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The World's First Female Manager


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Jun 30, 2009
Foot-Balls; the ultimate lads mag

Bradford Hottie Exclusive Interview!

Now it won't come as a shock to most of you readers that Foot-balls knows the ins and outs of Georgie Thompson........'s first few months in charge, however it may surprise you when you hear about the success the Bradford chief has been having on and off the pitch. Georgie joined Bradford City in early July this year and has since performed miracles bringing in several new faces and steering the team towards promotion.

Since our last issue Georgie has brought in 28 year old Portland legend Scot Thompson (no relation) for a massive £12,000 and fellow American Leighton O'Brien, former Seattle Sounders playmaker. These acquisitions are considered as huge accomplishments for FHM's 52nd sexiest woman, and are signs the club is looking towards promotion.

Since our previous issue it has come to our attention that Ms. Thompson is not the first female manager ever, that title belongs to some woman who does the teas for a non-league minnow somewhere up north (i would imagine) needless to say her side lost the match. We can however say 1) Georgie is the first ever female manager to sign a professional contract 2) Georgie is the only female manager ever to have won a professional match & 3) She is way, way, way, way, way hotter than that munter from the non-league team.

The Bradford beauty got of to a flying start to the season thrashing newly promoted Oxford United 6-0, With goals coming from Michael Flynn [2]; Gary Wales [pen +1]; Jonathan Obika & James Hanson. During the post-match interview Georgie was quoted as saying '..Yes it was a great match, a stunning victory with 6 very fantastic goals. However I still prefer doing the washing up.' Wise words for all women to live by there from the female Alex Ferguson. Georgie's side followed their amazing start with an equally surprising victory against Scunthorpe in the League Cup, Bradford won the game thanks to a first half header courtesy of centre-back Zeshan Rehman.

The most recent of matches this season, the highly anticipated Northampton Town v Bradford City clash was as exciting as expecting. Georgie's opposite number Ian Sampson said in a press interview 'Sure she's had some lucky wins but she is a girl, everybody knows that a female could never compete with a male of my intelligence, she needs to get back in the kitchen. I'm going to enjoy beating her, hopefully it will teach her the football isn't tough and she will break a few nails' tough words from the suspected wife beater there. However his performance didn't match his gob and his side lost out 3 goals to 2 in what was an enticing match. Bradford went ahead twice before sealing the deal 66 minutes in with Gary Wales snatching his third of the season bettering his goals tally for the 2007-08 season of 2 [in 24 appearances]

It seems this lady isn't just a TV presenter with a nice rack there is actually a brain in that wonderful head. She seems to be getting the best out of her players no doubt and I would imagine there is a secret somewhere, it has to be said though, working for Georgie must add a different type of motivation from working under Roy Hodgson or the wonderful Harry Redknapp. Her next task will be handling the Bradford City finances and not blowing it all on shoes!

Remember, wherever Georgie is Foot-Balls will be just behind. This is the one stop place for all your Bradford gossip. Foot-Balls; the ultimate lads mag is the official spokesperson of Bradford City and men everywhere.

@Dave Manlyson - I apologise for any spelling/grammar mistakes but I am a man, so why would I need to double check?
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Jul 4, 2010
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