The Unemployment Challange

Can I join as part of this challenge? I like to do challenges like this against other people!
I'm in. Trying Newcastle and Wales job xD

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Didn't work :/
Newcastle gave me a job beginning of second season after they got relegated!
I'll give this a go if you're still going mate. I'll start it now.

And, je suis:
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Count me in, if its still open??

Someone might as well just make a new thread offering the challenge to those who want to take it up?
I'll join. Can't upload screenshots atm but will do tomorrow. Am manager of Kettering after they were coming 20th just saved them from relegation.
Going to take a break from this for now. Ended season 12/13 second in Blue Square Bet Premier and won the play offs so up to Npower2 when I decide to continue if I do.
On my game(Bromley) - I been placed in Transfer embargo - cause of a takeover . Hope i dont get sacked after it goes through lol. I aint played a league game yet!!! :O
Im going to give it a go i just started now im still unemployed at the moment in march 2011, i have applied for a few jobs but was not successful
I might actually do this, feeling bored of FM at the minute, sick of winning, so i need a challenge... edit: i just holidayed, applied for every job, and ticked return when offered a job... then i thought, i'll take the first job i get, not knowing i would get Bromley, who have £0 transfer budget, and a 3.4k pw wage budget
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