Jul 14, 2013
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Hello.My first ever story here on fm-base. I've been following quite a few interesting stories here but never actually started one so here it is. I got bored of a Rangers save after 20 season so I decided to start a fresh challenge.
After a quick flick through the English 6th tier teams, I chose Welling United. A quick background.

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Full name - Welling United Football Club
Nickname(s) - The Wings
Founded - 1963
Ground - Park View Road, Welling capacity: 5,000 (1,000 seated)
Chairman - Paul Websdale

Welling United are a semi-professional English football club, based in Welling in the London Borough of Bexley.
Welling United Football Club was founded in 1963, by Sydney Hobbins a former goalkeeper with Charlton Athletic for his sons Barrie and Graham.
Their most notable performances came in the late 80's, specifically in the 88'-89' season, when they reached the quarter-finals of the FA Trophy and the third round of the FA Cup losing 1-0 to Blackburn Rovers.
One year later they finished 6th in the Conference national, their highest ever league position.
They play their home games at Park View Road.

In real life, they just won promotion to Conference National a couple of months ago by topping the league. Hopefully, I can repeat that feat in my game.
As you'd expect, the objective is to play in the Premier League as soon as possible. (my aim is to get there within 10 years or so but we'll see how it goes).
I'll post some updates at the end of the season as I'm already deep in the first one.

I hope someone will follow this. Thanks.
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will keep a eye on this love it when some 1 makes a small club huge good luck
^Thanks man.
So here it is. The end of the first season. And it couldn't have been better. Just like in real life we finished first, while Salisbury also won promotion by winning the play-off final. Funny coincidence.

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First thing I did was to get me some decent backroom staff, including an assistant coach, a physio and a scout.
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Then I moved on to improving the team while also getting rid of any deadwood.
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Key players this season were:
Acheampong with 18 key tackles, Ranieri with 12 shoutouts, and Pericard(top scorer) with 23 goals.
PS: Anyone who wants to start in the 6th division should think about getting Pericard. He's a beast. He could have scored a lot more but I constantly rotated the squad because of the busy schedule.
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Other important players: Healy, Oberstaller and Blakely.
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As you can see we were on top of the table almost all season long. The biggest dissapointment was the performance in the FA Cup where we were knocked out before we even got the feel of the competition, by minnows Bideford.
PS: We were 3-0 up at half-time but they've made one **** of a comeback.
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Overall it was a good season which is probably down to the fact that I didn't have any long-term injuries to my key players.
My only worrying thought is the finances, which are in deep red, mostly because of staff and player sacking.View attachment 369656.
Well that's it for season 1. Looking forward to season 2.
will keep an eye on this looks promising congratulations on getting welling promoted in first year
Good news

Ok here we are. Season 2 starts with some good news. Not only our reputation has increased with half of star but we have now turned professional.

Bad news
Finances are looking really bad (400k in red); Board sugessted I should sell some players to balance the books but as no one wants to buy anything from me, the only thing I can think of, to get back in black, is to go as far as we can in the FA Cup.

I'll have to heavily manage my wages now, renew key contracts and only keep about 16-17 players.


Board expect me to finish mid-table, while the media are predicting a 18th place finish. Which is why I had to strenghten the team a bit.

Key transfers

Although the board expects a mid-table finish, I'm sure veteran finnish player Litmanen and Jan Solli can help me push for yet another promotion.

So this is how the team looks like. We had a good pre-season, the only setback being Solli's injury that's gonna keep him out until late October. 46 games+ FA Cup and's going to be a long season.

I'll be back with updates in January or sooner, if sth comes up.
I'm pretty confident going into this 2nd season.
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Not too shabby considering media prediction was 18. We lost a few points where we shouldn't have but it's still looking good. As you can see, Salisbury who joined us from BSS last season is also having a fantastic run.


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Again, pretty dissapointing performances in the Cups. Although we reached the boardroom expectation in the FA Cup, we fell short in the FA Trophy. I really tought we could go all the way in the latter.

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Made a few short term loans in late November to strenghten the team and also signed 2 young irish players which should break in the first team straight away.

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I hope I can sign a few more on loan in this January transfer window. I really feel we can promote again.
There's a battle ahead of us. XD

Yesss!!! We did it. Second promotion in a row. The lads pushed so hard in the last games of the season and what a way to finish it!!! Everyone at the club is ecstatic.
After the 2-2 draw at home to Kidderminster, I had to alter the formation like ****, from 4-4-2 to 4-1-3-2; play Litmanen central mid, play the right-back as a right-winger etc. etc. but I can't believe how well they responded in the return leg. So I sticked to it in the final and it paid off!

What a season Salisbury's had as well. So we go side by side in League 2.
Maybe a 3rd promotion in a row is on the cards for us and The Whites again next season, who knows. :))
SEASON 3 up next. ^^)
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I'm looking forward to playing in the npower League 2 following last season's promotion.
A lot of players left after their contracts expired this summer, a lot of players came on loan.
Board expects me to avoid relegation, while the media prediction is 24th. That is bottom of the league. :D)
Looking at the the team, I have to agree with them, as our team looks the weakest in the league. Anything more than avoiding relegation will be a success.

  • Some 1500 seats will be installed in the stadium soon.
  • It's going to be a long season and we're definitely going to struggle to stay up. XD

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Congrats on getting promoted for the second season in a row! Im intrested to see if you can make it a 3rd!
Thank you.

