The Unemployment Challange


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Jan 10, 2010
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Right the aim of the game is to start Unemployed. You set the game in England with a Small Db. The leagues are from Blue Square N/S all the way to the Premier. You must set your Past Experience as a Semi-Pro Footballer. Then you must tick the box saying unemployed.

Team Name:
Final Position:

Your game will be over by the time you are sacked by your bored. And dont cheat by saving it and then quiting. Your just Cheating Yourself!

I am looking for 10 Members:

  1. SwineFluGotYou
  2. Damiennevo
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i'll join. normally start unemployed newho but not tried it yet on 2011
I'll join when I get home tonight about 5ish, if I can!? :)
Ahhh come on you've got to do it properly! Start on sunday league football! I had to wait 8 months before Droylsden offered me a job!
how about if im managing a club all the way from russia.
Even if this is an old thread I might try this just for the **** of it!

2nd march 2011 now and I'm starting to regret starting as I'm still clubless... Have a feeling I should maybe have changed my nationality to English or something

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On 29th June 2011 the unexperienced Icelandic manager Mr. Leifsson took over Bath, whom had been relegated to the Blue Square South.
On a 2 year contract, 600 pounds a week.

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Great after only 2 matches my goalkeeper gets injured in training and will be out for the next 2 months...
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I accept your challenge. Just starting now, lets see which job i get :)


Screenshots so far




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i will join this! cant play til tomorrow though, question, can we leave a team for another one if we get offered a job?