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The Rise of F.C Midtjylland


Jul 26, 2011

The title of this story and indeed the club i'm managing may seem rather random. However i have exhausted various other challenges and saves with various 'mainstream' clubs e.g promotion from championship , lowest tier to highest , winning champo league etc. So, what i decided to do as an interesting and rather unique challenge is to try and bring both domestic and (hopefully) European glory to a humble Danish club FC Midtjylland . ( Whilst i do not promise to turn Midtjylland into a European powerhouse i do intend to establish them as a force to be reckoned with in danish football , hopefully there will be the odd European giant killing on the way )


In the year 2000 Midtjylland won the danish first division with a record number of points . Defenders Simon Kjaer and Winston Reid are both products of the Midtylland academy . Midtjylland also beat Manchester City 1-0 in the EUFA cup in 2008 and have been twice runners up in the Danish cup final.

Midtjylland unveil new manager !!!
Tom Robinson has been unveiled as new Midtjylland boss , some may see this as a controversial choice by the directors of the Danish club as Robinson has no past managerial experience . However the board have said "We have full faith in Tom's ability as a manager and a coach , Although Tom has never managed a club before we know he has an in-depth knowledge of the game and has taken all the necessary coaching badges , we fully believe Tom is the right man to take this club forward"

Exclusive Press conference with new FCM boss

Kasper Pedersen ( Danish Daily Mail )
: Great to meet you Tom may i ask you a few questions ?

Tom : Fire away

Kasper : You have just been appointed as manager of Midtjylland , a club which doesn't have the greatest history . What made you want to take charge of such a club ?

Tom : Well Kasper if you look at all the Legendary managers ; Brian Clough , Alex Ferguson , Jose Mourinho they have all started by managing fairly average sides which have a small reputation . I feel it is only natural to start off at humble club to prove your managerial credentials .

Kasper : A fair point , what do you wish to achieve at the club ?

Tom : I think taking each game at a time is important , if we can focus on doing that and make sure that we come away from each game having not lost we have done a job

Kasper : Just a final question Tom , Can you win the league ?

Tom : Yes Kasper , from what i have seen we have a very talented squad which has lots of potential . We have a strong nucleus of the squad and with a couple of shrewd signings we will be close to having the finisheed article by the end of the season and hopefully some silverware to show for it

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Pre-Season Results


Jul 26, 2011
( first of the half season updates )

FC Midtjylland challenging for title !!!

At the midway point in the season i find myself second by a long way but trailing what seems to be an unassailable lead that Kopenhavn have built up . I have also managed not to draw a single game which depending on how you interpret it shows an attacking mentality or a lack of composure and ability to grind points out of those tight games.

Overall my results have been good , although exiting from the Europa league so early on is a slight disappointment . having said that getting knocked out by a strong Athletic Bilbao side is hardly a failure , and to put two past the side which destroyed Manchester United over two legs last year shows we have potential in Europe and just lack experience .

I believe my success in Denmark is down to my created 'Wing-Back' formation which combines the fluidity and attacking movement of Spain with the solidity of the Italians which was exhibited through most of the Euro's . Whilst i don't claim to be a tactical genius i do try and emulate the philosophy's of Roberto Martinez and Josep Guardiola . My system Incorporates a deep lying play maker who is very much like Andrea Pirlo's role in Italy's side . Every phase of play will 'go through' my play maker who controls the tempo of the attack and pulls the strings in midfield . I also play two wing backs in the , style of wigan , who are given a very attacking mentality and contribute heavily towards attacking phases of play . The two men i play up top are the spearhead of this attack , with the target man - Tim Janssen holding the ball up and playing it to the poacher next to him.

In terms of transfers i brought in Guy Moussi from Notts Forest ( I myself am a Forest fan and though the Danish league is about his level !! ). What is suprising is that Guy is the Xavi/Pirlo of the team ( if you have ever seen him play you will know what i mean... ) I also brought in Ricardo Rocha on a free . The Portuguese centre back has a wealth of experience he can offer to the team .

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