The worst tackle ever?


Jul 25, 2010
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Watching premiership years and i saw the Graham le saux tackle on Danny Mills, cant find a video of it but can anyone top it? A video would be nice.

This is what O'Leary had to say.

O'Leary was furious over a two-footed lunge he said could have broken Mills's leg and was incensed when Le Saux escaped with a yellow card.

The Leeds chief harangued the fourth official, and after confronting Durkin during the half-time interval he was sent off for foul and abusive language and banished to the directors' box.

He now faces a three-match ban from the FA disciplinary panel for bringing the game into disrepute.

Last night O'Leary attacked Le Saux for his "disgraceful" challenge.

"With tackles like that players respect the decision if you produce a red card," he said.

"We see wishy-washy cards sometimes, but these are the ones that the fans and the players want the refs to make decisions about."

After complaining to Durkin at the time, O'Leary went into the tunnel to watch the ugly challenge on TV monitor

before approaching the official during the interval.

"Watching the incident on TV did nothing to calm me down. I am not proud of myself for losing my temper," he said. "I have tried to be more laid-back because you cannot win the battle with referees. But we could have had a badly broken leg."

O'Leary is ready to plead his case before the FA and insists on his "children's lives" that he did not use foul and abusive language, even though TV cameras appeared to show him swearing.

"I just kept trying to talk to the referee and he kept telling me to go away," added O'Leary.

"I will no doubt have my say at the FA and I will look forward to explaining what happened."'+leg;+Leeds...-a079328894

Another bad tackle
[ame=""]YouTube - The Worst Tackle Ever?[/ame]
An horrible tackle by De Jong ( Who else?)
Put sound on your PC

[ame=""]YouTube - Final: Spain vs. Netherlands FOUL Nigel De Jong[/ame]
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Easily the worst ever and this is the reason why the man is just pure scum.
[ame=""]YouTube - Roy Keane Bad Tackle[/ame]
From Belgium league some years ago, BE AWARE, HORRORFYING IMAGES when you see his leg bungling down:

[ame=""]YouTube - Axel Witsel (Standard) breaks leg of Marcin Wasilewski (Anderlecht)[/ame]

From dutch league some years ago: Both horrible
[ame=""]YouTube - Foul Niels Kokmeijer[/ame]

Worst one of all De Jong offenses, worse than in the WC Final IMO:

[ame=""]YouTube - Nigel De Jong blesseert Stuart Holden tijdens vriendschappelijke interland[/ame]
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[ame=""]YouTube - Zidane Head **** - FIFA 2006 Final[/ame]

Such a shame about this tackle as it was done by one of the football great's.
Well its not really a tackle.
Does De Jong not get sent off!!!!!

I don't get it either. Players from Man City and his coach even joked about the (another) leg breaking incident with Hatem Ben Arfa. Only our national coach Van Marwijk was wise enough to let him out the national team. People seem to think this is normal it seems....sick. We don't need him. We can play with Van Bommel and Van der Vaart and let this clown out forever

Edit: He's a disgrace for Dutch football. We were always a 'fair-play' team who didn't need this disgusting stuff and win games by playing offensive. This clown ruins that whole image, certainly in the WC Final.
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[ame=""]YouTube - Footballs Worst Tackles[/ame]

1.27 to 1.31 - thats a hurricanrana straight out of the wrestling isnt it?! awesome. XD
i think schumacher came out and clattered this french guy.

He broke his back and schumacher didnt even get a yellow card
i think schumacher came out and clattered this french guy.

He broke his back and schumacher didnt even get a yellow card

[ame=""]YouTube - Schumacher collision with Battiston 82[/ame]

that? horrible.
is is possible to unsee things?

Guess not, except taking a lot to drink ;)

I got some infraction 5 point deduction yesterday for posting a real life video in the Funny /random thread which i later removed. This guy should get -20. Dunno what it really means, -5 points of your post-amount?