It's not really January but we played half of our games and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by our showing so far.
Our highest position was 2nd place after 10 games I think, but our recent slump of results means we dropped out of the play-off spots. Still, there's plenty of games to be played.

As you can see we never really stood a chance in neither of the 3 cups, as we were easily dispatched by the League 1 sides.

We snatched a preety good striker a couple of days ago. He was available for free. I had my eyes on another player as well but the work permit remains a big issue for me.

We overperformed so far. There's no way we're going to drop now so we just have to enjoy the remaining games and see how it turns out. ^^)

Season 3 is over. Unfortunately we could not produce the miracle and promote for a 3rd consecutive time, but nonetheless it was an outstanding season. Finishing 4th when we were expected to finish bottom shows that we are on the right track. |)
And although we took 4 points out of 6 in the regular season from Portsmouth, they were just better in the play-offs.

We did register some records this season such as highest league position, highest gate receipts or highest attendance.

That said, I'm in a good mood going into SEASON 4 as I'm sure we will play in League 1 soon enough.
So I didn't waste any time and moved quickly on the market, securing 2 CM's with other 3 players due to join the team in November.

There's still plenty of work to be done ahead of the new season. Stay tuned !

We're halfway through this 4th season and I must say things don't go as I initially planned. I was expecting to be up there, fighting for a promotion spot yet we are struggling in the bottom half of the table.
Mainly because no top players were available for loan like last year and second cuz' the board cut my wage budget form 18k to 13k. :mad: A couple of key players players left as well.

Our horrible start of the season has somehow improved since the 3 englishmen joined us from US in November, winning 5 out of the last 7 league games. I hope it continues.

I've sealed 2 more transfers. One of them will join in January.

With no cup games to be played, we must give it our all in the league. Although the 6p gap to the first play-off spot doesn't seem that difficult to recover, it'll be very hard to repeat last year's performance. :(
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Season 4 is over. A pretty average one I must say. The best word to describe would be inconsistency. We were never up to the challenge unfortunately.
The only good thing I can take away from this season would be the GK's development. Looks like he's gonna be top class in a few years.

I'm starting my 3rd season in League 2 soon. I really hope we'll promote this season as I feel I can't waste any more time in this division. :mad:
Only 17k has been offered by the board for the wages ( one of the lowest budgets in the league) so I'll have to snap some good loanees again. Brb.
Season 5

Didn't play for quite a while but I'm back with some updates. I'm half-way through Season 5 in npower League 2 and things are looking pretty good. Last season's average performances are behind us as we're sitting comfortable in 2nd place, just 2 points behind leaders York.

Got rid of some of the deadwood and also brought some players on loan. Malbon and Hill will also leave in January. Sad to lose them but I needed to ease the wage budget a bit while also getting sth from their sale. Their contracts would've ran out next year anyway.

The team have been performing above all expectations. Media prediction was 15th. Another positive would be our progress in the Capital One Cup where we reached the last 16 and almost knocked out Bolton in a match we dominated. Johan Hammar who joined for free last year is the best perfoming player in the league so far. He's been impressive.

Looking at the standings and the way we're playing there's no reason to believe we will fail to promote. Just have to keep up the pace...(H)
Season 5 came to an end. We managed to keep hold of that 2nd position we were sitting on back in January and achieved the feat of another promotion.

Funny thing is that Salisbury also won promotion. It happened in the first season in BSS and then a year later in the BSP. Like a deja-vu.
We finished the season in style with a comprehensive 4-0 away win at Bradford and the best defence in the league.

Credit must go to Johan Hammar. Best player by far, averaging an impressive 8.11 rating per game. :O

I'm hoping for some good news ahead of the new season like a stadium upgrade (current capacity is 5500 with only 2200 seated) or a useful wage budget, otherwise there'll be big trouble. I'll be in touch.
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Season 6
Prediction and finances
Season 6 draws near. A lot of changes took place. We're just 1 step away from playing in the Championship now.
The objective is to avoid relegation but, following the activity in the transfer market I'm pretty confident we could finish in the first half of the table or, even push for an unlikely play-off spot.

Media prediction is 23rd with only fellowmen Salisbury below us. Wage budget has been set at 30 k, almost double from last season but still not enough as there are about 8 contracts I still have to renew.

It looks like the chairman status has changed. He's now willing to listen to offers for the club. Good news maybe?oO). Estimated value of the club is 1.6m with only Crawley being ranked lower at 1.4m.

Pre-season and Transfers
A lot of activity in the window. I'm dissapointed to lose on Bijev, my best striker. Couldn't do anything to keep him as Bolton activated his release clause. Pre-season games went well.

Players in
A lot of potential coming into the team this season. I'm particularely excited by the prospects of Harvey, Kennett and Wannell. Been tracking them for a while.

Mabutt(who's been loaned straight away), Hunter, Yilmaz and Le Garrec are also worth keeping an eye on.

Tactics and team potential
An this point, this is probably the best team I can align.

With this being said, let the new season begin! |)
We're halfway through this season 6 and I'm more than happy with how the team is performing. I hope we can keep this playoff position until the end. Mansfield and Rochdale will be hard to catch as they seem to be a class above everyone else.

We reached the semis of the JPT but were knocked out of both League and FA Cup in the first round. It seems I can't get to the latter stages of either. Fckn annoying :mad:.
I'll be in touch!