?


I'm not sure how I didn't see this before, but Ryan Nyambe is actually a very good CB. The only think he is missing is the jumping reach and maybe the heading but everything else is pretty good. I actually like the idea of having such a pacy CB so this year him and Quaresma will swap places and see how it goes.
Nathan Baxter - 1.8M


Jordan Archer's replacement is the English Nathan Baxter who came in from Bolton. Clearly better than Archer and McGregor and should be our main guy for the season.

Toni Moya - 250k


Even though we were able to secure Patino for one more year, we still lost Weir and Bernardo, so we needed someone else. Toni Moya was transfer listed by Zaragoza so we were able to pick him up for almost nothing and he is certainly a quality player.

Lucas Rodríguez - 350k


We lost both our LB's this summer so we needed to find their replacements. Rodríguez was also transfer listed and to be honest he is way better than Paal. Not sure about Lara but he seems very capable. We are still looking for another player for this position.

Norbert Gyömbér - 240k


With Clarke-Salter leaving the club we needed another CB. Another transfer listed player and even though he is 31 years old he is very good and surprinsingly fast for a player with 189cm height.

Emil Hojlund


This one was a pleasant surprise. We paid 1.2M for the Danish striker who's only 18 years old but already looks very good. His wages are also low so there were no cons against signing him.

Alex Valera - 500k


This was probably the best bargain of the new signings. I can't express how surprised I was to see a player like this on the transfer list for such a low price. Hopefully he will score us a lot of goals, if possible make our fans forget Cameron Archer who was our best goalscorer last season.

Rodrigo - Free


This was more of an opportunistic signing, as he can play as both striker and LW. Not really a game changing player but he can still be useful for us.

We still need one more midfielder and another LB, but everything else we should be covered. Maybe one more winger just to be sure but other than that I think we are good to go.



Our pre season is just getting started and we will have 5 games in total before the season starts.
We are going against the newly promoted Bolton and the newly relegated Sheffield United for the first two games of the season so it should be an interesting start.



Our finances are looking better and we do have 10M on the bank should we ever need to.​
1st August 2023

Some more updates to our team this summer with a month still to go.

Transfers Out


We saw Lyndon Dykes leave the club early in July. His contract was expiring next year and he didn't want to sign a new one. With all the strikers we brought earleir we don't really need to keep him. He also doesn't play very well as an AF which is the role our tactic uses so losing him for around 1M€ was not that bad.

Transfers In

When we reached July we had some positions needing strenghtening: LB, B2B and an extra winger. In July, all those positions were filled.
Jean Lucas - 500k


The first player to sign was Jean Lucas who came in from Monaco for a fee of 500k. His value already went up and he became the best player for the role since Patino and Forshaw won't be playing there.

Nicolás Fernández Mercau - 3M


The most expensive player of the window comes in for our LB position. I didn't mind paying that much for him since we really needed someone for the position and there wasn't many players available who wanted to sign for us.

Ian Poveda - 900k


The last signing we did was the English Ian Poveda who joins from Leeds for 900k. He comes as a fringe player but he is quite decent and will most likely be playing more than just that.

Random Stuff

We had some very interesting things happening lately.


First off, we signed a new contract with the club for 3 more seasons. This is good because we intend to bring QPR to the Premier League and keep them there and even going for the European competitions, if possible, in the next decade.



I asked the board to improve the youth facilities. They said no, I spoke to them and they still said no, but then they started improving them anyway. Not sure what happened here but the important is they are getting improved.


Junior coaching budget was also increased so the club is going in the right direction.



Finally, we got a couple interesting messages about a possible takeover. With the owner wanting to leave, this may be the first time I ever have a team getting a takeover in FM. Not sure if it actually increases the probability of it happening but it does make sense, at least to me.

If the takeover ends up happening, I really hope the new owners come in to invest because it will make the job of getting to the top easier (in theory at least).​
Don't get your hopes up mate. I've had constant takeover rumours for nearly 4 years on my Swansea career and still never happened....even had the promise of a potential tycoon at some point and I thought I was going to be in a position to really splash the cash, but those dreams were all quickly scuppered.