The worst tackle ever?

i immediately thought of this when i read to OP... just image how bad it would've been if his foot had been on the ground

having seen this, i change my mind from Keane to this one

Yawn... 50/50 tackle, it wasn't high, no studs, no malice, Shawcross genuinely upset - hardly the 'worst ever tackle'

Because your opinion is fact.
The worst I've ever seen on TV is the Keane one. But the worst I have ever seen was in a local tournament. My team were on the sidelines and we watched one guy get sandwhiched by two others in a sliding tackle and he broke his leg. The bone was protruding from the skin. It was the most sickening thing I've ever seen.
ben thatcher when he elbowed pedro was just so obvious that it was assault
when you see thing like that it makes you realize football is just a game and it doesnt matter whoi you are or who you support you dont wanna see that happen to anyone.
I didnt realize that. Is that makes me a bad person?