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Apr 13, 2010
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Hello everybody. I started a Weekly Log last week and I aim to talk about something that has occurred in the week each week. I've done 2 official episodes so far and I hope you will tune in, comment and hopefully subscribe. I'll also take any criticism to heart so I hope you will watch.

Here's a link to my channel
TheWeeklyLog http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWeeklyLog
Episode 1 YouTube - Holocaust Memorial Day special- TheWeeklyLog
Episode 2 YouTube - The Weekly Log-Episode 2-Weird and Wonderful
Episode 3 YouTube - The Weekly Log-Episode 3-BlackBerry vs iPhone
Episode 4 YouTube - The Weekly Log-Episode 4-BlackBerry vs iPhone part 2
Thanks! :)
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Is that you ..... :S

Might watch it later though :p
wow never knew you was Scottish.... did you enjoy your burns night??? lol kinda late

Nice... gonna watch it now :)
Thanks Rafa, and no I didn't celebrate Burns night.
I felt really, really awkward watching those videos. I don't know why. I was sort of embarrassed.

No offence. Good try. You'll get there - eventually.
I felt really, really awkward watching those videos. I don't know why. I was sort of embarrassed.

No offence. Good try. You'll get there - eventually.

I decided not to watch it as well. As a 19 year old Uni student sharing a flat with my mates, that would make me embarrassed watching it. For people your age, it's fine, but for people my age, watching a younger boy (no offence) talking about stuff, sort of patronising in a way :S. Sorry
Are there any criticisms at all?

Don't wear your school uniform.
Don't make the videos so long.
Try not to look like you're reading it all.
Don't hesitate, try to get a smoother delivery.
Get a better microphone, the 2nd video was difficult to hear and the volume fluctuated.
Maybe a better webcam.

Just a question, why are you doing it? It's up to you, but I don't see why people post videos of them talking.
My friend made an account on YouTube and he urged me to create my own. The channel was either going to be about this or me holding a hat as a puppet and it talking about the same concept as I am lol.

The microphone and webcam is built into the computer btw.

Will certainly look into getting a microphone, or maybe I could just speak more loudly and clearly?

I really appreciate the criticism by the way everyone. It has certainly generated a few hundred more views than I believed it would.
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You aint got nothing on me and my youtube partnership ;)
When you put on the weird posh accent in the second video. Made it hard to understand imo.
You need to remember this is meant to be your opinion, not what others think, so stop reading articles about it on the web. Maybe better lit area? The reflection of your monitor on the glasses is very distracting. Shorten the videos. Faster pace. No need for the fancy transitions just stick to basic. Better webcam/mic? Look at the camera throughout, otherwise people will stop watching your videos, makes it feel awkward and uncomfortable for your viewers. Keep trying and I'm sure we will see improvements soon!
All I can say is, I wish I had a Scottish accent.